Epson Expression XP-830- Introduction

Epson XP-830

It is a light duty multifunctional printer which you can use at both at your office and home. The size of the Printer may be small in comparison to many other printers in the same price range but in its efficiency, none of them are able to stand in its competition.

The round shaped printed has photo and Office centric features. The connectivity choices are also decent. The speed and Print out quality are just marvelous. But its image scan and Print quality is considered better than its Text Printing.

Epson Expression xp-830- Features

Some of the features of Epson Expression xp-830 are as follows:

  1. It is considered the Apt Printer for small offices and for Home
  2. The print quality of documents and photos is just excellent.  It has an ability to load papers of all sizes and types.
  3. It possess a built-in Ethernet for wired printing and a mobile App Epson iPrint. This App helps in giving Print to Documents directly from phone or Tablet.
  4. The Epson Connect enables wireless printing from Tablets and smartphones.
  5. Apple Airprint is also possible on this Printer.
  6. Compatible with iPhone®  and Apple iPad®  printing
  7. Supports resolution  up to 5760 x 1440 dpi
  8. Consists 5 ink tanks which makes it an economical printer.
  9. You just need to replace an ink tank when it runs of color. It’s yellow, Magenta and photo black inks create sharp details in text and photos.
  10. The Paper handling capacity is just amazing
  11. It has a capacity of 30-sheet output and 100 in input.
  12. In addition it has a 4.3″ LCD screen and touch screens to edit, restore and preview photos.
  13. There is a built in duplex printing.


How to select Wireless Network settings directly from the Control Panel for Epson Expression xp-830.

The Procedure is as given below:

  1.  Choose any  Wireless Network option in control panel
  2. You can alter or select network  in control panel only
  3. Before setting up wireless network setting on computer, you should first ensure that the required drivers are installed on the computer. These drivers are present on the disk that comes with the CD. Or, you can download it from the Epson website.
  4. Tap on Wireless icon, then choose Wi- Fi and Wizard
  5. Enter or select the name of your network.
  6. Type your network Password and then tap return followed by Proceed.
  7. Confirm the settings and then click on OK to save them on your device.
  8. Tap ‘Home’. If it connects successfully, then the Wi- Fi icon on Printer display should illuminate.


Epson Expression xp-830 FAQ’S

These are some of the FAQ’s send by you to us. Our experts have tried to give best possible answers to your questions. If you have some more questions, you can write to us or just visit our website.

Most of my Printouts miss color or print black. What could be the reason?

  1. You just ensure color Printing has not been disabled on your Printer
  2. The Print head may have accumulated impurities and might need a wash.
  3. The Ink cartridges you are using might be low in the ink or may be old. In that case replace cartridges and turn off PhotoEnhance.


My Printer sounds like that it is printing documents, but papers in the output tray have no ink on them?

  1. It may be because your Nozzles might be clogged. Go to the utility section of the Printer, clear print heads and the check Nozzle. You should do this regularly to your Printer
  2. After performing above operation, now examine print dot pattern to check whether the problem has been solved or not. If there are gaps left, continue the above operation at least 4 times
  3. If the problem persists, then replace cartridge or turn Printer Off for one night to let dried ink to soften and then clean head again.


How to install ink cartridges first time?

  1. Lower output tray and then open top cover.
  2. Now connect power cable to the Printer.