Epson WF 2660 Install & Setup


EPSON-WF-2660- an Introduction

Epson – WF-2660 is an Inkjet Printer used mostly by students and small businessmen. The Printer starts in just a few minutes and then you start taking Printouts. It has a Contact Image sensor which ensures quality scanning enriched with colors.

Epson – WF-2660 – Features

Some of the features of Epson – WF-2660 are as follows:

  1. This Printer has been designed in a way that eases your Work Load and the maximum efficiency
  2. The Printer supports double sided and single sided presentation Paper Matte, Paper sizes and envelopes B5, A4, A6, and A4 and Glossy Paper.
  3. It handles paper with very high efficiency. It has a capacity of handling maximum 100 pages. It handles paper of different sizes.  So we can say it is a must have for all students and businesspersons.
  4. It is a three in one printer. It copies, scans and Prints documents.
  5. Average Print speed is 9ppm.  Moreover it has an inbuilt scan for Facebook.
  6. The design is sleek and performance is Extreme
  7. Other features include Epson Mobile solution,  Cloud and Wireless Printing
  8. The  resolution of Printing and scanning is high
  9. You can scan direct to Facebook
  10. The Images are crisp and sharp.
  11. Print out speed is ultra-fast and it is a user friendly Printer.

How to install and register Epson Printer?

  1. Turn it on, and install connect Epson connect from CD
  2. Launch Application after installation
  3. The App  searches for Printer and then displays it
  4.   Now choose Printer and then click  on Next
  5. Select Printer and then click Printer Registration
  6. Click on License Agreement page.
  7. Click on Next to take Print out.
  8. Enter details and click  on Finish
  9. It should register your Epson Printer.

What is the process for setting up and registering EPSON WF 2660 printer on Epson Connect?

First Step: Start your Epson WF 2660 Printer.
Second Step: Next install the printer setup of Epson connect. You can install it from the Printer driver installation disk and after finishing the installation just launch this application.
Third Step: When it successfully installed it automatically detects your printer and shows you. Further, just choose and click Continue/Next to go further.
Fourth Step: Now just choose Printer Registration.
Fifth Step: Further, click Continue/Next which leads you to License Agreement page.
Sixth Step: Now when the License Agreement opens up just click Agree option to accept the license.
Seventh Step: Then next provide your details in the page and finally click on Finish.

How to fix red light blinking in my Epson WF 2660?

The Epson printer model WF 2660 has an in-built feature of detecting low ink level.  This is due to its ink level warning system which gives you an alert on low level of your ink tank or cartridge. So, it readily alerts you when the level on ink tank goes down or low. Further, this feature works because of a program. Furthermore, this program counts the number of printed pages to estimate the level of ink tank.  Though, the program is set to observe an ink tank with capacity to print 4000 pages.

Thus, at the time when the count set by the program level goes up from 3800 or 4000 pages, the printer’s program concludes low ink level. So, it warns you with continuous blinking red lights. Additionally, the printer also halts working.

When you notice, the red light blinking in your printer so don’t worry as it’s only a warning system of your Epson printer. So, you can clear this error without any problem. For this just remove the ink tank.

Apart from this little piece of info which resolves a few problems of the users, there is a dedicated resource to get all your problems solved. Just click on the given link.

How to fix “Cannot recognize the ink cartridge” error?

There is possibility that your printer showing “cannot recognize the ink cartridge” alert due to a non-genuine cartridge. Epson printers has IC chips that prevent the use of third party ink cartridges and it doesn’t identify those parts.

That’s why when you seat such cartridges or ink systems readily your Epson printer displays an alert saying the ink cartridge not recognized.

This error you can fix by just restarting your Epson printer. So, Turn off the printer and after that Turn it on.

If message still appear then change parts with genuine Epson parts.