Charter Spectrum company offers TV, high-speed Internet and telephone service, their service is not available in all the places in the country. Users may experience some problems with their connection to troubleshoot Charter Internet if their modem or system is not set up correctly. Even if their Internet connection is working, they may be perceiving slow download speeds if something is not working rightly. If user faces any issues with their high-speed connection of Charter Internet, they require troubleshooting the connection.

Troubleshoot Charter Internet


Troubleshoot Charter Internet issues by following below steps

Step 1

The user needs to reset the power on their cable modem. Then turn their computer off. After that unplug the power cable from the back of their modem. Consider one thing that it is the power cable that plugs into the electrical outlet and not a data cable that is twisted into the modem. After finishing this, then users need to wait for 30 seconds or longer before plugging their modem back in.

The user needs to Verify that their connection light is solid when the user plugs their modem into power. After that, the user needs to start their computer. Then try to open their web browser to the internet to check their connection.

Step 2

Now, the user needs to scan their computer system for adware, malware, and spyware if they are experiencing the slow speed of Internet. Users can download or purchase an anti-malware application online. AVG Antivirus and Norton Antivirus are two beneficial and valuable programs. The user needs to run a full device scan and delete any adware, malware or spyware that the security software detects.

Step 3

Users must ensure that their computer meets the requirements of the service of Charter Internet. The user needs to verify that their operating system is Microsoft Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7 or XP for the Windows computer. The user must consider one thing that their operating system is Apple Macintosh 10.x or 9.x if users are running or using a Mac. They must visit the link “What Does Charter Support?” in the reference section to make sure that their computer hardware is compatible.

Step 4

The user must need to check their PC limitations. They need to hold down “control” with “ALT” and “Delete” together to open the option of “Task Manager”. Then the user needs to choose the “Performance” tab and see CPU and the page file usage. If the user finds that these are very near to their highest their computer may be limiting their speed of Internet.

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