Dell H625CDW Printer – Introduction 

Dell H625CDW Printer

Dell H625CDW Printer Description

The Dell multifunction color laser H625cdw printer is an excellent printing machine best pick for a small or micro office. Further, this MFP offers outstanding MFP features, compact design, performance above average, and amazing printing speed. Moreover, this medium- to heavy-duty color MFP provides good graphics and photo printing with vivid colors. Also, it offers a wide range of connectivity choices. So, it offers easy access to cloud-based services, mobile printing, etc. The Dell H625cdw printer delivers great value of money. With this easy-to-use and versatile printer users can easily perform print, scan, copy, and fax jobs.

Its simple features help you conveniently do your print job and enhance productivity. Printing on the go as users can print from their compatible devices. So, with the Dell Document Hub app users can print their documents directly from their smartphones and tablets. Further, the printer supports AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, which enable users to print virtually from anywhere. Furthermore, this printer is an energy efficient device that help reducing power also provide lost cost printing.

In addition, users get direct scanning to popular cloud services including Dropbox, and all other popular cloud services. Moreover, this is complete package for your printing solution. So, with this user can print, scan, fax, copy quickly and conveniently. By setting up a wireless connection users can print wirelessly. Also, its touch screen display help in easy navigation and activation with its menu and swap features.

Features of Dell H625CDW Printer

  • Multifunction printer with scan, print, fax, and copy features.
  • Versatile with direct cloud connectivity.
  • Provide varied connectivity choices.
  • Mobile printing to help printing from your smartphones and tablets.
  • Provide effortless scanning and fast and convenient printing.
  • Easy installation and amazing color printing quality.
  • Stunning photo printing and fast speed printing.
  • Reliable features.


Dell H625CDW Printer FAQs

Dell H6925CDW is one of the finest color laser printer and has many amazing features. However, despite its superb functionalities there may time when you come across with some technical glitches with your printer. So, in case you have issues with your printer then try to clear the issue by reading the FAQs. Moreover, if it’s not the desired solution your are looking for then visit:

How to troubleshoot the Ghosting issue in my Dell H625CDW printer?

First before you start the troubleshooting procedure identify the type of ghosting you are dealing with.

1: The ghosting can be: Positive ghost or Negative ghost. So, identify the type first. Now choose one option:

  • Go to step 2a if it’s positive ghost.
  • Go to step 2c if it’s negative ghost.

2a: Allow the Decrease Ghosting to On.

  • For this first press Information button on printers display now tap on Tools tab > Admin Settings > Maintenance > Decrease Ghosting.
  • After this now tap ‘On’.
  • Finally tap on Ok to complete it.
  • Further, if you still find the problem then go to step 2b.

2b: Now try decreasing the transfer bias.

For this first push the Information button further tap on Tools tab > Admin Settings > Maintenance > ‘Adjust Transfer Belt Unit’.

  • After this now tap either on YMC Offset or K Offset then reduce the value.
  • Go to the step 3, if the problem persists.

2c: Try increasing the transfer bias.

For this press, Information button then navigate to Tools tab > Admin Settings > Maintenance > ‘Adjust Transfer Belt Unit’.

  • Now choose either YMC Offset or K Offset then rise the value.
  • Moreover, if the problem still found then proceed to step 3.

3: Please ensure that you are using the correct print media while printing. Use the recommended print media to print without any issue.

However, if it’s ok and you are still facing the issue then try step 4.

4: Try replacing the ink drum cartridges and then try printing again.

  • Now once you replace the drum cartridges then after this click Chart Print on ‘Diagnosis tab’.
  • Further, click ‘Ghost Configuration Chart’.
  • Now it should print the Ghost Configuration Chart.
  • If you still come across the problem despite thoroughly attempting all the steps above, then contact Dell Printer Technical Support.


How to troubleshoot black printout issue in my Dell H625CDW printer?

1. First, you should check that the drum cartridges are properly seated. Also, you correctly install the drum cartridges.
Further, if this problem still arises then go to step 2.
2. Ensure that you set the Output Color in the print driver.
For this open the Graphics tab and then adjust the Output Color to Color, if necessary.
Now if the problem still appears then proceed to step 3.
3. You can try troubleshooting the issue by replacing the drum cartridges.

  • Now click on Chart Print on the Diagnosis tab after you replace the cartridges.
  • Further, click on the 4-colors Configuration Chart.
  • Now it should print the 4-color configuration chart.
  • After following all the steps above if you still find the issue in your printer then you should take immediate help from Dell Printer Support.