Epson WF 3620 Install & Setup


EPSON WF 3620 – Description

Epson WorkForce WF 3620 Printer is equipped with ultimate printing features, which is enough to provide you perfect quality printing. Further, Epson WF 3620 printer is a complete Inkjet printer that fits your printing requirement perfectly. Also, with this printer, you get tremendous printing quality and higher productivity. Further, it has many outstanding features like Epson Connect, intelligent Wi-Fi, iPrint, printing from Google cloud.

All documents you print though this printer has long durability as you get smudge free, water resistant printouts. Further, the printer is capable of printing documents with a speed of 19ppm. Moreover, you can use it for every need whether you use it at office or home.

The Epson WorkForce WF 3620 Printer is capable to print with varied papers and paper sizes including A4, A5, B5, Envelopes. Also, you can easily use Custom paper sizes.

Further, with this printer you can use USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports to get a quick and stable connection. As, it will ensure uninterrupted data transfer without losing any data.

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EPSON-WF-3620 – Features

  • With this printer, you get reliable and quality printing experience.
  • Since, it’s an easy to use printer so, you can easily navigation the controls.
  • With this printer, you can print your documents with Wireless connection.
  • You can print a good number of papers due to its huge paper handling capacity.
  • Automatic printing from two sides.
  • You can Scan, Print, or Fax a document also Copy documents.
  • Print documents via your mobile phone with Epson mobile connect

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How to create account and register my EPSON WF 3620 in Epson connect?

First Step: Before you start, just ON your Epson Printer.
Second Step: Now take the Printer driver installation disk and put it in CD drive to Install Epson connect printer setup from this disk. When you complete the installation just run the application instantly.
Third Step: After it set up properly and launch it should automatically detect your printer and displays it. Now you have to select and click your printer then click Continue/Next.
Fourth Step: Now just after choosing your printer, then choose Printer Registration.
Fifth Step: Further, find and click on Continue/Next to continue which display License Agreement page.
Sixth Step: After this click Agree option to accept the license terms on the License Agreement page. Further, click Next.
Seventh Step: put in your details in the page and finally Click Finish.

Now the procedure is complete your printer is registered to Epson connect.

How do I fix the red light blinking error in my Epson WF-3620?

Epson printers are designed with advance technology. So, they have many uber-cool features. Similarly, Epson WF-3620 has a warning system which warn users about low level of printer’s ink tank. It is a built-in feature which help users to identify when they need to seat a new ink tank.

Printer has a program that calculates the low level of ink on the basis of printed pages. So, the program observes ink tank of 4000 printing capacity.

Therefore, in any instance if the number of printed pages crosses a limit of 3800 or 4000 pages. Further, the program automatically, detects it as a low level of ink. Then, it warns users by displaying blinking the red light that blinks constantly. Also, it ceases to work.

It’s a warning system and is easy to sort out this error. Just remove the ink tank and seat a new one. The problem should clear now.

How can I fix the cartridge recognition issue in my Epson WF-3620 printer?

Epson printers are built with IC chips and this make it inaccessible for other non-genuine parts. Therefore, it restrains the use of any third-party ink system or cartridges. So, it shows a no recognition error for those parts.

When you use such ink cartridges or systems then it the printer will display you an error “ink system or cartridge is not recognized”. Instantly it fails working.

You can overcome this problem by just switching on your printer again. So, turn it off then turn on again. The error will clear.

If you still having this issue then try replacing non-genuine parts with the original Epson parts.