Spectrum TV brings entertainment to your doorstep with its excellent offerings of varied HD channels. You can enjoy watching TV to the fullest with your family. Further, it also offers varied On Demand choices and different attractive plans.

While enjoying your TV, you’ll never like to have an abrupt halt for your entertainment. Therefore, to get seamless entertainment through your Spectrum TV, you need to get rid of any issues with your TV service.

You can find guidance for resolving the TV issues on the official Spectrum website. However, you can also contact third-party Charter TV customer service to get immediate assistance for resolving such issues.


This simple guide will help you troubleshoot 6 common Spectrum TV issues easily. Although subscribers of Spectrum TV service may face several technical issues, we have mentioned some major problems and their fixes here.

Blue Screen issue:

This problem occurs when you don’t get any picture on your TV but a blue screen appears. Sometimes, you see a blank Black or Green screen and sound may also not be available. You can use Spectrum no picture troubleshooting tool to get rid of this kind of problem by following below steps:

Note: You’ll need to sign in your Spectrum ac1count to access the TV troubleshooting tool.

Manual troubleshooting:  

  • Make sure that you have turned on the TV or/and Spectrum receiver.
  • Ensure that whether an “Auto Program” feature is available with your TV/VCR and if it’s so then auto program your TV.
  • Check your TV and other equipment connected to your TV, if it’s loose or damaged.
  • Make sure turning all the equipment on which are making a connection to your TV.

Send a refresh signal:

  • First, log in to Spectrum.net.
  • Hover mouse over “My Account” and then choose “TV”.
  • Now simply choose “Refresh” in “Equipment” section.

No TV Sound issue:

In this problem, you may find that your TV might be producing little sound or no sound at all. Try below troubleshooting steps to get rid of this issue.

  • Firstly, ensure that the Spectrum receiver and TV should not be mute. For this check, if any of them is set to Mute.
  • Simply press the volume up the key of your TV or remote control to check the sound. Your TV volume might be turned down.
  • In case your TV is attached to a Secondary Audio Program (SAP), then ensure it’s not turned on. In order to turn off SAP, you may need to use the remote control that came with your TV.
  • Ensure that no headphones are plugged in to the TV, in case there is any headphone jack in the TV.
  • In case of having a Motorola Spectrum cable box (receiver), try setting it to Optimal Stereo.
  • Further, in case of having a Scientific Atlanta (SA) Spectrum cable box (receiver) with HDMI, ensure that HDMI is chosen in Audio Digital Out settings.
  • Make sure that the surround sound or stereo is set at the correct output.
  • Look for any damaged or loose connectors.
  • In case of having any other Spectrum receivers simply reset your receiver. For this, unplug it from the power for at least 15 seconds then plug it back in. Before turning the receiver back on, wait for 20 minutes.

Frozen Screen issues:

While changing channels, you may view squares or tiling on your TV which appears for one or two seconds. This a normal case as that time the digital video signal updates itself. In case you find tiling happens many other times then below troubleshooting guide may be helpful.

The problem of tiling or squares on your TV may occur due to the sun outage which affects all cable operators. If you find this problem at the same time which happens for 15 minutes or less. Then you may be affected by sun outage. For more information on sun outage click here.

Manual Troubleshooting

Nevertheless, in case you find a tiling, squares, or frozen picture on your TV which is not because of sun outage, then try below methods:

  • Ensure that your TV is on the right input source (such as Video 2, Video 1, HDMI). If not then press Input, Source, TV/ button on the remote control of your TV, tune to channel 3 / 4, to put the TV on the correct input source.
  • Try changing the channel then return to the frozen or tiling channel to check whether the problem persists.
  • Verify all the connections of related equipment (including DVD player, Spectrum receiver, stereo receiver, etc.) behind the TV. Also, do check for the working status of coax cable at the wall.
  • Ensure all equipment have correct connections also make sure that the Spectrum receiver is connected to the coax outlet properly. If you can’t figure out how to connect your equipment then browse here to get further information about connections.
  • Try returning your TV to the original location, in case you have moved your TV recently.

Missing Channels issue:

If you have problems with missing channels then you can use missing channel tool available on official website of Spectrum to test and resolve this problem. Apart from this, you can also troubleshoot this problem by following the manual method below:

Manual Troubleshooting

  • Make sure that the Spectrum cable box and/or the TV is ON.
  • Ensure to have your TV at the right input (i.e. Video 1, HDMI, etc.), for this simply press the Input, Source or from your TV remote hit the TV/Video key.
  • All the equipment associated with affected TV such as VCR, DVD are ON.
  • Inspect all the component, making a connection with your TV (including Spectrum box, VCR, stereo receivers, DVD, etc.) as well as the coax cable for any physical damages or loose.
  • Check whether your TV/VCR has “Auto Program” feature if so, then auto-program the TV.

If the above steps don’t work then try the below options:

Send a refresh signal to Spectrum cable box:

  • Simply Log into Spectrum.net.
  • Hover your mouse over “My Account” option and choose ‘TV’.
  • Now from the Equipment section choose Refresh.

Remote DVR recording scheduling issue:

Note: Presently, record feature is only available on Motorola, Arris, and Pace Spectrum cable boxes (receivers).

In case you are facing issues while scheduling a remote DVR recording, then first ensure the following things:

  • Scheduling programs on a Pace, Motorola, or Arris DVR.
  • Your DVR is ON plus along with the tuning to live TV and displaying no guides or menus. Your DVR can’t schedule recordings, when it is not ON.
  • You can do it after 36 hours (at least) of the DVR installation.

Update Spectrum cable box (Receiver)

In case you are still facing the issues then try updating Spectrum receiver:

  • Press the Menu key on your TV remote for one time.
  • Go to the ‘APPS’ then press the ‘OK/Select’.
  • Choose ‘TV App Update’ then you’ll find a loading icon appearing in the corner of the TV screen (bottom right corner). As soon as, the loading icon disappears the update will be complete.
  • Now unplug the Spectrum cable box for 15 seconds and after this plug it back in the box. Once the reloading finishes, you can schedule a recording within half an hour.

Program Unavailable issue:

If you are viewing a message on screen which is ‘Program Unavailable’ then there might be some problem with your DVR. This message may occur in a Multi-Room DVR setup. Further, it appears, if there are a power or connection issues with your Primary DVR while the Program Information screen is displaying on the other secondary DVR. If you have this problem try the below methods to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Make sure the power on status and all the Primary DVR connections.
  • Now turn off the Secondary Receiver then turn on this again.
  • Reset (power cycle) your device.

How to get fast and easy Spectrum support?

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