Epson WF 3640 Install & Setup


EPSON-WF-3640- An overview

It is an upgraded Multifunctional Epson Inkjet Printer that suits the needs of all. It has a 3.5 LCD screen. The Printer is able to handle B5, A5 and A4 very conveniently. In addition, it handles custom paper and envelopes of different sizes with utmost ease.

Here on this page we have covered some Top FAQs regarding Epson WF 3640 Printer. You can find your problem then get the solution here. Also, if you want further details or you are unable to find what you are looking for then you can Click on this link.

EPSON-WF-3640- Features

Some of the features of EPSON-WF-3640 are as follows:

  1. It provides Fade and smudge free water resistant print outs. The durability of EPSON-WF-3640 Print outs is higher than others.
  2. It supports Wireless and intelligent  Wi- Fi  Printing
  3. Moreover it includes Google Cloud Print, iPrint and Epson Connect.
  4. EPSON-WF-3640 supports optical scan  of resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi
  5. It is suitable for students and small scale industrial units
  6. It has been designed specially to take advantage of USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports for ensuring quick but steady connectivity.
  7. You can print 20,000 pages in one monthly cycle.

How to install and Activate EPSON-WF-3640 in the Epson connect?

  1. Turn  EPSON-WF-3640 on
  2. Install Epson Connect from disk
  3. Launch the App on your Phone just after installation
  4. And then select printer and click  Next
  5. Choose Printer and Click on Printer Registration
  6. Click continue to License Agreement page.
  7. Click on it
  8. Now click on Next and take Print out
  9. Enter  details including password
  10. Click on Finish. This should register your Printer.


What is Epson Connect?

Epson Connect gives you freedom to print any document from anywhere using your mobile phone. It’s a nice mobile service which enables you to scan and print your documents from anywhere. You can easily setup your Epson Connect account then register your Epson printer.  It provides you following services:

Remote Printing: You can use remote devices for printing any documents with your Epson printer.

Email Printing: In this feature, you can print your documents like photos, word files, etc. by just sending an email. Print from anywhere.

iPrint feature: It’s a mobile application for all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. So, now you can print documents with this simple app.

Scan to Cloud feature: With this feature, you can scan your documents to an online storage account.

How to create Epson connect account and register my EPSON WF 3640?

1st Step: Power ON your Epson WF 3640 Printer.
2nd Step: Now find Printer driver installation disk and open this disk in your PC. there you can find the Epson connect printer setup. Just Install the Epson connect using this setup. Now just launch the app after installation.
3rd Step: When the app launches, it starts searching for your printer, after identifying your printer it shows it. Now when it shows your printer you can select your printer further, Click Continue/Next.
4th Step: Now next just choose Printer Registration.
5th Step: Further, click Continue/Next.
6th Step: Now click on Agree on License Agreement page to accept the License Agreement and then click Next.
7th Step: At last give your details in next page then Click Finish.

How to use control panel buttons to scan documents?

With your printer’s control panel, you are able to scan any image to a memory device or your computer. The following are the steps for doing this:

  1. Before you start please make sure that you installed the printer driver software properly and connected it with your PC or network.
  2. Now just put your documents on printer. For scanning a double sided original you can put it in ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).
  3. You can find and press the home button, if it is required.
  4. Now choose Scan option. Then some options will appear:
  5. You will find the following Scan options:
    • Memory Device: This option stores the scanned file in memory card or any USB device. Then, you can choose a file format, quality, and any other settings for it.
    • Cloud: This option lets you send the scanned documents to a recipient on Epson Connect.
    • Computer: This allows you to store files on windows PC also as image capture in MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9.
    • Computer (WSD): WSD (web services for Devices) option helps you manage network scanning of documents in Windows 8, 7, or Vista (English). Before you begin please set up WSD on your PC.
  6. You can press the Presetbutton to save the scan settings.

Please Note: Administrator may lock the Presets. So, to work with it you may require to contact your administrator.

  1. Perform one of the tasks:
    • When scanning to a computer, please choose your target computer, after this choose format also when required choose 2-sided settings.
    • When scanning to a memory device, please choose Settingswhich shows additional scanning options.