Epson WF-7610 Install and Setup

Epson WF-7610

Epson WF 7610 Printer Description

Read here to find some top FAQs regarding Epson WF 7610 Printer. Further, it’s a guide for issues that usually arise. You can find appropriate solution here. Moreover, if still you can’t the desired solution then go to for further help and support.

The All-in-ones series of the Epson Printers is very popular and has a growing market. Also, these are the printers that are able to handle paper larger than A4 size. Further, all the printers of this series fall broadly in two categories. One which are capable to print large photos and the other one that are capable to handle printing on plain paper for publications or posters. Moreover, the Epson WorkForce WF 7610 printer has both the capabilities.

Though most of A3+ size paper handling printer are always fairly sizeable. However, the Epson WF 2710 Printer manages the size and just has a size similar to a desktop photocopier. It has a sleek and compact design with a telescopic output tray. Also, you can extend the tray to halfway to for printing A4 size papers.

Further, you get the scanner sit on the top of the printer body can scan A3 papers easily. Moreover, it’s an improved feature of this printer. So, many advantages with the Epson WF 7610 printer.

Features of Epson 7610 Printer

With this compact printer, you get superfine printing performance even better than Laser printer. Also, this fine printing experience you get because of its Precision Core technology.

Astonishing printing quality. So, using this printer you can experience the print quality as of a print shop. Further, it provides printing of your documents and graphics with precise dot placement, in high resolution.

Using this printer, you are able to cut your printing costs up to 40% in comparison to color lasers.

With Wireless and Wi-Fi connection, you can print your documents from your smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, and laptops wirelessly.

Get the fast printing experience as it provides you fast speed printing with professional quality. You can print documents at 18ppm (black) and 10ppm (color).

It capable to handle varied range of papers. So, with its flexible paper handling you can easily print papers of varied range. Also, it has capacity of 250 sheets and a rear tray. Additionally, you get copy and scan, auto 2-sided print, also can fax documents of up to 11″ x 17″ sizes.

You can easily scan large documents with its large scanner, so scan up to 11″ x 17″ size with 2-sided ADF.

It has an easy to navigate console that help you easily browse through settings and features of the printer.


How to fix blurry or smeared printout issue?

There could be many reasons for this issue. So, it may not just an ink or tonner issue it may also arise because of paper you feed in to print. Thus, we should consider every aspect to clear this issue.

If you are facing this issue and not able to clear your own, try the below steps:

  1. Before you do the print job please ensure that the paper you are using is not curled, old, damp, or incorrectly loaded in the printer.
  2. Also, make sure to use a support sheet with special paper, or ensure to load special paper one by one.
  3. Further, ensure that the paper you are using for printing matches with the specifications for the printer.
  4. To make sure the proper absorption and saturation of the Epson ink we advise you to use the genuine Epson papers.
  5. Ensure that all the settings in your printer matches with the quality and type of the paper you are trying to load in the printer.
  6. To print on envelopes or thick paper make sure to adjust the appropriate settings before you do the printing job. Also, you can try to choose Short Grain Paper in Advanced Settings in your windows system.
  7. When a sheet is printed remove this from the output tray.
  8. After printing a document allow the ink to set and try to avoid using a glossy paper for handling the printed paper.
  9. To print smoothly ensure to disable any high-speed settings for printing.
  10. When you try to print a paper on both side then you may find smudges on the other side because of printing of a heavily saturated or dark image. You can print the lighter image or text if it contains so, on one side first. Then you can adjust the density of the print also the ink Drying Time settings.
  11. Make sure that no print head is clogged. You can run a nozzle check to track whether any print head is clogged. If it is so, then first clean the print head then try printing again.
  12. Ensure the print head alignment.
  13. Clean the path of the paper.


How can I send a fax through my Epson WF 7610 printer using its Control panel?

With this printer, you can easily send fax to others either entering the fax number directly in the field or just choosing it from fax contact list. Further, in case If direct dialing is disabled and not accessible then you can choose a contact from the fax contact list or from fax history to send the fax. Also, you can send B&W faxes to more than one recipients. Below is the procedure for sending fax:

  1. First to fax your documents just load your documents in the printer.

Note: You can load a double-sided document in ADF for faxing it.

  1. Further, press the home button on your printer.
  2. Furthermore, choose the Fax option. Now you can see the fax screen appear.
  3. Choose an option below according to your requirement:
  • Provide the fax contact number of the recipient. You can use the keypad of the printer to enter the number.
  • Or choose “Enter a Fax Number” area on the printer’s LCD then with the help of numeric keypad provide the fax number of the recipient.
  • Or choose Contacts then choose as many recipients as you want from the contact list then choose Proceed.
  • Else opt for the fax History then choose the desired recipient from the history list further press Menu on the Details screen when appear then further choose Send.

Note: Please make sure when it’s requisite provide an outside line access code (like 9) before number then enter the fax number.

  1. When you wish to alter any fax settings you can choose Menu -> Fax Send Settings then set your settings.

Note: In case you are sending a color fax to a recipient whose fax supports only B&W then automatically, it’s sent in black.

  1. You can choose Preview to preview the fax.
  2. Now save the fax settings by choosing Presets.
  3. After this find and press the

Note: You can cancel the fax by just choosing Cancel option.

  1. Now the printer scans your documents.
  2. Finally after scanning your document it dials the number of the recipient and then send the fax.