Equifax Customer Service Numbers

Equifax Inc. is one of the customer credit reporting company of US (United States). And, this company measured in one among the three major American credit company along with TransUnion and Experian. This company was founded in 1899, and it is the oldest of the three agencies which maintains and gathers data on over 800 million customers and more than 88 million trades all over the world. In addition to this, this is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Equifax is a worldwide service provider through US $2.7 billion in yearly income and 7,000+ workers in 14 nations.
Although, it is one of the best consumer credit reporting agency and provides the finest service any company can provide to its customer. And, there is no doubt that any one will face trouble with its services but in case you get any issue with its services. Then, you can call on any of the given number and get complete customer support for 24 hours a day and seven days of a week.

Equifax Dispute Number:

If you have any kind of dispute, then you may call on 866 349 5191 to talk to company executives. And get solution of your issues.

Equifax Customer Service:

To provide you complete support Equifax is having a customer support number and all you need is to dial 866 640 2273 to get complete customer support.

Equifax Cancellations:

If you want to cancel your service, then you will need to make call on 866 243 8181 and get complete customer support immediately.

Customer service:

Just make call on 1 800 209 3247 and get instant support.

To become an Equifax business customer.

If you want to be a business partner of Equifax, then you will need to make a call on 1 888 202 4025. And, company executives will tell you all the details.

Opt-out of mailing lists.

You will need to make call on 1 888 567 8688 and get instant support.

Place a fraud alert on credit report.

If you getting fraud alert or getting request, then you can make call on 1 888 766 0008 to get rid over it.

Denied credit or entitled to a free report:

If your card has denied or entitled to a free report, you will need to make call on 1 800 685 1111. And, you will get complete customer support from company executives instantly.