Epson Pro WF 4640 Install & Setup


EPSON WF 4640 Printer Description

Here on this page we have provided you some top FAQs regarding your EPSON WF 4640 Printer. So, here you can read the FAQs to resolve any issue you are facing with your Epson printer. If you are seeking for more information and want to have further FAQs please visit. Before you read any FAQs, you should know about your Epson WF 4640 Printer.

Epson WF 4640 Printer is a unified inkjet printer, very useful for routine printing jobs. There is nothing hard to setup and operate this printer. So, you can setup your Epson WF 4640 in an instant and then start printing with it in the second instant. Further, with its CIS technology it provides high quality scanning.

Moreover, this printer gives you high quality and efficient performance. Further, this printer has an easy and simple design, so you can easily operate this printer.
Furthermore, you can print various types of papers including double and single sided presentation paper matte, A4, B5, A5, A6, size, Glossy papers, also envelopes.

Moreover, this printer has a striking paper handling volume of up to 100 pages. Also, it can handle many other paper sizes. So, this way Epson WF-4640 Printer is perfect for your routine printing jobs.

Additionally, with its multifunctionality you can do many jobs whether printing, scanning or copying the documents. Further, this printer can normally print 9ppm also you can directly print from Facebook.

EPSON-WF-4640 Features

  • This printer provides astonishing performance and good efficiency.
  • With its Epson mobile solution, you can print your documents from your smartphone or iPhone in an instant. Just connect your phone and start printing wirelessly with your smartphone.
  • Printing through Wireless means offers you printing without connecting with printer through wires such as USB cable. Further, with cloud printing you can print documents online on internet on your account.
  • It provides high quality printing and high resolution scanning. So, you can print high quality documents easily.
  • No need to access Facebook for printing documents. Because with its Facebook feature you can directly scan your documents to Facebook then print them easily.
  • Outstanding color contrast and stunning printing quality.
  • Fast to print documents and very easy to operate.

How to register and setup my EPSON WF 4640 printer in Epson Connect?

First: First you have to turn your Epson WF 4640 printer ON.
Second: Now just Install Epson connect setup on your PC. To this use the Printer driver installation disk. Further, run the app on your PC.
Third: After you install the app and run it, then it starts searching for your printer automatically. After that, it displays the printer when it finds. After that just choose and click your printer further, Click Continue/Next option.
Fourth: Now after completing the above steps further, choose the Printer Registration option.
Fifth: Next choose Continue/Next for heading to the License Agreement page.
Sixth: Further, accept the License Agreement by clicking on the Agree option on the license page then readily click Next.
Seventh: When the next page appears just provide your details in that page. After this click on Finish. Now you Epson Printer is registered to Epson connect.

Looking for a solution to a problem you are facing with your Epson WF Pro 4640 Printer? Then, you can find Top FAQs here on this page. So, just read the FAQs to find solution. If you can’t find the correct solution or want to get more information, then please visit here.

How to use Epson Scan with my Mac system?

Well, you should know that Epson printers are designed with world class features and Epson WF Pro 4640 Printer is a unified inkjet printer. Also, it’s very useful for daily printing. It’s very easy to setup this printer in minutes. It offers high quality scanning and rich color printing. You can set up printer on windows and MAC systems. So, you can use Epson Scan on your Mac. You can do this by following the below steps:

  • First before you start you need to install the software on your Mac. So, for installing you have to visit Epson’s official site. From there you have to choose Downloads tab for your Epson WF 4640 printer. Read further to know do this.
  • Now open your web browser and go to Now when the web page opens you can see a search box just type in Epson WF Pro 4640 and click search or hit enter. Choose and click your model.
  • Now you can see a new page open up click on Downloads tab here.
  • After this click on Drivers, then click on “Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility” link.
  • Finally, click on Download button then follow the instructions on screen to complete the download. Read instructions for installing it and then install it on your PC. Now run it and use it on your MAC.

How to replace the maintenance box?

You can replace the Maintenance Box. It’ s easy to replace but when doing this you should take some cautions. So, before you start doing anything please make note of the following things:

  1. Please remember, you must not use a maintenance box again which has been removed earlier. Also, it left uninstalled more than a week. Don’t bring the maintenance box in contact of sunlight directly.
  2. Please don’t touch the green chip you find on the new maintenance box.
  • Now bring a new maintenance box to start.
  • Please Turn off the printer and unplug it.
  • Carefully take out the new maintenance box from its packaged carton. Also, remember caution 2, above.
  • Now please turn the printer to the rear then press the buttons on the sides and remove the cover.
  • Grip the maintenance box and gently pull the cover out.
  • Keep the used maintenance box in a plastic bag. Seal the bag carefully and then dispose of.
  • Now your new maintenance box into the printer and push it gently to place it properly.
  • Finally, press buttons on rear cover and reattach it.

Warning: In any case, the ink gets on your skin please wash your completely with soap or hand wash and then rinse with water. Also, if unfortunately, it goes to your eyes, please wash your eyes instantly and then look for a doctor consult. If it goes to your mouth, spit it immediately and consult a doctor.  right away. Keep out of reach of children.