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EPSON Home XP 320 Printer FAQs

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How can I register my EPSON XP 320 printer in Epson Connect?

First: Power ON your Epson XP 320 Printer.
Second: Now just find out the Printer driver disk of your Epson XP 320 printer then install Epson   connect printer setup from this disk. After installation run the application.
Third: Further, the app starts detecting your printer. After it detects your printer it displays it on screen.  Next choose and click on your printer then further click Next/Continue.
Fourth: Now after selecting your printer, click on Printer Registration.
Fifth: Further, click Next/Continue to go to License Agreement page.
Sixth: Now just click on Agree option in the License Agreement to accept the license terms. Further, click the Next button.
Seventh: Fill details in the page then finally Click Finish. Now your printer has registered in Epson Connect.

How to resolve “Printer Is Offline” issue when trying to print with USB connection to my Mac?

This issue may arise due to some problem in your printer or computer system. You can resolve this issue easily. To resolve this issue just follow the instructions below:

Before we begin, please check whether the printer is capable of printing without using your computer system. For this you can try to print a nozzle check pattern using your printer’s control panel.

  • Now head to next step If you are able to print with it.
  • In case the test failed then see the LCD display of your printer to find out any error messages. So, first Clear any error if it appears after that again try to print a nozzle check pattern. If the issue persists then take help from Epson support.

Further, there might be problem due to any pending print jobs. Hence, you should delete such pending task from the print’s queue. After this try printing again.

  • Now if you are able to print now, then you needn’t to go further, so just leave the remaining steps.
  • In case you are still unable to just move ahead to next step.

Now just delete print queue then refresh it. For this just click on  icon in your Mac to open menu. Now choose System Preferences, further click on Print and Fax /Print and Scan/Printers and Scanners.

Next choose your printer, after this click on  button. Further, click on  button, then choose your printer.

Now click on Add finally close Print & Fax or Print & Scan window and try the printing again.

  • Now if you are able to print at this step then skip further steps.
  • If the problem still arises then follow the next step.

First of all, just power off your printer then ensure that the USB cable is properly connected. Now just power on your printer then try the printing again.

Further, to ensure the proper connection please make sure of the following things: Ensure that the USB cable is a properly shielded.

The cable is not more than 6.5 feet (2 meters).

Try connecting the capable to other USB ports on your Mac PC.

Or if necessary change the cable and try the printing again.

Note: In case you are using a switchbox or hub, then please connect the printer directly to your PC.

If you are able to print now it’s OK or if the problem persists then contact Epson Support for immediate help.

EPSON XP 320 Printer is a unified inkjet printer which fulfils your daily printing purpose aptly. It’s easy and convenient to setup this printer in minutes then start printing instantly. It has a capability to reproduce rich color image and high quality scanning because of its CIS (Contact image sensor) technology. If you are seeking for EPSON XP 320 technical support related FAQs, please visit here.

It’s an aptly designed printer that gives you ease and provides maximum efficiency in its work. Further, it supports a varied range of papers and paper formats such as Double-sided presentation paper matte, Presentation paper matte, Glossy paper, B5, A4, A6, A5, paper sizes also envelopes.

So, due to its fabulous paper handling capacity (up to 100 pages) also the marvelous range of supported papers the Epson XP 320 Printer is a good choice for your daily printing needs.

Additionally, due to its multifunctionality it gives you a delightful printing experience as with this printer you can print, scan or copy documents. Further, it has a normal speed of 9 papers per minute and it comes with an inbuilt feature to Facebook.

Features of EPSON XP 320 Printer

  • Outstanding performance with sleek and stunning design.
  • Further, this enable you Epson mobile solution for easy printing from anywhere.
  • Furthermore, with the help of this printer you can print documents via Wireless or from cloud.
  • Gives printing with high resolution scanning and printing
  • Enable you to scan directly to Facebook
  • Images with high quality and crispy text with amazing contrast
  • Super-fast printing and easy to operate.

EPSON Home XP 320 Printer FAQs

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How to clean the Print Head of my printer using printer’s Control Panel?

You can use the control panel of your Epson XP 320 Printer for cleaning the print head. For this you have to follow some easy steps. So, here below are the steps for doing this very easily:

  1. First of all, before you begin to do anything please ensure that any of your printer’s lights aren’t indicating any errors.
  2. Now just take some fresh and plain paper sheets then load them in your printer.
  3. When you are done, next please press (home) button of your printer.
  4. Now further, press locate and press the arrow buttons for choosing the Setup option.
  5. Furthermore, press OK.
  6. Now once press the arrow buttons and then choose Maintenance.
  7. Further, press OK.
  8. Now you see a new screen from that press on the arrow buttons and further, choose Head Cleaning option. Press it.
  9. Finally, press on the OK button.
  10. During the process of cleaning you find that the  light flashes and remains On, after finishing the cleaning process.

Please Remember: You mustn’t Switch off your printer during the cleaning process as doing this can damage it.

  1. Now just choose the Nozzle Check option then press on OK button.
  2. Now a nozzle check will run, you can confirm that the nozzle is cleaned.

In case you don’t find any improvement despite 4 attempts, in cleaning the print head then just turn off your printer further, wait for 6 hours. Now, try again to clean the print head. If quality issue persists then it might be because of ink cartridges.

How to clear dark lines or banding appear on every printout through my Epson XP 320 Printer?

In case when you print then you find dark or white line in your printouts, then you can try the below solutions:

  • This issue is also known as banding and you can resolve this issue by just following some simple steps. First, try to resolve this issue by checking the print head nozzles. For this run a nozzle head test and find it the nozzle heads are clogged. If so clean it.
  • For cleaning the nozzle head please ensure that all the settings for the paper is in accord with paper type you load in the printer.
  • Additionally, ensure that you loaded it correctly and from printable side.
  • Further, you should Turn off any quick speed settings in your printer software.
  • Align and adjust the print head of your printer.
  • For any further problem still appear just try to replace your ink cartridges.

EPSON Home XP 320 Printer FAQs

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Why my Epson XP 320 Printer printing blank pages?

Before you begin to resolve this issue please try the following things:

  • Please ensure to select the correct settings for paper size and other document related settings. Check it in your printer software and program.
  • Launch a print head nozzle to detect any clogged nozzles, if any. If so, then clean the print head, accordingly.
  • If you find blank page printing in your document you are printing so, just skip the blank printing by using the following steps:

For Windows Users:

Follow the steps according to your windows environment:

  • For Windows 8/8.1: Go to the Apps
  • Now open Control Panel>> Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers.
  • When you are in Devices and Printers window then choose and Right-click your printer.
  • When you right-click it, a menu will appear choose Printing Preferences and set your preferences.
  • For Windows 7: Click the start button then open control panel
  • Now from control panel choose Hardware and sound
  • Then Devices and Printers
  • Finally find and right-click on your printer then choose Printing Preferences.
  • For Windows Vista: Just click start then choose Control Panel
  • Click on Printerfound under Hardware and Sound
  • Further, right-click your printer and finally choose Printing Preferences.
  • For Windows XP: Click on the start button
  • Now choose Control Panelfrom the start options
  • Further, click on Printers and Hardware
  • Now choose Printers and Faxes.
  • At last right-click your printer icon then choose Printing Preferences.

When you are done with the above steps then follow the below steps further:

First, click on the Maintenance tab, further, find and click on the Extended Settings button.

Second, from the area of Settings just choose the Skip Blank Page setting.

For saving your settings just click OK.

For Mac OS X Users:

  1. Click on the apple logo to open the menu.
  2. Now from that menu choose “System Preferences”.
  3. Further, click on Print & Scan/Print & Fax/Printers & Scanners the choose “Options & Supplies”.
  4. Furthermore, click Driveror Options.
  5. Now a new screen appears from that screen choose On option for the Set Skip Blank Page menu option.
  6. Finally, click on OK.