EPSON WF 2760 Printer – Introduction


EPSON Workforce WF 2760 Printer

We presented some top FAQs regarding EPSON WF 2760 Printer. Find solutions to most of the questions people ask that mostly arise in their printer. In case you need more help or not finding what you want then you can visit.

The Epson WF 2760 Printer is integrated with innovative technology and amazing features. So, this all-in-one, ready to use printer offers remarkable performance and superior productivity.

The Workforce WF 2760 is portable and easy to use printer from Epson. Also, it has flexible paper handling capacity hence very efficient for small offices. With the Epson’s new Precision Core technology, it is capable to deliver performance beyond Laser printers. Hence, this advanced multifunctional printer provides you fast, superfine quality color prints with sharp texts in cost effective manner. Further, this printer is capable to reduce your printing cost up to forty percent. Furthermore, this wireless printer also help you to print documents wirelessly using your Smartphone and tablets.


How to select the Wireless Network Settings using printer’s Control Panel?

With Epson WF 2760, you can easily adjust the settings for wireless network from its control panel.

Before installing the Epson WF 2760 Printer on the wireless network please make sure to install all the necessary driver software for this. For this you can use the driver CD or download the driver from the official site of Epson. Further, after that just follow the below steps:

  1. Find the home button on your Epson WF 2760 printer and press it if necessary.
  2. Further, if you can see the wireless icon then press it.
  3. Now further from the list of options, choose the Wi-Fi Setup then next select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.

Note: In case you want to turn off wireless setting and turn on the wired or Ethernet setting then click on Disable Wi-Fi in the options list. After this follow all further instructions about changing the network connection settings.

  1. Further, you can now choose your network from the list of options or if necessary then set it manually. To select your network from the list of available networks just click on your network option.

Note: If you opt for entering your network name manually then go to Other Networks option and from there choose Network (SSID) option. Further, using the keypad of the printer now provide the name of your wireless network.

  1. Furthermore, when you find password prompt appear asking for password then provide the password for your wireless network. Also, use the printer’s keypad to enter the password.
  2. Now after providing the password for your wireless network just press return button and click Proceed.
  3. Further, confirm your choice of altering the wireless network settings and click OK.

Note: On this step if anyhow you want your settings to change again then press the back button and do the changes accordingly.

  1. Now print the setup report for your wireless network setup report by pressing the buttons.
  2. After successfully completing all the steps press Home button for exiting the menu. After performing the task if it is successful then you will see the Wi-Fi icon illuminate which is located on upper-right corner of display screen of the printer.


How to setup my Epson WF 2760 Printer for my smartphone?

Epson iPrint Mobile phone application

Using the iPrint mobile application you can print your documents from your smartphone. So, use your smartphone whether Android or Apple device to print your documents wirelessly. Further, you can use this application on your Android and Apple devices very easily. So, print documents such as Office documents, PDF files, images, Excel documents etc. from mobile. Further, with the iPrint app, you can scan files, send via email, and upload on popular online services including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Below are steps to download and install this app on your device:

  1. Turn your computer and printer On and visit domain to check if your device is compatible with iPrint app.
  2. After compatibility check, just open Google Play in Android device or Apple App Store in Apple device. Now, search and download the Epson iPrint app on your device.
  3. Make sure that your printer and phone are connected to the same wireless network.
  4. Now your mobile device is ready for printing to your printer. Below are steps to print a document in Android and Apple device:


Android users:

  1. Find and open the file that you aim to print or scan.
  2. Further, find the Menu option which you can see on right top corner of phone’s screen, after finding click it.
  3. When you find a list of options then choose Print option from there.
  4. After choosing the print option, now select your Epson WF 2760 Printer option.
  5. Set the number of copies and paper size as per requirement.
  6. Finally, tap on the Print button for printing the selected document.


Apple users:

  1. First, find and open your preferred file for printing.
  2. Find the Share button which you can find on left corner of phone’s screen and click it.
  3. Swipe screen and tap on Print icon.
  4. Choose your printer from printer’s list.
  5. Set the required number for copies to print with (+) and (-) sign.
  6. Now at last click Print button.


How to download the necessary drivers for my Epson WF 2760 Printer?

You can install all necessary printer drivers for your Epson WF 2760 Printer from the driver CD which come with this printer. However, you may require to download the updated driver software that may not available on CD. So, you can download the latest drivers for your Epson WF 2760 Printer from then click on Support tab choose printer from the options. Further, there are two methods for doing this try any of the following methods:


Method 1:

  1. You can search your printer by typing the name of your printer. Just enter the name Epson WF 2760 in the “Search By Product Name” tab and then click Search.
  2. When you see a new page click on your printer option from the options. Further, after this a new page will open click on “Downloads”. Now select your operating system on which you are operating.
  3. You can opt for downloading each and every driver separately or choose a combo package by clicking on “Recommended for you”.
  4. Now just click the appropriate tab for downloading any Drivers, Utilities, Firmware and Administrator tools.


Method 2:

  1. Under the “Search By Product Name”, you can find many category of printer with image. Just choose “All-in-ones” category.
  2. Now choose WorkForce series from the All-in-one category options. Then scroll up and down and find your Epson WF 2760 Printer option to select it.
  3. After selecting your model, you will see a new window just click on “Drivers” tab in this window.
  4. Choose the operating system for downloading the drivers.
  5. Now install the necessary drivers separately choosing each or just install a package by clicking on “Recommended for you”.