TomTom GPS unit is a reliable navigation device, comprising of beneficial features such as point of Interest database and turn-by-turn direction with voice guidance facility.

There are times when the device does not receive the GPS signals properly or the device screen turns gray, it can be due to several issues. Continue reading to find the solution for some of the common glitches.

Method 1: If your TomTom Navigation device is not responding or taking commands

Reset your TomTom GPS receiver in a go. In such situation, it is advisable to the user to attempt a soft reset of the TomTom GPS. This will reset the entire TomTom GPS receiver without erasing any stored data from the device.
To do a soft reset, hold the power button until the device takes a restart or for 15 seconds.

Method 2: If your TomTom GPS unit is not connecting/receiving the satellite signals

Enable your GPS device to receive satellite signals from moving to an area with clear view of the sky. There are times when the signals are obstructed due to heavy foliage or tall buildings. Wait for a few moments as your device may take a couple of minutes to receive the signals.

TomTom troubleshoot

Method 3: If your TomTom navigation unit freezes or display starting screen in a loop

Install the TomTom Home application once again. The device freezes when the TomTom Home application is not installed in a proper way. Therefore, to remove, it is essential to first remove the current version of the Home application and install its latest version.
You can follow the mentioned-below steps:

Step 1: With the help of USB cable, connect the TomTom GPS device with the computer.

Step 2: Turn the GPS on to run the Home program.

Step 3: Click the “Manage My Device” option and from the application menu, make a selection of appropriate one.

Step 4: Select the option “Remove Items from Device” and it will ask you whether to keep a copy of removed files.

Step 5: Click on ‘Don’t copy’ icon, followed by ‘Done’ button when the application will be removed successfully.

Step 6: Visit the TomTom website and from the Service section, download the latest TomTom Home application software.

Step 7: Install the application.

Method 4: The TomTom GPS receiver is set to an unknown/wrong language.

Reset the language settings and set it to the right one. If the current language of your TomTom GPS unit is not correct, you can change it to the language of your choice.

Find below the steps to alter the language of your TomTom device:

Step 1: Turn your GPS device on and tap the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Access the main menu of the GPS receiver and select the wrench icon to choose the option ‘Change Preferences’.

Step 3: Scroll through the whole screen, until you get the icon ‘Change Language’.

Step 4: From the displayed list, select the language of your choice. Moreover, for turn-by-turn navigation, it may ask you to pick a new voice.

Method 5: If there is no sound in your TomTom GPS receiver.

Inspect the sound preference from the settings. For this, follow the given below steps:

Step 1: Turn on your TomTom navigation GPS unit. The device will play the starting tune.

Step 2: In case, you do not hear any voice, go to the ‘Change Preferences’ menu to make sure that the sound is on.

Step 3: It the sound is on and still you do not hear anything, select the option ‘Volume Preferences’ and adjust the volume as per your liking.

Step 4: If you still did not get anything sound, uninstall the TomTom Home Application and re-install it.

For the case, when the problem with TomTom GP receiver still persists, immediately contact the TomTom tech expert.