Epson Expression xp-860 – Introduction

Epson XP-860


Expression xp-860 is one of the most suitable Printer for Office Purposes. Its flexible paper handling feature makes Pint job smooth. It uses Precision Core™ technology to Print documents and images. The quality is as good as a laser printer. The text appears sharper, image print is like that of a lab and it saves about 40% printing cost. In addition you can print documents from Tablets and Smartphones.

Expression xp-860 – Features

Some of its features are as follows

  • It is a wireless Printer. You can use it to Print documents directly from phone or Tablet as well
  • The Quality of the Printout is better than laser Printers
  • Moreover it a very smooth Printer. It is suitable for both Home as well as for Office use.
  • It is mostly use by students at schools
  • It saves Printing cost as well.


How to enable Wireless Network on Printer Expression xp-860?

It is a not a huge task to enable Wireless Network on Printer   . You just need to follow the instructions given on the screen. The instructions are as given below:

  • Choose Wireless Setting from Control Panel. The Wireless setting can be altered or select only in Control Panel
  • Install the Printer Setup from CD to go to its Official site to Download software
  • Its driver  installer will get you through the network
  • Click ‘Home’ on Printer, if required, then tap on Wireless
  • After performing the above operations, now choose network setup and setup Wizard from the given options. You can disable Wireless connection anytime when required and able Wired connection. The instructions to switch on from Wireless to Wired network will be given in the wizard. You just need to follow the procedure
  • To choose Wireless Network, either enter its name using keypad or just select a name of the network from available networks. In case you are interested in entering the name manually, then select  the option ‘Other Networks’ followed by ‘Network’ (SSID)
  • Now type your password in password box and then click on Return followed by Proceed.
  • Then Confirm Network settings and tap on OK to save them on Printer.
  • To modify settings (if required), click on Back
  • Now Print Network Setup report using the buttons on Printer.
  • Then click on Home to return to Home Screen.
  • The Wi-Fi icon will become bright if the connection is successful.
  • That is all you were required to do.


Epson Expression XP-860 – FAQ’S

These are some of your FAQ’s. You too can write to us on our community page and our experts will try to answer your queries. Further you can visit our website to know more about Epson xp-860 printer and other models of this Printer

I purchased the Epson xp-860 printer recently, but I am not aware how to scan documents with it in Control Panel. Please tell me the process in detail?

It is not just you, many other users have asked us the same question. They too are not aware about how to scan documents in Control panel using Epson xp-860 printer. Here is the answer to your question.

  • You can either scan directly  to memory device  or to computer via control Panel
  • Just load a photo or document on its scanner glass. For Two sided documents load them directly in ADF.
  • Then click on ‘ Home’>> Scan
  • Select a scan option as per your requirement
  • Just Press on  Preset to save settings and do one of the following things
  • For computer, choose device and then change format. Now choose 2-sided setting
  • For Memory device, click Settings, it will explore additional scanning options for you.


When I purchased Epson xp-860 printer, initially I was able to scan documents with it. Now it has suddenly stopped scanning. Why is it so and how I can enable scanning again on my Printer?

It is a very common problem with all kinds of Printers. It may either because of some issue in the hardware or the software may not be properly loaded on it.  Here are some of the possible solutions to get rid of this issue.

  • There may not be enough memory available on your computer to store scanned documents. So printer is not able to save scanned documents
  • Or your device may not meet the software requirements
  • Or it may happen your Printer is working in Power- saving mode and hence unable to scan documents. If it is so, then change the Power mode first and then start scanning as usual.
  • Further you can reinstall the software at the time of upgrading.
  • All the above solutions will help you in getting rid of this issue.
  • If you are still not able to scan documents, then write to us, our experts will answer your question.


How to use Epson Scan to scan documents?

The procedure to use Epson Scan to scan documents is as follows. The scan varies from Windows to Windows


For 8.x Windows

  1. Visit Application screen and then select EPSON Scan in it
  2. Now start scanning documents


For Windows 7/Vista

  1. Click on All Programs and select EPSON Software
  2. Then click on Epson Scan


For Window X

Click on the Scan icon or the Scan option on the Epson Scan window. The File Save Settings window appears.

  1. Just click scan in Epson scan Windows.
  2. It will open File Save Window on your computer
  3. Just choose a destination folder to store scanned images
  4. Click Edit to rename  scanned image or choose a name for it from the given options
  5. You can also change the format of the image, just  choose option in  Image Format Menu
  6. Click ‘Options’ to explore additional settings
  7. Then click on OK.
  8. It will open one more Window on your device. The Windows contains options to select Multi-TIFF or PDF.
  9. Now do one of the following things
  • Click Save file, when you have to scan just one page
  •  Click on Add page, if you have to scan many pages
  • Click on Edit page to  reorder or just to delete scanned pages
  • Click OK to conclude the operation.


How to make use of Google Cloud Print to scan documents from smartphones

Google Cloud Print is a Program which enables you to scan documents from Phones. It works for both Apple and Android phones. In addition you can Print from Chromebook and Chrome browser. The best part is you don’t require to load additional cables or drivers for it. The procedure to use Google Cloud Print to scan documents from smartphones is as follows:

  1. First of all ensure your PC and connected to one network
  2. In Case your Printer is already connected to a network, then do the following things
  3. Connect your device with the same network and then Print  Status sheet
  4. Look for the IP address of the Printer on the sheet
  5. Enter Address in search bar of browser and then select Google Cloud Print
  6. If the options does not shows on your screen, then turn of your device and then ON it after sometime. It should now display Google Cloud Print option.
  7. If the option is not showing on screen, then select Firmware Update.  Now follow the instructions to update printer.
  8. Now click on Register>> Agree>> Next
  9. Click on OK to open sign-in page and enter details followed by click on sign in. For those users who don’t have account can signup for the account using given instructions.
  10. Then click Finish printer registration to conclude the process.
  11. This is all you need to do. Now you can print a test page.



How to load drivers on Epson xp-860 printer?

You can load drivers on Epson xp-860 printer directly from the CD or download from Epson Website. The CD is present in the Printer package. If the CD is not available to you due to some reason, at that time, you can choose to download drivers for your printer directly from the Epson Website. The procedure is as follows:

  • Just browse your product under the tab. You will come across a list of scanners
  • Click on your Printer series and then look for your product under name
  • Select the product.  Now download drivers for it.
  • Specify the OS you are using  and download drivers


How to use Epson iPrint Mobile App to scan documents?

Epson iPrint App can be used on both Apple phones as well as on Android. It enables you to print and scan documents directly from smartphone.

You will be able to scan MS Office and PDF documents, images and web pages over wireless network. You can then email and upload scanned things on various online services.

  1. Start computer and download Epson xp-860 printer for your Apple or Android phone. But first of all check the compatibility of the App with your device
  2. Connect your Mobile phone with the same wireless network as of Printer
  3. Print from phone to Epson xp-860.


How to use iPrint App on Android devices?


For Android phone

  1. Select a device and go to Menu
  2. Tap on the Print option
  3. Then select your Printer from available options.
  4. Change paper size and number of the copies
  5. Tap print to give print to the files
  6. That is all you need to do.


For Apple phone

  1. Open file and touch share button on Apple phone
  2. Swipe screen to  tap Print icon
  3.  Choose Epson xp-860
  4. Use (-) sign and plus (+) to decrease or increase number of copies
  5. Then click Print