Epson Expression Photo XP-960 – Introduction

Epson Photo xp-960

Expression Photo xp-960 is a multifunctional innovative Printer. It productivity is superior and its paper handling capacity is very flexible for Offices, Schools and College use etc.


  1. The backbone of this Printer is Precision Core™ technology which makes it efficient than laser printers.
  2. The quality of the Printouts is like that of a Lab. The Text appears sharp as that of a laser.
  3. If you have to purchase Expression Photo xp-960, it will save 40you’re your cost. It enable you to print documents directly from Computer and Phone.
  4. Moreover it is very easy to modify wireless setting in its control panel.


How to install Epson Photo xp-960 printer setup on Wi-Fi or any other wireless network?

Before you start installing Epson Photo xp-960 printer setup on your computer, you should ensure Epson driver software is loaded on your PC. Otherwise it is not possible to install Epson Photo xp-960 printer setup on any device. The Driver establishes Wireless Network connection.  Then begin the procedure. The steps are as given below:

  1. Click on Home
  2. Then Tap on Wireless icon
  3. Choose Wi- Fi and then its setup wizard from the Given options
  4.   You can disable Wireless connection anytime and switch to wired network. There are options for it as well.
  5. You can enter the name of your network or select one from the given options.
  6. Now enter password in password box using keypad of the device.
  7. Tap on ‘Return’>> Proceed
  8. Confirm Wireless settings and choose OK to save them on Printer
  9. Click on Back to re modify the settings.
  10. Now print network setup report
  11. Now click   ‘Home’ and it will take you back to Home screen.
  12. If the Wi-Fi icon lits, then the connection is successful                     


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Many of the Epson Photo XP 960 Users don’t know how to connect it with their smartphone. Many of them have written to us about it in the form of FAQ’s. If you too have a query in your mind related to Epson Photo XP 960, you can write to us to seek answer from our experts. Further you can visit our website to learn more about Epson printers.

Please tell me the procedure to connect Epson Photo XP 960 with smartphone

Or how to install and run Epson Photo XP 960 on smartphone   

It is very easy to install and run Epson iPrint Mobile Application on your Phone. This Application connects your Printer with Smartphone and you are able to print documents directly from the latter.

It has separate versions available for Apple and Android phones. It enables you to print PDF, images, webpages and Microsoft Office files over wireless connection.

This App allows you to scan a documents and then send it via email or just upload it to online services.

The Procedure to connect Epson Photo XP 960 with smartphone is as follows:

  1. First of all start your computer and connect it with printer.
  2. Now check is your smartphone compatible enough to run the Application
  3. If it meets the requirement then download Epson iPrint mobile App from Apple store for Apple phone and Google store for Android phones.
  4. Now connect your smartphone with the same wireless network as of your Printer.
  5. Now print from phone to printer.

 For the Android users:

  1. Click on the file to print or scan it as per your need
  2. Go to the Menu of your Mobile phone and look for Print option
  3. Click on it and choose Epson xp-960 from the list of printers
  4. You can modify the paper size and number of copies.
  5. Click on Print to start Print job  from mobile to Printer

For the Apple users:

  1. Open file you need to print.
  2. Tap Share button on mobile screen
  3. Swipe screen and then Tap  Print icon
  4. Now choose Epson xp-960  from  given options
  5. Use signs + and – to  decrease or increase the  number of copies
  6. At the end, click on print and your job is done.


How to scan from Control Panel of Epson xp-960 Printer?

If the storage location is the external memory card of the Cellphone, you can scan documents directly to SD card or to computer from Control Panel. The Procedure is as follows:

  1. Load documents on scanner glass. For two sided document, load paper in ADF.
  2. If required, click Home and then click on Scan
  3. Select a scan option as per your need
  4.   Click on Presets to save settings
  5.  For computer, change format and then select-sided setting if required.
  6. In case you need to scan  to memory device, click settings to explore additional options

How to use Epson Scan to scan documents?

The procedure to scan documents by making use of Epson Scan is as follows:

For 8.x Operating System

  1. Visit Application screen and then select your EPSON Scan. It is present  under Tab

For Windows 7/Vista

  1. Click on start
  2. Select All Programs/Programs
  3. Epson>> Epson scan

 For OS. X  

  1. Tap scan icon on scan Window
  2. In the next moment, you see File Save Settings window
  3. Now choose destination folder to save scanned images
  4. Click Edit to rename  scanned images or choose a name from available options
  5. Select a format for your image. Click on Options  button  to explore additional settings
  6. Tap OK option and choose one of the given options.
  7. Save File: To scan single page.
  8. Add Page:  to scan more pages
  9. Edit page: to delete or just to reorder scanned pages
  10. Click OK to finish process


What should I do to download drivers for my Epson xp-960 printer from Official Website?

Without drivers, it is not possible to run setup of Epson xp-960 printer on computer.  The Software and Driver CD comes with the Printer. You just need to load the disc on PC to download its setup.

If the CD is not available to you due to some reason, then you will require to visit to get Software and Drivers.

The Procedure to download drivers for your Epson xp-960 printer from Official Website is as follows:

  1. Search your Product name under Tab and click Search
  2.  Click Operating system in new page
  3. You have choice to download utilities and drivers separately or in Combo. You  have both options available
  4. In case you need to download Firmware, Admin Tools, Drivers and Utilities one by one, click Tabs Apt for them.

My Printer has stopped scanning documents. How to correct this Problem?

Why your printer has stopped Scanning documents. It can have more than one reasons. Some of them are as given below:  

  • It may be an issue with your Software. Check is your Software compatible with PC. If not, then load the software on some compatible device
  • Free the memory on your computer. Sometimes due to less storage space, the printer is not able to function properly.
  • It is also possible that your device is running in Power saving mode like standby and sleep and hence unable to Scan documents.  So change the mode and then start scanning again
  • At the time of Upgrading, try to reinstall the setup.
  • These methods should resolve your Problem. If not, then write to us, our experts will what you can do then.