Epson Expression Home XP-420- An introduction

Epson Home XP-420

Epson Expression Home XP-420 is an all-in-one multifunctional small budget printer. It is best suitable for Copy, scan and basic Print job. Since it is a small Budget printer so the quality of the Print out is not going to be that good.

Epson Expression Home XP-420- features

  • It makes use of four ink tanks i.e., Yellow, Cyan, black and Magenta. Otherwise most of the low budget printers make use pf just three color tanks. So this is a benefit of having this Printer. And you just need to refill the particular color tank which gets exhausted.
  • It consumes your small area as it measures just 15.4 inches horizontally, so it is easy to fit this printer at any location.
  • The card slot is present in the lower left corner
  • Its LCD measures 2.5 inches but is not touch.
  • The Home button on the left of the LCD screen enables you to access all units in just one screen menu.
  • There are control buttons on the right side of its LCD. Since its LCD is not a touch screen, you have to make use of Arrow headed icons to navigate through the Menu.
  • You can make selections with the help of OK Button.
  • If you have to increase or decrease the number of copies, makes use of plus and minus signs.


Instructions to install Epson Home XP-420 software

The procedure to install Epson Home XP-420 setup on your computer is as follows:

  • First of all connect your Printer with a power source
  • Now make sure that your Printer is not connected to Computer or Ethernet with the help of any cable. If it is so, then disconnect your  it first
  • Now pull out the CD-ROM from the box to load it on your computer.
  • If the CD is not available to you, you can download the software from Epson site.
  • Never resort to any third party software because it may cause security problems
  • Make sure no other Printer software is active on your system. First of all uninstall the pre-installed software
  • Now make use of instructions on the screen to run this software
  • Then install Program Updater to keep receiving software and firmware updates for Product.
  • Now choose a Network connection for your Printer. You can choose either a wireless or wired connection.
  • If you have to setup Wireless connection, then enter the Password and Network name.
  • And for Wired Network, connect your Printer with Computer with USB cables.
  • After completion of installation, then reboot computer and start print job.


Epson Expression Home XP-420 – FAQ’s

These are some of your FAQ’s. We have tried to give apt answers to your questions. If you want to know more, write to us or visit our website.

I need to change the Ink Cartridges of My Epson XP 420 Printer. Please tell me the procedure?

Just follow the below given steps to change the Ink Cartridges of Epson XP 420 Printer.

  • First of all be ready with Replacement cartridges. As, you have to install new cartridges very immediately after removing the older ones
  • If you will remove older ones and the new ones are not ready, it may dry print head nozzles.
  • In case the cartridge is expended, a message will display on your LCD screen.
  • Now select Cartridges which require to be replaced and click on OK button. Select OK.
  • Now lift up Scanner unit and squeeze tab on cartridge. Then lift it straight to remove it.
  • Shake your new cartridge before unpacking it.
  • While opening the cartridge, desist from touching green chips and then install cartridge
  • No remove Yellow Tape but don’t break any seal or labels.
  • Then push the cartridge into holder until it click into the exact place.
  • Lower your scanner  unit and click start
  • The Print Head will move to Home and Printer will start charging ink. It takes 1-2 minutes. Once it completes charging, a Confirmation message will display on the screen.


My Epson XP 420 is giving out all blank pages. What can I do to get rid of this problem?

This is a very common problem with all the Printers. We will tell you how to minimize the chances of this problem. Go through the following guidelines.

  • Choose an Apt size for paper that fits in the Printer.
  • Choose a compatible Software and Program for your Printer
  • Sometimes clogged nozzles may also result in Blank pages issues. Clean  your Print heads regularly
  • Skip Blank Page setting in Printer Software
  • Navigate to Application screen and then choose Control Panel
  • Then select Hardware and Sound>> Devices and Printers
  • Now Right-click  Printer and then choose Printing preferences
  • On the other hand Windows Vista/7 need to select Control Panel and choose Control Panel. Then right click Printer and select Preferences.


My printout has lines running through it. What should I do?

From last sometime, I see lines running through my Printouts. How can I correct this issue?

This is one more common issue with Printers. Do the following to fix this issue.

  • Run Nozzle check to verify nozzles are not clogged. Clean the clogged Nozzles
  • Select the type of the Paper according to the settings set in the Printer.
  • Load the paper correctly and then turn off high speed settings
  • Align Print head and see whether Ink cartridges are in good shape or not. You may require to replace them.