Here, are some primary reasons why some of your emails might be missing. Also, below are listed quick ways to get them back.

Emails are in any unexpected folder – Email filters and the spam filter, may send incoming emails to the folders other than your inbox.

You can find them by:

  • Search for them – Find the misplaced mails using the basic or advanced search options.
  • Trash and Spam – You need to search for your missing emails in these folders manually as they do not show up in search results.
  • Filters – Check your settings to see whether filters are sending your mails to other folders.


Note – Emails get deleted by any app


If you regularly access your Yahoo mail on your mobile or PC from an app, your actions or settings may have deleted some emails of your account. Someone else may have deleted your email

“If you believe that someone has got an illegal access to your account, reset your password immediately.”


Find Missing Mail In Yahoo! Mail