Sometimes due to some reason, you might required to delete yahoo account. So here is a simple & easy step by step tutorial for “How To Deactivate or Delete Yahoo! Account”.

Procedure To Be Followed

Step 1:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo! Account you want to delete. In case you have forgotten the password of your account, first recover your password.
  2. Open Yahoo! homepage> Click Help link at the bottom-right corner> Click My Account link
  3. Select “Delete account” in the account page.
  4. Click “Closing your Yahoo! account” link.
  5. Click the “Account Termination” link.
  6. Enter your login information even if you are logged in already


Step 2:

  1. Go through Account termination notification page carefully. You should keep it in mind that, deleting Yahoo! account will not only revoke your access to mail only but to the Contacts, Flickr account, and more.
  2. Before deleting your account, you should, first of all, unsubscribe all Yahoo! paid services because you may continue to get billed even if your account will be deleted.


Step 3:

  1. Enter Password
  2. Enter password once again to delete confirmation
  3. Fill out the CAPTCHA. It will prove delete process is not automated.
  4. Click the “YES Terminate this Account” button.


Deactivate Or Delete Yahoo Account


Note- “Your account details will be preserved by Yahoo! For 90 days. Once this period passes, The deletion process can’t be reversible.”