Canon PIXMA G3000 Printer – Install And Setup

Canon PIXMA G3000 Printer

If you face some errors in your Cannon PIXMA G3000 Printer, then you can easily resolve the issue here. Also, get information about this printer and read the FAQs to clear your problems. Moreover, though we have tried to provide complete help here for the users to get rid of their issues easily. However, if you require further assistance then visit here.

Canon PIXMA G3000 Printer Description

With Canon PIXMA G3000 printer you can get high volume printing at low costs. Also, All-In-One wireless printer is equipped with easy refillable ink tank system. Further, with its transparent ink tank system you can easily monitor ink status of your printer. What separates this printer from the rest of the printers is its built-in ink tank. Further, the built-in ink tank of this printer has capacity to hold ink more than any traditional ink cartridge. Also, interesting that the ink tank is not placed on the side instead it’s placed inside the printer’s main body. Thus, reducing the size of the printer. Also, it supports auto Duplex mode, so with it is capable to print both sides of a paper.

Moreover, it’s also saves power with its auto sleep mode which enable it to turn off while not in use. It has capability to power on automatically when you give a printing command. Further, using the Wi-Fi networks users can take print-outs from smartphones, tablets, or PC. Even with using the Canon Selphy app you can print by setting up a private wireless network connection to connect your mobile devices. Though, it lacks an Ethernet port, however, it has full-fledged capability to print wirelessly.

Using the Canon PIXMA Cloud services you are able to perform printing operations from cloud services like Facebook, Dropbox OneDrive etc. Additionally, it provides high page yield ink bottles and gives an output of up to 7000 pages more than other inkjet printers. Also, users are able to print Borderless photos up to A4 size.

So, the Canon PIXMA G3000 printer serves you best printing quality and all malfunctional features in one compact equipment. Further, you can setup a wireless connection even in the absence of a wireless router using a direct wireless connection.

Features of Canon PIXMA G3000 Printer

  • Easy-to-use and cost effective printer.
  • High quality printouts and affordable ink cartridges.
  • Low cost printouts and high performance.
  • Enable to print via smartphones, PC and tablets using wireless connections.
  • Provide Canon Print inkjet/Selphy app for performing printing job from smartphones and tablets easily.
  • All-in-one inkjet printer with multifunctionality. So, you can scan, copy, print with this printer conveniently.
  • Printing from cloud services like Facebook, Twitter, OneDrive, Googled Drive, etc.
  • Built-in ink tank system with innovative design.
  • Innovative design and features of the printer.


What to do if printing doesn’t start in my Canon PIXMA G3000 printer?

First: Ensure that printer is ON, if not then press the power button to turn it on. Also, remember while the printer start the ON lamp should flash once it’s on the lamp should remain lit.

Second: Check the connections of the printer. Inspect if the USB cable is unplugged, not connected securely with the system and the printer, or any other related issues. If necessary, change the USB cable.

Third: Check the connection mode choose access point mode or other mode accordingly.

Fourth: The printing may jam because of large printing queue in computer, so delete any unnecessary print jobs from the print queue.

Fifth: Check for printer driver or printer software suit issues. If necessary, download the drivers or reinstall existing driver then try again. Also, choose correct printer driver for your printer.

Sixth: Set the correct printer port in windows. For this just open the control panel of your windows. The procedure of opening control panel may vary depending on the version of the window.  Then from the control panel choose (windows 10) Control Panel > View devices and printers, (Windows 8/8.1) Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, (Windows 7) Devices and Printers (choose from start menu), (Windows Vista) Hardware and Sound > Printers, for Windows XP Printers and Other Hardware > Printers and Faxes. Now after this open printer driver properties then in the property window choose Ports then ensure that a port named “USBnnn” (“n” is a number) with “Canon XXX series Printer” is present in Printer column. Also, make sure to select Print to the following port(s) option.

Seventh: Try after restarting your computer system. If the problem persists the take help from Canon printer support using this link.

Why does printing/copying stop in my Canon PIXMA G3000 printer?

Before you start inspecting the issue please make sure that properly load the paper in the printer. If necessary, then load a paper or adjust it to fit properly.

Do the documents you are trying to scan with your printer has many photographs or illustrations? If so, then you should remember that it takes some time to process and scan large data so, wait a few moments then see if it has scanned or not. If it scanned your data, then no need to follow further steps you can stop here now.

Further, in case you try to print documents that require much of the ink on successive sheets of plain paper. So, then your printer may pause temporarily. Thus, wait until it finishes the process.

If you are using the printer for a long period, then it may overheat. So, If the printer has been doing the printing job continuously for a long time then its parts may overheat. This case the printer may stop for a while and will continue after some time.

You should wait for the printer to resume the printing job. Despite this if you find that the printing doesn’t resume then cancel all printing jobs and turn the printer off.  Wait for at least fifteen minutes.

Retry copying if it stops before completing copy.

If the problem persists take help of Canon printer support.