Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger 

Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messeng

“Google Allo” App has the potential to beat Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp: Here is why?

Days after Google launched its messenger App “Google Allo”, speculations are on high that it will give a stiff competition to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Is it really so? Some say yes and some say no.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the two key revenue generators for Facebook. If Google Allo is able to take the lead, then it is for sure the economy of Facebook will suffer a great blow.

Google Allo App makes use of artificial intelligence to provide a smart answer to your query. It has a built-in multifunctional “Google Assistant Feature” which is considered the Key factor of this App. This is the feature which differentiates it from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger screen

There is a speculation that Google Assistant feature may breach the privacy of messages to some extent which are normally stored on various Google servers and second the latter allows encryption selectively in incognito mode. These two factors may go against the Google Allo App, think tanks believe.

One more factor that might prevent Allo dominating in the market is that Google has much past experience in social media as compared to other social media giants and Facebook, on the other hand, has a huge user base next to impossible to beat.

To drag users from Facebook and WhatsApp towards Google Allo App is a huge challenge for Google. “Facebook and WhatsApp users might show reluctance in moving towards Google Allo App,” some think tanks believe.

But keeping in view the tremendous ability of Google to use technology to create a unique and secure App with amazing features may attract people towards Allo App.

Some Think Tanks suggest that if Google integrates Allo App with Gmail and Google Maps, there are chances that it may stand out from Facebook and WhatsApp competition in just a few months.

Do you think Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp?

Yes, Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp because of the following reasons

  1. Google Assistant(Artificial Intelligence) : The artificial intelligence is too good and which is missing in Whatsapp and this AI uses in app is too good & pretty fun to use and it gives multiple options if we ask it and it answers pretty straightforward. Google Assistant(Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Stickers: It has some Awesome cool stickers and lots will be added in the coming future. This feature is not available in Whatsapp as it contains only smileys.Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - Stickers
  3. Incognito Chat: Due to its incognito chat mode.Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger- Incognito Chat
  4. UI: User Interface is too amazing with its colorful fonts and icons.Google Allo: Google Allo Threat to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger- UI

  5. Play games – I did not believe this , I thought Google is going to earn more by asking me to install some game app,But no It happens within Allo .
  6. Suggested replies – Need more work on that.Your AI will never be able predict my replies ! It can be handy when travelling or when you run out of topics.

By seeing above points it’s proof that Google Allo has an edge over Whatsapp but it’s too early to decide who will win .

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