Epson WF 2650 Install & Setup


EPSON-WF-2650- An introduction

Epson WorkForce WF-2650 is an All- in- one Multifunctional Wireless Printer. It provides you services like Scanning, Printing, Copying and Faxing documents. You just have connect your smartphone device with Printer.

EPSON-WF-2650- Features

Some of the features of EPSON-WF-2650 are as follows:

  1. It offers you high speed Fax and borderless printing faculties.
  2. And, supports sheets like A5, A4, B5, envelopes, letters and custom size paper.
  3. The Printer has both scan to cloud and Scan to Computer features. It makes wireless Printing easy
  4. It has an optical scan with resolution 2400 x 1200. This resolution can be said phenomenal in this Price
  5. Moreover, its scan quality is absolutely perfect
  6. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi service for Printing on Go. You can print documents with the help of Google Cloud Print, Epson Mobile Printing and AirPrint. It improves both the productivity and quality of Printers.
  7. Further, it can Fax, scan, copy and Print documents. Thus it is a 4-in-one multifunctional Printer.
  8. It starts Epson printer within no time and Configure iPrint and Remote Print on phone. Send, share and Print files from anywhere most conveniently.
  9. There is Epson Connect and High capacity paper trays

How to install and Register EPSON-WF-2650 printer in your Epson connect?

The Procedure is as given below:

  • First of all Turn your Epson printer on
  • Then install the Epson connect setup from installation disk
  • Then launch the APP
  • Your Application will search  for Printer
  • And, Choose Printer and then click on OK
  • Now click on Next/ Continue
  • Once you will select your Printer, then select Printer Registration.
  • Then, click on Continue or Next
  • It will take you to License agreement page. Then click on it.
  • Click Next to take Print out and Furnish details to register Epson Printer to your Epson Connect.

How do I register my EPSON WF 2650 printer on Epson Connect?

First: First of all, just Turn on your Epson WF 2650 printer.
Second: Now you have to install the Epson connect printer setup. Just use the Printer drivers’ installation disk to install it. After this, launch this application.
Third: After installation, the application will automatically find and display your printer. Now click on your printer then further click Continue/Next.
Fourth: Next go to Printer Registration.
Fifth: Then choose Continue/Next to open the License Agreement page.
Sixth: Next click on Agree/Accept option on the License Agreement page and then choose Next.
Seventh: Supply all your details in the page then click on Finish. Now, your printer registered with Epson connect.

How to fix red light blinking alert error in my Epson WF 2650 printer?

Epson WF 2650 printer is equipped with a warning system which alerts you about the low level of printer’s ink tank. It’s a built-in ink level warning feature of the printer which displays you warning when the level of ink falls low. Further, this system refers the number of pages printed for calculating the level of the ink. Manufacturer programmed it for observing ink tank that is capable to print 4000 pages.

In case of further assistance Go on this link.

So, if the sum total, of the printed pages reaches a level higher from 3800 or 4000 the program of the printer readily throws an alert. So, the program takes it as a low level of ink tank. Instantly It warns you with the red light which constantly blinks, also the printer stops functioning.

However, it’s just an alert from the printer which you can fix easily. Just remove the ink tank from the printer if the red light blinks.

What can I do to Fix cartridge recognition issue in my Epson printer?

Since, Epson printers are integrated with IC chips, so it prohibits the use of non-genuine or third party ink tanks or cartridges. It doesn’t recognize those parts.

So, when using these cartridges or ink systems, you may get an error message stating “ink system” or “cartridge” not recognized. Further, eventually it stops functioning.

You can avoid overcome this error by just allowing a printer restart. Hence, Turn OFF the printer after that Turn it ON again. This way the error message should disappear.

However, if you find that the error still remains, then you should put genuine Epson parts in your printer. So, this will help printer work perfect.