Dell S2825CDN Printer – Install and Setup

Dell S2825CDN Printer

Dell S2825CDN Printer Description

The Dell S2825cdn is a smart color laser printer with extended features. Further, this color multifunction printer is capable to enhance workflow efficiency in workgroups. Also, it offers good value and delivers superb printing quality. It offers a convenient way to scan or print from Microsoft SharePoint also has a built-in document-management software. The Dell S2825cdn printer provides very good graphics quality and outstanding photo printing. Further, it has apt design that help it easily handle large volume printout jobs in least time.

In addition, it comes with Duplex printing, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), and all amazing features. Further, with this printer users can convert scans into searchable PDF files which then can easy to edit, view, scan, and share with OCR via its inbuilt Nuance PaperPort 14 software. Moreover, can save energy using this printer as it’s a power saver printing equipment that consumes less power. So, it saves power and cut your printing costs. Further, its 4.3’’ smart touch screen display provides easy navigation with on-screen dock menu, by tapping and swapping various options.

Features of Dell S2825CDN Printer

  • Smart printer with outstanding features and wide range of functionalities.
  • Apt in handling large volume scans consuming comparatively less time.
  • Multifunction printer offers scan, print, copy, fax, in one device.
  • Save energy and minimize printing costs.
  • Easy-to-operate and efficient performance.


Dell S2825CDN Printer FAQs

Troubleshoot you issues with your Dell S2825CDN printer here. Read the FAQs to find your solution. Moreover, for advance help visit.

How to troubleshoot blank printout issue in my Dell S2825CDN printer?

  • First check the toner cartridges level if it’s low then replace the cartridges.
  • To check the toner level in the open the Status tab in Status Monitor.
  • If necessary, then replace the toner cartridges.
  • If you find the problem yet, then go to next step.
  • In case you have not installed a genuine dell toner cartridge then you have to enable the Non-Dell Toner option.
  • To enable it first start the Tool Box, now click on Service Tools in the Printer Maintenance tab.
  • Further ensure that you choose the On-check box under Non-Dell Toner.
  • Proceed next if the problem still occurs.
  • You can try to disable the Toner Saver.
  • To disable the toner saver in print driver first select the Off from Toner Saver drop-down menu on Others tab.
  • Proceed further if problem persists.
  • Check for the surface of the print media if it’s uneven, if so then replace the paper with new plain paper then change the paper type setting in the print driver.
  • If problem persists, go further.
  • Also, ensure that you use the recommended print media.
  • If the problem persists then go to next.
  • Try replacing the drum cartridges.
  • After replacing the drum cartridges now start Tool Box then click Reports on the Printer Setting Reports tab.
  • Further, click on the Color Test Page.
  • If problem persists then immediately contact Dell Printer Support.


How to troubleshoot Light-induced fatigue issue in my Dell S2825CDN printer?

  • First using the Pitch Configuration Chart inspect the light fatigue pattern.
  • For this initially Start the Tool Box after this click on the Chart Print on the Diagnosis tab.
  • Further click on Pitch Configuration Chart.
  • Now it should print the Pitch Configuration Chart.
  • Now inspect the chart for the pattern and check if the patterns on printout match with that on the Pitch
  • Configuration Chart. If so then go next.
  • Try to clear the issue by replacing the drum cartridges.
  • If you find the problem still occur, then contact dell printer support.