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In this blog, you will learn about Norton Antivirus and its special features. With the advancement of technology, viruses and other malwares have become a common affair. Surfing the internet without being pestered by the malicious web pages and links is nearly impossible these days. But thanks to antivirus like Norton, that people can surf the internet without compromising the system’s security. Norton has established itself as a successful antivirus program with number of technological advancements from time to time. The fame of the Norton Antivirus isn’t going to come down anytime in the coming future. There are several antivirus programs you can find on internet, but nothing is even close to this well-acclaimed antivirus. This antivirus has secured its place in the online safety software market across the globe. Protection is just one feature of this wonderful anti-virus program. There’s a lot more to Norton Antivirus. Unlike the other internet security software, Norton Antivirus isn’t that intruding. It respects your privacy. It doesn’t pop up messages and notification every other second like most of the antivirus in the market. Norton Antivirus comes with a bootable recovery disk, which can come in handy when the system crashes. With the help of Norton Antivirus, you can get your system back to the normal in case it is acquired by some malicious programs. It even scans your social networking sites for malware.

Norton Antivirus has been transformed a great deal since past a few years. With the advancement of technology, the cybercriminals have adapted themselves to face even fiercest of the antivirus. The antivirus these days have to be a step ahead of these malwares to protect your system against viruses. Just as the malware is growing smarter and smarter, Norton Antivirus keeps sharpening its blades to fight back the malicious files. Therefore, every computer user requires a software like Norton Antivirus. The multi-layer defence system of Norton Antivirus helps you fortify your system against malware. It protects your photos, credentials, files, etc. against the notorious elements of the internet. Virus, Trojan, ransomware, etc. won’t be able to touch your system ever. carries out some test to rate and brand the online security software. In the test, Norton Antivirus came out with flying colours. The Norton Antivirus could detect the 99.5% of the viruses and was awarded with 2 out of 3 stars by AV-comparatives. Out of 49 tests carried out on Norton Antivirus, it failed only one. The user interface is easier and Norton is improving it one version at a time. The interface is decluttered and sorted out. You can even check the apps which are running in the background to take up most of the system’s memory.

With a single copy of Norton Antivirus, you can safeguard 10 computers and smartphones at the same time. That too for free! You have your digital life in the safe hands when you install Norton Antivirus on your system. And the best part is, a single Norton Antivirus is able to work on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS at the same time. Windows has been added lately. When you install a new application or software, it even reminds that how this software or application is going to affect your system’s storage, battery and overall performance. If the software contains malware, Norton Antivirus detects it immediately. So, you will be safe from downloading malicious programs from internet.

Even if somehow the malicious programs manage to infect your system, you can be very sure that you’re not going to lose your important data. Norton Antivirus protects your important data from the viruses and keeps a backup so that you can recover your system whenever you want. You can create a backup of your PC data and store it over the Cloud. You can get the 25 GB of free storage space. You can upgrade this storage space as per your requirements.

Apart from protection, there is one feature which is very beneficial for every parent. That is, the child lock. Nowadays, even the kids learn to use the internet at a very young age. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your child isn’t surfing anything inappropriate. Unknowingly, your kid might end up clicking or download the malicious files on your system. But your concern shouldn’t make you’re a helicopter parent hovering over his head. Let Norton Antivirus do its job. You can manage the time your child spends on internet and prevent them from surfing certain websites. You can also monitor your kid’s activity online. In case your child tries to open something prohibited, you will be notified.

Norton Antivirus Features

  1. The single copy of Norton Antivirus can protect 10 of your systems, smartphones, etc.
  2. When you carry out online payments, the Norton Antivirus protects your credentials from being misused. In short, it protects your online shopping.
  3. Amongst all the antivirus programs, the Norton Antivirus is best.
  4. You can monitor your child’s activity on internet with the help of Norton Antivirus.
  5. You can create a backup of your files, music, pictures, videos, etc. in case your hard disk suffers a crash.
  6. You can get the alerts and complete details before downloading an application over internet.
  7. With Norton Antivirus, be sure that your system is 100% protected from the creepy crawlies of internet. In case Norton Antivirus fails, you can get the 100% refund.

Norton Antivirus Helpline : 1-833-452-2831

System Requirements for Norton


  • Windows XP (32-bit version) with service pack 3
  • Windows Vista (service pack 1 or later)
  • Windows 7 (service pack 1 or later)
  • Windows 9/8.1 (service pack 1)
  • Windows 10 (Edge browser is not supported)

Norton Antivirus Help Desk:1-833-452-2831


  • Current and earlier version of Mac OS X. Password management feature won’t work.
  • Norton Family and Norton Family Feature not supported



  • Android 4.0.3 or later. Google Play required.
  • Norton Family Premier works only on Android 4 or later.

Norton Antivirus Toll-free Number: 1-833-452-2831


  • iOS 8 or later
  • Norton Family and Norton Family Feature won’t work.


Installing Norton Antivirus on your system is very easy. The Norton Antivirus takes much lesser time to get installed on your system as compared to other antiviruses. You don’t require to reboot your PC after the installation. You can carry out any one of the three types of scans; quick, custom and full. It is however recommended that you go for a full scan to ensure the safety of your system. When it comes to the updates, Norton Antivirus automatically downloads the updates and installs them on your system.

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