How To Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Request at Once ?

If You are Looking to Accept/Reject all Friend Requests at Once on Facebook So, then You are at Right Place as We Share a Simple and Easy Tutorial to do this on Facebook. This Trick is very essential for Celebrities, Sports personalities and Politicians etc. who have plenty of following on social media. Actors Actresses and sports personalities etc. receive thousands of friend requests in one day. They don’t have time to scrutinize all the friend requests to know which ones to accept and which to reject. They have only two options left to do i.e. either delete all the requests or accept all the requests. But it is very hectic to confirm requests one by one or delete them one by one. There must be an option that allows to accept or delete the friendship request in just one click.

Why To Use Accept/Reject All Friend Requests At Once Tool

It allows you to get Delete of hectic pending confirm friend requests without clicking on “Ignore” buttons again and again. It saves  Precious time. If you are still going through this hectic task then don’t worry we will provide an easy trick for you. You just need to install Chrome extension “Facebook Friends Request Accept/Reject” on your device

Follow These Below Mentioned Steps To Accept or Delete Friend Requests atonce:

  1. Open your Facebook chrome extension add-to-chrome-button-icon
  2. Login to your account and open friendship requests
  3. It will delete or accept friendship requests automatically, depending on the type of the icon you pressed.

Steps To Accept Friendship Requests In One Step

  1. Download and install chrome extension Facebook Friends Requests Accept/RejectHOW TO ACCEPT/REJECT ALL FACEBOOK FRIEND REQUEST AT ONCE
  2. Click on Facebook Social Toolkit extension icon to activate Facebook Social Toolkit
  3. From removal tools section “Select Reject All Friend Requests At Once tool”
  4. After that Click on the blue button “Reject All Friend Requests At Once” to reject all requests.
  5. Repeat process to reject friend requests again.
  6. Congrats! Your job is done; you will receive a notification on screen



If you will search on internet, you will across a number of malicious codes claiming the same result. These codes were effective in their earlier days. But with the time Facebook improved its security and most of these codes were rendered ineffective overnight. Some of the codes were found malicious and they were blocked by Facebook. Now this chrome extension seems the only way to delete or accept friendship requests all together. Install and try this extension yourself. But don’t forget to share your reviews with us.


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