To beat yesterday fitness challenge, owning a Garmin product, such as a fitness tracker, GPS running watch or a Golf watch, is not enough. To grab more from Vivosmart and Fenix unit, you would need a good application. Garmin Connect is that app which completes the other half of the story.

Though there are two forms of this brilliant tool: a smartphone application and a web service. Each of them offers additional training tools, making you a better performer for daily fitness tasks. In general, whether you are a Cyclist or a Runner, you can achieve your fitness goals with Garmin Connect.

garmin connect

With the compatibility to all Garmin Sports Devices, Garmin Connect presents a keen range of features. Enabling the owners, to plan, track and review their workouts.

Giving you the power to control your training, this astonishing tool brings life to the hardware wrapped on your wrist. Along with monthly goals and Marathon preparation, you can join the challenges to beat other runners who follow the same route. Hence, you can conquer the best times of your competitor by taking up team challenges.

Beneficial Facts of Garmin Connect

Sleep Tracker: Keeping a sharp eye on your snooze time, this app automatically detects your sleeping hours. With the facility of setting the bedtime hours, the app creates a proper graph about how much you have slept.

Set Steps Goal Manually: To make your lifestyle better, Garmin constantly push you to get more sleep and to take a few more steps. However, this can be sometimes irritating, therefore, manually you can flick it to your desired number.

The calendar on one tap: Looking for any previous session data? The calendar is only a single tap away. Connect collects and keep all the data, whether sleeping hours or your heart rate, that you can review anytime later.

Running Timescale: To review your overall performance, you can head directly to Running Snapshot. It displays a graph, which you can filter according to days, weeks and months. Even for a particular distance, you can see averages and totals for your personal records.

Activity Analyzer: Garmin Connect, very smartly, analyzes your daily workout routine. Along with Swimming, Cycling and Running, it keeps a track on other activities like Cardio as well.

Progress Tracker: If you are interested in weight loss, you can track your fitness progress and can set step goals.

Share and compete with Friends: You can create your own goals and can share it with your friends, challenging them to compete your best time.

Sometimes, in this race of achieving a healthy lifestyle, Garmin Connect may show some hiccups. They can be:

  • Garmin Connect App is not working.
  • Garmin synchronization failure.
  • Sign up and Sign in problems.
  • Garmin Fenix 2 sync failed.
  • Network Connection error.
  • The dashboard is not working.
  • Failure of Vivofit pairing.
  • Unable to upload data to Garmin Connect.
  • Issues with Vivosmart Bluetooth.
  • Vivosmart HR Bluetooth is off.
  • Not able to add a device to Garmin Connect.
  • Problem while uploading the Data.
  • Issues in setting up Vivofit.
  • Garmin Live tracking is not working.
  • Unable to make manual synchronization.

Evidently, fixing these issues on your own is not within reach of any non-technical person. For this, a helping hand is essential. Therefore, for the resolution of the technical glitch, an instant support from the professionals of Garmin Connect Customer Service is vital. Hence, to gain an immediate Garmin Connect Support, visit the website.