EPSON L220 Printer FAQs | Technical Help & Support


EPSON-L220 Printer Description

You can find a solution regarding any issue with your Epson L220 Printer. Further, read all FAQs to find what you are looking for. Anyways, for any further, assistance or any other queries please visit us at.

Epson L220 Printer is a unified inkjet printer with advance technology. Also, it’s a worthful choice for daily printing use. Further, the apt design of this printer makes your printing easy and quick. Furthermore, it takes very little time and skills to setup and use this printer. So, it’s easy to use and convenient printing equipment. With its Contact image sensor (CIS) you get high quality scanning.

This printer is designed very aptly and to provide you ease of printing job and high efficiency. Also, it has a wide range of supported papers for printing which include Double-sided or single presentation paper matte, Glossy paper, and papers of popular sizes like A4, B5, A5, A6, also envelopes.
Further, it has an amazing paper handling capacity of maximum 100 pages. So, this Epson L220 Printer, is capable to fulfil all your daily printing needs very easily.

With its multifunction ability, you can do many jobs at one time whether scanning, printing or copying the documents. All it provides at a speed of 9ppm also it provides you a built-in feature for scanning documents to Facebook.

EPSON L220 – Features

  • This All-in-one printer provides you efficiency and high performance
  • Ease your printing job with its Epson mobile solution
  • You can print your documents from internet with cloud printing also wirelessly with its Wireless mode.
  • Print documents with stunning quality and provides high resolution scanning of documents.
  • Directly scan documents on Facebook with its scan to Facebook feature.
  • Superfine image quality and lucid texts
  • User friendly design and fast printing
  • Procedure to register your EPSON L220 printer in Epson Connect

First: Turn your Epson L220 Printer ON.
Second: Further, Install Epson connect application on your computer system for this use the setup of the app that you can find in Printer driver installation disk. After that run the application.
Third: Now when the app runs it starts scanning your printer and automatically detects your printer. After this you can see your printer in the list of detected printers. Just click on your printer option then further click the Continue/Next option/button.
Fourth: Further, choose Printer Registration
Fifth: Now on that page find and click on Continue/Next which opens the License Agreement page.
Sixth: Further, on the License Agreement page, Accept the license by just clicking on Agree option.
Seventh: At last when you see a form asking for your details then provide the details in there. Now click Finish.


How to get rid of red light blinking error in my Epson L220?

Epson L220 Printer come with multifunctional capability that makes it perform various tasks easily. Further, it also has a warning feature to inform the user about low level of ink cartridges. Hence, this in-built feature of the printer help users to identify whether they need to replace the ink tank with a new one. Well, this feature runs on a mechanism that counts the number of printed pages. Thus, count is taken as reference for the ink level of the printer. Further, this printer has a program that observes a printing capacity of 4000 pages.

So, it means if the count exceeds 3800 or 4000 then it refers this as low level of ink tank and instantly warns the user. Therefore, it shows the warning with constant red light blinking also stops working.

For the users, there is nothing to worry as it just a warning feature of the printer. So, you can resolve this error very easily. Just replace the ink tank with a new one to clear the error.


How to resolve the cartridge recognition issue in my Epson L220 Printer?

Epson printers are well-designed and integrated with IC chips. So, this makes the Epson printers to prohibit using third party or non-genuine ink cartridges. So, the printers don’t recognize those parts.

Whenever you such ink systems or cartridges, your printer gives you an error. So, it shows an error with statement unrecognized “ink system” or “cartridge”.

You can clear this issue. Just power off the printer and then power on again. If you still see the error, then try to replace any third-party part with new original Epson one.