Expression Home XP-430 – Introduction

Epson XP-430

Expression Home XP-430 is an all-in –one apt Printer for Student and Home use.  It is equipped with a compact form factor and its trays fold in device when the printer is off. It is often addressed as “Small-in-One” printer just because of this feature.

Perhaps there is no device in the world from where Expression Home XP-430 can’t print documents. It prints from Mac, PC, iPhones, Androids, Chromebooks and iPad very convincingly.

Expression Home XP-430 – Features

  1. Those who have used  XP-420, they will find similar features in XP-430
  2. It has a design which saves your space. The length of the printer is 11 inches, width 15.4 and height 20.8 when the paper trays are open. This size reduces to 15.4, 11.8 and 5.7 inch width, height and length when the trays are closed.
  3. Its input tray has a capacity to hold up-to 100 sheets. It can print documents on any paper.
  4. Expression Home XP-430 has an ADF for scanning and copying purposes.
  5. It is best suitable for Office worker and student as its paper handling capacity is medium.
  6. The Center Control panel sits in a console, which rotates  up to view 7-inch LCD
  7. Its front has a card reader that enables you to print from SD card without the use of a PC.


How to setup wireless connection on Expression Home XP-430?

It is very easy to connect Expression Home XP-430 with a Wireless network. You just need to perform below steps

  • Go to Control panel and select Wireless option
  • Then use CD to install Printer setup on computer. If the CD is not available to you, then download it from
  • Click  ‘Home’ and then ‘Wireless’
  • Choose a given network setup from the given options or just enter its name in the relevant field using keypad of device.
  • Now enter password and click ‘Return’
  • Now click on Proceed.
  • Click on OK  to confirm settings
  • Click Home to return to settings.
  • If the Wi- Fi icon on printer is twinkling then that means your Printer connection is successful.


Expression Home XP-430 – FAQ’S

These are some of your FAQ’s related to Expression Home XP-430. Our experts tried to give best possible answers to your questions. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website

How to clear Jam from the rear of the Epson Printer?

If after removing paper from loading tray, Printer Paper Jam problem remains unresolved, then look for the paper jam in the rear of the Printer and clear it to resolve the problem. The instructions for it are as given below

  1. Your Printer has a rear access door at the back. Look for the Knob on it or on the panel and then unlock it.
  2. Remove Panel and then pull out Jammed Paper
  3. Then remove remaining small paper bits.
  4. Then Replace rear panel.
  5. This should resolve your problem


How to remove two-sided printing accessory to get rid of Paper Jam

At times, paper may get jammed in two-sided printing accessory as well. Then you will need to carry a specific procedure to get rid of the Jam. The procedure is as given below 

  • If the problem is not resolved by replacing rear panel, then check out in two sided accessory
  • Remove it and release buttons simultaneously on the ends of module and remove it.
  • Remove Panel and then pull out Jammed paper
  • See the small bits of paper are left in it, otherwise they become the cause of paper Jam as well.
  • Then push it back to its original place
  • Now check is carriage of the printer is able to move.
  • Free Moment means issue is over
  • If not then tap buttons on module to open door
  • Remove Panel and pull Jammed paper
  • Clear paper bits and then close rear module door
  • Now check again is the  carriage able to move
  • If not then pull paper from Front cover.


I am using Epson Expression Premium XP-630. I am Paper Jam problem quite frequently. Is their way to prevent reoccurring jams?

Yes there are ways to avoid this Problem. You just concentrate on the below given precautionary steps and it will minimize your Paper Jam problem to a large extent.

  • Never fill your paper tray to its full capacity. Overfilling it is one of the common cause Printer Paper Jam problem
  • Epson Expression Premium XP-630 works on sliding mechanism which enables user to fed paper of different sizes and types into Printer. Position the slider at its proper place, otherwise it causes paper jam.
  • Make use of the standard paper only. The labeled, folded and the specialty paper can cause paper jam. Consult Printer documentation to choose correct paper.
  • Don’t mix paper sizes if you need to print multiple pages.
  • Place your paper in Tray in a correct manner.
  • Clear any debris, paper bits, torn paper, labels and other objects which cause reoccurring jams.