Many times, you try to sign in to your Google account but you can’t remember your username or can’t be sure if you have already created an account or not. If you are facing such an issue, try to recover your username:


First Check If You Already Have A Google Account

To check with your account if it exists, follow the given steps and enter your email id.


  • In case there is no account associated with the entered email id, you will be getting a notification saying, “No Google account found with the given email address.” You can sign up for a new Google account then.
  • If you already have an account but not able to sign in, you should click on ‘recover your Google account’.


Once you reset your account credentials, you will be able to manage the email addresses.


Error Message Saying “Email Already Exists”


If you are getting a message saying “Email already exists” while trying to change or create the username:

  • A Google account might have already been created by you with the same username.
  • Some other person might have already used the same username.