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How To Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo in window 10

This post will tell you How to Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo on Windows 10. You can handle more than one account from a single interface on Windows mail 10 Yahoo! App. In case you’re facing any issues in attaching the clickable photos, links, attachments, then follow the below mentioned instructions to customize your mails on windows 10. You can also take yahoo customer support help to configure it if its hard for you to configure.

  1. Open your Windows Mail App.
    Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo in window 10Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo in window Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-yahoo-mailAdd-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-Yahoo-Mail-Name
  2. Click on ‘Add new mail’ button. This will open a new mail window on your screen.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-main
  3. Click on ‘Format’ then the U shaped icon in the menu. It will enable text formatting option on your mail.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-format
  4. In front of ‘headings menu’ you will find a small arrow button. This will let you access the paragraph formatting options.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-paragraph-format
  5. The last menu customizes Text heading, Titles and Reference etc.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-drop-down-arrow
  6. Click on ‘Insert’ menu to attach files to your emails.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-insert
  7. Click on ‘Attach’ to attach your files. Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-attachment
  8. Click Table to customize tables. Click Link Menu to insert clickable URL. Click Picture Menu to insert images.Add-Clickable-Attachments-and-Links-to-emails-in-Yahoo-in-window-10-table
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