How To Create Gmail Account?


This post will guide you on how to create a Gmail account. As you must be already knowing, Gmail is a worldwide most accepted and most used email service which provide services to millions of people across the globe. The email services provided by Gmail is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny to avail the services offered by Google. Gmail is the most famous service extended by Google.

If you still don’t have a Gmail account, then you are at the right place. We have covered how to do Gmail Signup which can be do by learning from our  video. Once you’re active on Gmail you can Sign In & check and access your email account from anywhere you want. Gmail servers are never down and downtime is rare event when we’re talking about Gmail. Since a past few years, it is possible to download the application version of Gmail for your android, iOS or Windows smartphone. All you need is a consistent internet connection to read your emails on the go.


Smartphone Requirements for Gmail App

  1. 3G or higher spectrum connection
  2. Front camera for video calls
  3. Android or iOS
  4. Rooted android and jailbroken iPhone might not support Gmail app.


System Requirement for Gmail

  1. OS: Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 or Mac OSX 10.7+
  2. Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE9 or later


How to Create a New Gmail Account?

In order to get a Gmail account, you’ll need to get the Google account first. As soon as you’ll click on the Gmail sign up button, it will redirect you to the Google account sign up. It will ask you for the basic information like your name, birthday, gender and your location. You can also set a username for your Gmail account. Once the account is created you can add contacts and start sending and receiving emails. Activation of the account is not required.

Here are the steps to guide you to create a new Gmail account:

  1. First, go to the address on your system.
  2. There you will find ‘Create Gmail Account’ button.
  3. The form will be opened up on your screen. Enter the correct details in the respective text boxes. The name, gender and the birth date mentioned should be correct.
  4. Then it will ask you to enter the CAPTCHA code given in the picture. Enter the code correctly in the text box.
  5. Then you will be redirected to the Google’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Check the box against ‘I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Click on the ‘Next Step’.
  6. The username you mention there should be unique, otherwise, Google will ask you to change it. You can’t proceed without a unique username. One good news you can change gmail username if you didn’t like one you have.
  7. Google will ask you to put up a profile picture for your account. The profile picture will be visible your contacts.
  8. Your gmail account has been created now. You can click on the ‘Continue to Gmail’ to return to your Gmail account. Or you can select any other services of Google to venture on.
  9. When you go to your welcome screen, you will see there are different views that you can set up for your Gmail account. To change the view, click on the ‘Gear’ option on the upper right corner and select one of the options among, Comfortable, Cosy, and Compact. This will change the spacing between each email shown in the message box.
  10. Now you need to import your contacts from another mailing platform to Gmail. You can use the import contacts tool. You can create a .CSV file of your contacts from your earlier email id. You can also import your contacts through this method:
  11. – Click on the menu given in the top left a corner of the window. In the drop-down menu, choose ‘Contacts’.
    – Click on the ‘Import contacts’ given under the bottom left the menu.
    – Click on ‘Choose File’ button and select yours .CSV file from the system. The file will be imported to your
  12. Gmail account and all your addresses will be added to your Gmail Address Book. you can create safe sender list in gmail.


Some Amazing Gmail Features

  1. Gmail provides a free of cost drive storage named as Google drive. You can back up your important files on Gmail and keep them safe with you. In case you need to send them via email, you just have to attach the files to your email and send. The first 15 GB of the drive is absolutely free but if you need more, you can upgrade it to 30 GB.
  2. The newly upgraded version of Gmail allows you to segregate your emails depending upon the category. You can create three tabs, promotions, social and updates.
  3. You can customise your Gmail screen the way you want. There are many themes available with Google through which you can change the colour, font, and appearance of your welcome screen. There are more than 30 themes available with the Google.
  4. Gmail allows you to chat with more than one people on the hangout. You can create a group and send a single message to multiple people.
  5. Gmail has improved a lot as it is growing as an enormous mailing giant. You can also make voice calls with
  6. Gmail and that too free of cost. Only your data bandwidth will be used up and nothing else.
  7. Google Hangouts is an initiative made by Google to bring the contacts and all your chats on a single platform.
  8. You can initiate a webinar through Hangout and that too free of cost.
  9. You can log in to multiple accounts without opening another system. Multiple gmail email accounts can be handled using Gmail without having to log out from one account to log in to other. Just click on ‘Add Account’ on your Gmail welcome screen. We have covered gmail tips and tricks apart from features.


Common Gmail account related issues :

  1. Server error
  2. Gmail Id and password error
  3. Spam mails
  4. Not able to send/receive mails
  5. Gmail account has been hacked
  6. Security issues with the account
  7. Unable to access Gmail
  8. Failure to security checks
  9. Failure to update the contact information via Gmail
  10. Accidentally deleted important email.
  11. Many similar issues


Our specialties

  1. We offer account recover support to the users.
  2. We are there for support 24×7 for password related issues.
  3. You can get the support for your hacked or blocked Gmail account.
  4. We resolve the attachment issues.
  5. We provide support for the account security and privacy.


How to Contact Gmail Technical Support?

  1. By contacting on Gmail Technical Support phone number
  2. By contacting the email Technical Support
  3. By reaching out to us through online chat support
  4. By contacting through the remote Gmail tech support

So to contact the skilled technicians of our Gmail Technical Support team,

contact us on the Gmail Technical Support number 1-833-452-2831. This number is absolutely free of cost and is available 24×7.

Gmail Customer Service USA: 1-833-452-2831.


As we are well aware of features of Gmail and have started using it by now as well, so it would be worthless (in a way) to tell you about its utility. The matter of fact is, in order to establish professional or personal communication too, emails play a vital role. We can’t imagine our lives without it nowadays at least.

Any online transaction, communication take place through email efficiently and even your educational requirements get fulfilled through emails sometimes. So, we can’t avoid using it anyway. As they say everything has its own pros and cons so these emailing facilities are not spared. While using emails there are many threats that users might face. So, we always look for such email services which are more secure and reliable.

Gmail has got various features to give its users an amazing experience and its user friendly interface is an add on. So, what are you waiting for, become a pro at using this amazing mailing service.


  • The username you have entered will not be accepted if it is already used by someone
  • If it is very similar to the existing one e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]
  • The username has been already used by someone but the account was deleted.
  • You are entering a username that has been banished by Google to prevent abuse and Spam attacks.

If you have any issues related you gmail. You can call gmail customer service. and get your issues fixed. Gmail has introduce  Gmail 2step verification process to enhance gmail security.  Good thing about gmail is you can create multiple accounts.

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