On Monday, i.e., 26th Mar 2018, Comcast announced that Comcast Business, a Comcast’s subsidiary, has finished their large fiber-based network expansion in the Harrisburg region of Pennsylvania.


The expansion of their new fiber optic cable covers more than 27 miles in the Harrisburg area. Both aerial and underground extensions join Jonestown Road to the downtown Harrisburg’s northeast region with Mechanicsburg. Also, the expansion includes both north and south regions of the Harvey Taylor Bridge. The North area includes (but not limited to) the North Second Street, Division Street, North Sixth Street while the South area covers North Front Street, South Front Street, Blackberry Street, North Third Street and more. Besides, Swatara Township’s Friendship Industrial Park is also connected to Comcast network.

According to Comcast, they have invested about 1.7 million USD in the network expansion, which will reach directly to more than 600 additional businesses. Furthermore, the network is capable to deliver up to 100 Gbps of network capacity.