Canon PIXMA E470 Printer – Introduction

Canon PIXMA E470 Printer

The Canon PIXMA E470 printer is an affordable and low cost printing equipment also it comes with affordable ink cartridges. So, this simple but effective printer can cut your costs and increase productivity with high printing performance. However, there could be some issues that may arise in your printer which you want to resolve as soon as possible or just want to know a procedure for any printing procedure. Moreover, here you can find important FAQs and get the answers also, for more information and help you can visit here.

Canon PIXMA E470 Printer Description

The Canon PIXMA E470 All-in-one inkjet printer is a best printing equipment to provide you high quality printing in affordable prices. Further, this Canon PIXMA E470 printer is designed to give you low coast printing and an affordable wireless printing experience. Also, it gives you ease of printing with its mobile and remote printing features. With its affordable ink cartridges with high quality printing it helps you cut your costs drastically. Also, using the free mobile app of the printer you can enjoy easy wireless printing and scanning.

Moreover, you can conveniently monitor the ink level of the printer. In addition, using the PIXMA cloud services you can print, scan, copy to popular cloud services like Evernote, Facebook, Dropbox etc. Also, avail the Attach to Webmail and Scan to Email services with this printer. Further, it’s easy to setup cloud services remotely. Using the Auto Power ON help detecting a print command. So, all in all with this well-designed printer it’s easy to perform printer operations even wirelessly.

The Canon PIXMA E470 is an Ink Efficient printer and ink cartridges are available at affordable prices. Further, you can enjoy easy wireless setup, convenient printing and scanning and wireless printing operations with ease. Moreover, it gives you high-quality, crisp texts and graphics printouts and scans. Also, fast photo and graphics prints.

Features of Canon PIXMA E470 Printer

  • Provides you built-in memory card reader also PictBridge port.
  • Low cost printing.
  • Loaded with superb features for photo and copy printing.
  • High quality scanning and printing with crisp texts.
  • Low cost ink cartridges available.
  • Mobile, wireless, and remote printing.
  • With the Canon Print inkjet/selphy app you can easily perform print operations from your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Provide cloud services from many popular cloud services.
  • Print. Scan, copy wirelessly.
  • With its Auto Power ON feature it automatically powers on using a USB connection.


How to use my Canon PIXMA E470 printer with wireless direct?

You can connect your smartphones or tablets to your printer using to methods: 1) Wireless connection. 2) Direct wireless connection.

Whereas in the wireless connection you can connect to device using wireless router. While direct wireless connection you can connect, devices using wireless direct.

Now here you find the steps to connect devices using wireless connect.

First: Enable the wireless direct to make a wireless connection with your device:

  • Before you start please ensure that your printer and router are turned on.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button on your printer and hold it until the Wi-Fi lights flash.
  • Now further press the black button. Constantly press the Wi-Fi button until the Direct lamp lights.
  • Further, press the color or black button to finish it.
  • Now finally the wireless direct should enable.

Note: If you are unable to enable wireless direct using the above steps then you can take help from Canon Printer Support using the link on top.

Second: Connect your smartphone or tablet to the printer:

  • First open the settings of your device then turn on the wireless communication on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Now search for your printer, once searched, it will show a list of available printers then choose and tap on your printer to connect it.
  • Enter password if necessary and head to connect the printer by following further instructions.
  • Now your device has successfully connected to your printer. It’s ready for printing now.


How to find my Canon PIXMA E470 printer on wireless network?

First: Please make sure that your printer and router, mobile device, or PC are turned on. Also, if it’s turned on then restart it.

Second: When Wi-Fi connection is enabled the Wi-Fi lamp on printer should light. If the lamp is off, then try: press Wi-Fi button on the printer until the lamp flashes. Further press black button, press black button continuously and then finally press the color or black button.

Third: Check for the printer driver or printer setup issues. Thus, make sure no driver or setup issue arise.

Fourth: Please ensure that the printer, router, and device are connected with same network. You can printout the network configuration report to ensure the correct network configuration.

Fifth: Ensure that the printer and the router are not placed out of range to each other.

Sixth: Check the signal strength its should not be too weak as then the connection may fail.

Seventh: Make sure the proper connectivity of all devices, printer mobile device or PC.

Eighth: Make sure you choose ‘Enable bidirectional support’ (in windows) in the Ports sheet of driver’s properties.

Note: If you are unable to find the correct solution yet, then contact the Canon Printer Support.