Epson Expression Premium XP-630- Introduction

Epson Expression Premium XP-630

Epson 630 is an all-in-one printer which offers very excellent photo quality. It makes printing easy, fast and very convenient even for the inexperienced people.


  1. It has the ability to print 4″ x 6″ photos in less than 20 seconds and thus saves a lot of your time.
  2. When you use Epson 360, you don’t need to set it manually for two sided Printing, because auto two sided printing is already enabled on it.
  3. It becomes easy to print from iPhone®, iPad® and smartphone etc., both without and with a router.
  4. The Printer has a flexible set of trays for giving print to DVD’s and photos.
  5. It prints border less, vivid images resolution up to 8″ x 10″.
  6. Some more features include 7″ LCD screen, in built USB and a slot for card for computer free printing.
  7. Now a day, almost every inter user is connected to people via social media. Our friends share colorful images and illustration on Facebook and other social media sites. With its Creative Print App, you can give print to them and save them in your Album.
  8. Since it is a multi-functional Printer, you can scan, copy and Print documents with it.
  9. The best part is Printer is ultra slim but the performance is ultra-Powerful.


How to setup Epson 630?

Once you will start installing the setup, the instructions will be provided to you on the screen. Choose a connection and follow the instructions to setup your Epson 360 on Wired and wireless Network. The instructions are as given below.

  • First of all we recommend you to connect your Printer with Router with the help of USB Cable
  • Once you will connect Router with Printer and the network is established, then you can remove the cable safely.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 users don’t require a  USB cable, they  just need to make use of buttons  on Printer to choose  Wireless connection
  • Turn your product on.
  • Then insert software CD.
  • Windows Vista and 7 users should click Run exe in the auto play window
  • On the other hand MAC users  should double click Epson icon
  • Click ‘Home’ on Printer, if required, then tap on Wireless
  • Tap Home, if needed, it will take you to  home screen
  • Then choose a Wireless connection and enter Password and name in the relevant fields.
  • Click on Return and then Proceed
  • Confirm Network settings and then Press OK to save settings.
  • Click Home and check has your Wi-Fi icon bright or not. If it has become bright, then congrats, your connection has become successful.


Some FAQ’S related to Epson Expression Premium XP-630

These are some of the FAQ’s send by you to us. Our experts have made all efforts to come up with apt answers to your questions. For further info, you can visit our site.

If you have any other question related to Epson Expression Premium XP-630, you can write to use and our experts will answer your questions in quickest possible time.


My Printer is not able to recognize refillable cartridges. What should I do?

To get rid of this problem, you do the following things

  1. Clean your Cartridge chip, clear all the debris and smear in it.
  2. Also clean the contact Pin of your Printer and makes it debris  and smear free
  3. Ensure that your cartridge is placed properly in Printer
  4. Push Cartridge down till you hear noise of a click
  5. Once it fits properly, then wiggle  cartridge  back and forth
  6. If you feel cartridge is loose, then insert a folded paper to its back and then push it forward to tighten it.
  7. This should solve your Problem


Why is my Printer not able to recognize cartridge, is it a compatibility problem or some other issue.

No it is not a compatibility problem, it may have some other causes. Some of its possible causes may be:

  1. You may have inserted cartridge when the Printer was off. Your Printer can’t detect that you have inserted new cartridges. It actually confuses Printer.
  2. At times your Printer fails to erase error code, when it had a depleted OEM cartridge error. This also becomes the cause why your Printer is displaying “cartridge not recognized”.
  3. Don’t wait for OEM cartridges to get empty, install them early.
  4. Off your Printer for about one hour and then power it on.
  5. If the above instructions fail to resolve your issue, then remove cartridges and allow Printer to run. It will show no cartridge installed” error.  Just erase “ink cartridge empty” error.
  6. And then make use of on-screen prompt for changing cartridges.


How to solve paper jam issue in Epson 360

Paper Jam issue is very common with all types of Printers. It is not any new thing. You just need to follow the below given instructions to fix this problem.

  1. First look for and then  remove paper locked in loading tray
  2. Remove loose paper in loading tray
  3. Then click on Resume.
  4. If this clears your paper jam, then verify is your Printer carriage able to move freely. If it is not able to move then look for the remaining bits of paper. There may be some bits still stuck in your Printer.
  5. Also clear paper jam from the rear of your Printer