For Comcast Corporation, the year 2017 was nothing good to remember about. This year, the stocks of Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) saw a mere hike of 3% as the S&P 500 advanced 16%.

Even with all these complications, Comcast seems 15 times cheaper with the earning of next year, and analysts are expecting its earnings and revenue to rise 18% and 5% respectively.

The coming year will tell us about, what is written in the company’s fate. Let’s know about the crosswinds that sank the boat of this Media and ISP giant in the year 2017, and whether they’ll vanish in the coming year.

Why Comcast Corporation Should Forget about the Year 2017Cord-cutting is the biggest issue

Comcast is massively affected by the cord-cutting issues. Due to these regular issues, customers adapted to the over-the-top solutions like Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) to stream content as an alternate option. Comcast is trying its best to overcome all the drawbacks by bundling services like home Internet, streaming, and other cable services. However, in the last quarter, the company shed 125,000 video subscribers, in comparison to losing 34,000 video subscribers in the last year.

This drop is definitely disturbing, but Comcast is trying to balance it through bundling services, which increased its revenue of cable communications by 5.1% in the last quarter. Home Internet service of Comcast is still spreading with the addition of 214,000 customers.

If you face any cord-cutting issues or any kind of error related to Comcast, simply contact the Comcast Customer Support.

Comcast’s  Xfinity X1 is not a strong contender against Netflix

Comcast introduced the Xfinity X1 against the Netflix which offers services like live TV, streaming content, DVR, and on-demand shows, all on one platform. Comcast said that 57% of its video subscribers enjoyed the X1 in the last quarter, which was 2% more than the earlier quarter and 45% in the previous year quarter.

Even after such solid statement by Comcast, paid subscribers of Netflix increased by 10% in the last quarter.

Xfinity X1 helped Comcast to minimize the revenue from its current customers with the monthly fee of 10$, but it’s not a long-term competition against other OTT platforms.

NFL Games, not a matter of interest anymore

NFL Games are the main source of revenue related to advertising for NBC, but now their NFL ratings are drowning. The overall ratings of NFL for the first 7 weeks fell five percent, year after year and lowered to 15% form 2015. This reduction is triggered by the Thanksgiving holiday, as the ratings of NFL dropped ten percent annually.

NFL is not strict over NBC and this gives us an idea that broadcasts of live sports are not available to compete with cord-cutters.

Now the Question is – Will these headwinds fade?

All of the above three mentioned issues will likely to drop the Comcast’s ISP and NBCUniversal business in the coming year. But shareholders also should not neglect the strengths of Comcast.

First, Theme Parks business of Comcast is still spreading at a great pace, the company recently inaugurated two parks Volcano Bay in Orlando and Minion Park in Japan. The company is planning to open Parks in China and Russia. Revenue of Comcast increased 7.7% annually in the last quarter from the theme parks and sits in the fifth position in the top line of NBCUniversal.

Second, NBC still sits on top of America’s network providers, shows like “This is Us” contributed to its success.

In conclusion

You might think of Comcast as a risky option, but its widespread business provides it more area to work differently from Media of ISP companies. In the coming years, Comcast can solve these issues and can work on their movies and theme park units.

The future of the company still looks bright even after such problems. It has the potential to overcome and achieve a great position in the market.