Epson Expression Home XP-400- Introduction

Epson Home XP-400

The Epson Expression Home XP-400 is a multifunctional small in one Printer. It is the upgrade version of Epson Stylus NX430 Printer. The Printer is highly compact the speed is also better than Epson Stylus NX430.

  • The Printer is popular mainly because of its diminutive Frame. It weighs just 9 pounds.
  • It has a glossy black top-loading paper feeder that has a capability to Print 100 sheets together.
  • But it lacks an Automatic Duplexer, so you have to set two sided printing manually. The Guidance for it is offered by Printer Drivers. It has four separate individual ink Tanks.
  • It is a multifunctional printer which has the capability to scan, copy and Print documents. Its control Panel holds LCD screen of 2.5 inch.
  • On its Home screen are labeled icons which one can access with the help of its 4-way controller. Its flatbed scanner has the ability to scan up to even letter size but it lacks ADF.
  • It has a memory card reader which accepts cards in SD or MSpro families.


Instructions to install Expression Home XP-400 drivers

The instructions to install Expression Home XP-400 drivers are as follows:

  • Switch on PC on which you want to install Driver
  • Unless you are suggested to connect your Printer and Computer with a cable, don’t do it.
  • Then Download setup File, if you have not downloaded it yet. Run it as Admin. It will start your installation wizard. Follow instructions to take the process to conclusion.
  • Now connect USB cable between the Printer and PC.
  • It should detect  Epson Expression Home XP-400 printer
  • Proceed to the Next step.
  • Enter Values for the steps in Wizard to complete installation.
  • If it loads drivers successfully, then start a test Print job.


Epson Expression Home XP-400- FAQ’s

Some of you have send us FAQ’s on our Fan page. If you too have some questions related to your Printer. You can either write to us or visit our website for further information.

I replaced my Ink cartridge recently and now my Printer shows that the ink is expended. What I can do now to solve this issue.

To fix this problem, do the following things

  • Check whether ink cartridge is seated properly or not. It may require to be reseated.
  • Then Turn on Printer and lift scanner unit. But don’t move Print head by your Hand. Otherwise it could damage your Printer. And, also don’t touch flat cable inside Printer.
  • Press Cartridge until it fits properly. You will hear click once it seats properly.
  •    But before inserting cartridge properly, don’t forget to remove yellow tap.
  • Then lower scanner and Tap on ‘Start’
  • The Printer will take one or two minutes to charge the ink. Once it charges ink completely, you will see a confirmation message on screen.


Currently I Print in Black but my Color cartridge is expended. Why is it so?   

You should always keep in mind that your Epson Printer needs a small amount of Ink from all cartridge tanks at the time of Printing. Even if you are selecting Gray or black color.

Your Printer has a permanent Print Head which needs to be charged with all colors for job. This small quantity of color keep the Printer head charged. This is necessary to prevent bubbles to enter into Printer.  Air Bubbles have a tendency to damage Print Head.

Therefore if you color cartridge is expended, that is a normal thing. Your Printer will prompt you to replace cartridge to continue Printing.

What is the cause of smeared and blurry Printout?

The possible causes of smeared and blurry Printout are as follows

  • Your Paper may be damp, old, curled  or may be loaded incorrectly
  • Make a habit of using support sheet with a special paper or load just  one  sheet at a time
  • Your Paper should meet specification for product.
  • Use only Epson Papers for Proper absorption and saturation of ink.
  • Use paper according to Printer settings
  • Load the printable side correctly
  • Remove sheets from Tray immediately after Printing.
  • Turn off high speed settings and don’t handle printouts on Glossy paper.
  • You should keep in mind that when you print on both sides of paper, there remain chances of smudges on the reverse side or dark images
  • Run Nozzle to verify Print Head are not clogged.
  • Clean Print Heads, if necessary.
  • Then Align Print head and clean path for paper.