EPSON-WF-4630- Install & Setup

Epson WF 4630

EPSON-WF-4630- An Introduction

Epson WF Pro WF-4630 is one of the latest models of Epson Printer with a very elegant design. Its prominent features include flatbed scanner equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with Capacity equal to 25 paper which is rarely seen in other Printers of the same Price. In addition. Further, if you want to know more, you can visit our website and learn more about Printer issues.

You will hardly find any features missing on it. Its list of features includes Fax, scan, Print and Copy. So it is a multitasking printer. The Glossy finish on it makes it smudge and Fingerprint resistant.

Despite having so many features, but it is still considered an entry level product.  It has 3.5 inch LCD display with a very good response to touch as you may have expected.

The Quality of Printouts is good. It weighs 10 kg, so it is not hectic to shift it from one location to another.

The Maximum print resolution   is 1200 x 1200 dpi for black and white and 4800 x 1200 for Color.

Important Features

 Some of its important features are as follows:

  • It is a multitasking Printer. You can Print, copy, scan and fax documents
  •   And, You can print and scan your documents directly from your phone using its Epson mobile connect
  •  The Size of the LCD is 3.5 inches
  •  Mobile Printing and Wireless also possible.
  • The Paper trays are large


How to install and Register EPSON-WF-4630 printer

 The procedure to register and install EPSON-WF-4630 printer is as follows:

  • Turn on Epson Printer
  • Then install  Epson connect setup from  Printer Driver disk
  • Now  launch App
  • Your App will search automatically for the printer and display it
  • Now select Printer and Tap on it
  • Click on Continue/ Next
  •  Then choose Printer Registration
  • And, click on Next to Continue to the License Agreement page.
  • Now Tap on License Agreement and then click on Next to take Print out
  •  Then  furnish details and further click on Finish
  • It should register Epson Printer with the Epson connect.

Epson WorkForce WF-4630

I am not able to feed the paper properly, what can I do to get rid of this problem

 Paper Jamming is a very common issue faced by Printer users around the world. The issue has more than one causes. This FAQ is related to the same issue. If you have any question related to Paper Jamming, you can ask us, our experts will answer your question as soon as possible.


Paper Jam inside Printer  

  1. Many a time paper get jammed inside the printer. To release paper, first of all cancel your Job and then open front cover
  2. Then remove paper.
  3. Now close Front cover
  4. Carefully remove jammed paper near  the output tray
  5. Clear error messages on the LCD Screen. If there is still any paper Jam message on it, then that may be because of some other reason.


Jam in Cassette

  1. Sometimes paper jam occurs in Cassette.  First of all cancel your print command and then close output tray
  2. Pull Paper Cassette.
  3. Now remove jammed product.
  4. And, then  follow instructions to reload paper
  5. Keep Cassette in flat condition and insert it gently
  6. Clear error messages on screen. If the problem persists, then check for other problems


Paper Jammed in Duplexer (Rear Cover)

  1. Cancel Print Job and then Press the buttons on rear cover sides  and remove paper
  2. Reattach Duplexer
  3. Clear error messages


Jams in Automatic Document Feeder

  1. At first cancel print jobs
  2. Then remove  Originals from ADF
  3. Now open the ADF cover
  4. Remove paper
  5. Close ADF cover and raise document cover.
  6. Then Raise ADF input tray
  7. Lower ADF input tray to reload originals
  8. Clear error messages


Is it possible to connect Product to Wireless Network using Control Panel buttons?

Yes, it is possible to connect Product to Wireless Network using Control Panel buttons. Choose any Wireless internet connection settings from the control panel of the product. You can change the Wireless setting anytime from the control panel of the product.

To install the Product on Wi-Fi, follow the given instructions on the Start Here sheet.

  1.  You can install all the necessary programs from Product CD. You can also download them from the Epson Website.
  2. The installer Program will help you through the network setup.
  3. Press Home button, if prompted to.
  4. Then Click on the ‘Select Wi-Fi Setup’
  5. A new Window will open on your device
  6. Now choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard
  7. You can change this Wireless connection to Wired anytime, there is no problem with it.
  8. Now Enter Network name either manually or choose automatically.
  9. For entering manually, choose the option Other Networks & Network field.
  10. Then use display Keypad to enter the name of the network.
  11. Now choose password box to enter the password using keypad.
  12. You should keep in mind that both the password and the name of the network are case sensitive. So ensure you type the digits, symbols and number in correct order.
  13. Then Confirm Network settings and then click on Ok to validate the details.
  14. Moreover, You can click on Back button to change settings anytime
  15. Select done or press buttons to print Network setup report.
  16. The Press Home button, it will take you to the Home Screen.
  17. If the Wi-Fi icon lits, then that means Connection is successful.


How to Load envelopes?

It is not any uphill task to load envelopes, you just need to concentrate on the following details.

  1. Load your envelopes in slot Rear Paper Feed
  2. You have freedom to Print documents or envelopes in a variety of sizes and designs
  3. Extend your output tray and then open paper stopper
  4. Don’t open Paper Stopper in case you are using Longer or legal size paper
  5. Then pull paper support  for rear paper slot
  6. Now flip Feed guard to forward, then slide Printer edge guide outwards.
  7. The user inserting stack of any paper should fan sheets first and then tap stack on a flat surface. This will even edges.
  8. Now you can load one sheet of the binder paper with the holes on long edges. But don’t choose automatic 2-sided printing.
  9. Now insert paper with the printable side up and the short edges first just in center of tray. But don’t load too much paper. Otherwise, it will cause paper feeding problems.
  10. Now load your envelope short edges first and the flap face down and edges to left just in the center of Slot.
  11. Then slide edge guides against your paper, but loosely.
  12. Now select the type and size of paper on Products LCD screen


What to do and what not to do while loading envelopes?

Following are some do’s and Don’ts you should keep in mind while loading envelops

  1. Load just recommended quantity of papers.
  2. Load short edges first every time.
  3. Printable side should faceup
  4. Never load paper above arrow mark inside the edge guides.


Whenever I attempt to print documents   with Wi-Fi connection, I get to see a message on my screen “Printer is Offline.” What is the reason behind it and how I can get rid of this error? Please tell me.

The problem you are reporting is encountered by many Wireless Printer users. It can have more than one cause.  Some of the causes are as given below:

  1. It may be either because of a Problem in computer or in Printer itself. The other cause may be an issue in your Wireless Network.
  • To determine the exact cause of this problem, first of all see if your Printer is able to print without your PC, Just Print Nozzle check Pattern from the Control Panel of product.  If it is able to Print, then move to the next step.
  • If it fails, then check product’s LCD for the error messages.
  • Clear all the errors on your device LCD. Then try the step 1 for once more. If it fails once again, then it is compulsory for you to seek support of some technicality.
  1. Delete any of the Pending Print Job from Printer queue. Now attempt to print again.
  • If it prints, then that means it has solved your Problem. Further, you don’t need to carry any more step
  • If it fails  again, then see the Wi-Fi icon in the Printer Control Panel and do one of the following activities
  1. If Icon is bright, then follows instructions in Initialize Your Router and then restart the computer.
  • If the icon is not bright, then visit  Reinstall the Product Software section and follow instructions
  • Initialize router and Restart the computer.
  • Unplug its power cord from outlet and wait for some time and then plug it back. Now attempt to print. You might be prompted to re-establish connection for all the devices on your Network.
  • If it Prints, then it is OK, if not, then restart the PC. If this problem occurs again, then seek help from Epson support.


Why are My Printout blurry? Is there a solution to fix this issue?

 Some of the reasons why your Printouts are blurry:

  1. Your Printouts are blurry and the reason for it may be old or damp paper. Or, the paper may be curled or incorrectly loaded in your Printer.
  2. The simple solution to correct your problem is to use Fresh paper in place of damp or old paper. If the Paper is not loaded correctly, then correct if first and then, start your printer.
  3. Moreover, your Paper should meet the requirements for your Printer. The requirements are length, size and thickness of the paper.
  4. Try to use Epson papers and ink only. It ensures the proper absorption and saturation of Inks.
  5. Always ensure that the size of the paper should be according to the Printer model.
  6. If you have chosen an envelope or thick paper to print a Document, then select thick paper setting from the Control Panel or go to Extended Settings to choose these settings. But you should keep in mind that this type of settings decreases Printer speed.
  7. Once printed, then do not leave the paper in the output tray, remove it immediately.
  8. Allow the ink to set after printing, so don’t handle printouts on Glossy paper quickly after printing.
  9. A high speed setting may be on in your Printer.
  10. If you have intentions to print on both sides of the paper, then there are chances that smudges might appear on the reverse side of the paper. Smudges become worse if there are dark images present on the page.
  11. So it is best to print the side which has lighter text and images and then come to the dark side. To reduce smudging either increase Ink Drying Time or just adjust print density.
  12. Check first the nozzle to see there are no clogged Print head Nozzles. If there are some, then clean them before starting printer.
  13. Then, Clean Paper path and align print head.
  14. Keep in mind that your Printer will not work if it is tilted. Choose a Flat and stable surface for it. The surface should extend beyond the base of the product.


This article contains FAQ’s sent by Epson users to us.  If you too have any question related to your Printer, you can ask us frankly, our experts will answer your queries. But be crisp and clear for easy understanding.  You can visit to our website for further details. All the details about Epson connect for Mac are given here.

I don’t know what Epson connect is. My Friends told me about it. Please brief me about it.

Epson connect is a software which connects smartphones with Epson Printers to scan and Print documents anywhere. You can avail following services with the help of Epson connect, if you are a smart phone user.

  1. You can print documents and images from any location just by sending an email. Further info is present in Epson Email Print.
  2. You can print documents remotely over internet using Epson Remote Print service.
  3. Epson user can scan photos and documents to online storage account using Epson Scan to Cloud service.
  4. There is a Wireless Printing Application for your Android phones, tablets and iOS devices using Epson Print for iOS and for Android.
  5. You should always keep in mind that Epson Connect service is not available for all Products.

Is Epson Scan workable for Mac as well?

Epson Scan service is workable for Mac as well. To use it, you should download it from official site and then install it from your Products Downloads Tab. The Procedure to do it as follows. Follow these guidelines in proper order, otherwise you will not be able to install the software on your Product.

  1. First of all visit your Products Downloads tab
  2. Now choose the Drivers and  then  scanner Driver
  3. And, also the utility ‘EPSON Scan’
  4. Then click on Download to download Epson Scan for Mac
  5. Follow the instructions given on screen to install Software.


How to uninstall Epson Event Manager and Epson Scan to reinstall them?

It is important to uninstall Epson Event Manager and then Epson Scan to get rid of error message “Printer is Offline”.  But you should try this step only if Computer restart or Initializing Router fails to get rid of the issue.

Epson Event Manager:

The procedure to uninstall it as follows:

For Windows 8. X users

  •  Choose Epson Event Manger, then tap on Change/Uninstall


For Windows Vista/ 7

  • Go to Control Panel
  •  Then Choose Programs and Features
  •    Now choose Epson Event Manager
  • Then click on Change/ Uninstall


For Windows XP users

  1. Go to Control Panel utility
  2. Then Double click on  Add or Remove Programs
  3. Then Choose Epson Event Manager
  4. Click on Remove/ Change

Uninstall Epson Scan

Follow the below given instructions to uninstall Epson Scan:

  • Windows 7/ 8.x/ Vista  users should choose EPSON Scan
  • Then Tap  Change / Uninstall
  • Windows XP users should choose Epson scan and tap Remove/ change.
  • Then Unplug Power cord of Router and wait for some time, and then plug the cord back
  • You might require to re-establish connection for all the devices on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Further download Utilities and drivers. Open the  file
  • In the next moment you will see “Select Your Connection screen.”
  • Choose Wireless connection
  • Then Click Next
  • You will come across Select Setup Option screen
  • You just choose ‘Set up printer for the first time’, and click next.
  • Then Click Options
  • On seeing  ‘Select a Wireless  Network setup method screen,  Follow instructions to complete installation
  • After Wi-Fi setup, then  enable your Firewall


What I can do to get rid of issues lines running through Printout?

Lines running through a Printout is a very common issue with the Printers. This FAQ is related to the same issue. If you want to know more about it, then you can write to us or visit to our website.

What I can do to get rid of issues lines running through Printout?

If there are dark or white lines running through your Printout, then try one of the following method to get rid of lines running through Printout issue.


  1. Run nozzle check  to determine that Print head Nozzles are not clogged
  2. If they are clogged, then first of all clean Print method
  3. Make sure the paper type setting matches the type of paper you loaded.
  4. Then, ensure you have loaded printable side of paper just according to the parameters of the product.
  5. Turn high speed settings off  in product software
  6. Then  align your Print head

Replace ink cartridges

  1. You may need to replace the ink cartridges.
  2. This is necessary to get rid of lines running through Printout issues.


How to replace maintenance box?

 For replacing Maintenance box, follow the below given procedure?

  • Ensure you have new maintenance box available
  • Refrain from reusing maintenance box which was removed and left uninstalled for over a weeks’ time.
  • Don’t expose Maintenance box to sunlight
  • Ensure it is not printing
  • Don’t  touch green chip while  removing it from package
  • Press buttons  on sides of rear cover and then remove it
  • Then Grasp  maintenance box  as shown in the graphics
  • Now pull it out of the holder
  • Refrain from tilting it or taking it apart.
  • Moreover you should know that Maintence box is highly poisonous, keep it in mind.
  • Further Insert new maintenance box into holder and then push it in.
  • Then press buttons  on sides of rear cover
  • Now reattach maintenance box


What is the procedure to restore Epson default settings?

In case you are facing a problem with Control Panel settings, it is easy to restore its default settings. You have a Freedom to choose any desired settings or just reset all types of settings. If you are not able to restore the settings, then it is possible that Admin may have locked your device settings. In that condition, it is necessary to seek permission from Admin to restore default settings.

The procedure to restore Epson default settings is as follows:

  1. Tap Home button, if required to
  2. Choose Setup
  3. Scroll down the page and then choose System Administration.
  4. Now enter Admin Password, if required to
  5. Scroll down the page and choose Restore Default Settings.
  6. This is all you need to do.
  7. You can choose to reset any of the following settings or  all of them
  •  Network settings/ Wi-Fi
  • Copy settings
  • Scan settings
  • Fax Settings
  • Clear All data and settings- this will reset all of your Control Panel list including contacts.
  • Select yes on confirmation screen to reset selected settings and no in case you want to cancel operation.

Conclusion: Default settings make you Printer Afresh as new as it was at the time when you purchased it from the market. So it is necessary to restore printer settings. Once you will restore the default settings of your Epson printer, it will fix many issues with your Printer and the error messages will disappear from LCD screen.


How to Reinstall EPSON-WF-4630 product Software

To reinstall EPSON-WF-4630 Software, you should have both network name and password on your Tip. In case, you don’t know them, then you will have to either contact Router manufacturer or the person who has setup your internet connection.

The instructions to reinstall EPSON-WF-4630 Software are as follows:  

  1. For Epson Printer users who use 5 GHz wireless router, they need to set the router to function in dual band i.e. 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.
  2. Reset  Printer Wi-Fi settings in control panel
  3. Choose Setup and go to System administration
  4. And, then restore  default settings, i.e., Network settings>> yes
  5. Now turn off your product and disconnect interface cables. Do one of the following things.
  6. Windows 8.x users should navigate to Application screen and chose Control Panel. Here they should select Windows Firewall
  7. For other Windows users, choose start >>> Control Panel>> System and Security>> Windows Firewall.
  8. Now disable the firewall, in case you have software Fireball enabled, disable it immediately. But don’t forget to enable it after setting up Wi-Fi connection.
  9. Then Navigate to Application screen and choose Control Panel
  10. Select Programs and Features
  11. Choose Uninstall and then select  Change/ Uninstall
  12. Users who use Account Control window, shall click on yes or continue.  Then select product again and click OK and then yes to confirm installation.
  13. For other versions of Windows: Click to start and choose Programs. Select Epson and then Product. Now chose EPSON Printer Software Uninstall.  In case you use User Account Control window, click on Continue or yes.
  14. Select Product and then click Ok in next Windows.  Click Continue or yes.
  15. Then uninstall Epson Event Manager and Epson Scan
  • Now Unplug Power cord of Router and wait for some time, and then plug the cord back
  •  You might require to re-establish connection for all the devices on your Wi-Fi network.
  • The download Utilities and drivers. Open the  file
  • In the next moment you will see “Select Your Connection screen.”
  • Choose Wireless connection
  • Click Next
  • You will come across Select Setup Option screen
  • You just choose ‘Set up printer for the first time’, and click next.
  • Click Options
  • On seeing  ‘Select a Wireless  Network setup method screen,  Follow instructions to complete installation
  • After Wi-Fi setup, Now  enable your Firewall