Epson Workforce Pro WF-6530- An Introduction

Epson Workforce Pro WF-6530

The Workforce Pro WF-6530 is a very flexible model of Epson Printer. It is the most suitable model of Printer for small offices, schools and colleges. It is one of the highest selling Model of Epson Printer. It is mostly used in Private commercial units.

Workforce Pro WF-6530- Features

Some of the features of Workforce Pro WF-6530 are as follows:

  1. The power is powered by latest Precision Core™ technology.
  2. It makes it efficient than laser printers. Its productivity is superior to many of the Printers.
  3. It is a multifunctional Printer which is is capable to produce lab color prints text sharp as laser.
  4. It helps you to save more than 40% of your Printing cost than other printers in the market.
  5. It is now possible to print documents directly from your smartphone and Tablets.


How to install Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6530

 The procedure to install Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6530 is as follows:

  • Choose Wi-Fi or wireless network connection from Control Panel
  • Then install required Epson drivers from Installation CD or from the Official website.
  • It will direct you through  Network setup
  • Click on Home, if prompted to
  • Then Press  Wireless icons
  • Now choose Wi-Fi Setup and Wizard from the given options
  • You can also switch from the Wireless to Wired network. For it you will have to disable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enter  network password and click  on ‘Return’
  • Now click on Proceed
  • Confirm the option and click OK to save settings on Printer.
  • Now when you have modify any settings, you can click on Back button
  • For  network setup report, click on the options
  • Press Home, it will take you to Home screen.
  • If the Wi-Fi icon lit then the connection is successful.


Epson Pro WF-6530- FAQ’s

These are some of the FAQ’s which some Epson Printer user have send to us. Our experts have come up with the most suitable answers to these FAQ’s. If you too have any question. You can write to us. Our experts will try to give a most suitable answer to your question. Further, you can visit our website for more details.

How to make use of the Control Panel to scan to an external device or a Computer?

You can make use of the Control Panel of Epson Pro WF-6530 to scan either to computer or to an external device. The Procedure is as given below:

For control Panel

  • First of all Load an original document or a Photo on Scanner Glass. For two sided document, you have to load paper into the ADF.
  • Then press ‘Home’ if required to
  • And then Click on ‘Scan’
  • Select any scan option  from the list as per your need
  • And, Click Presets or just tap on Preset to save settings and then do one of the following things.
  • If you are scanning to computer, then select your device, and then change format and then choose 2-sided setting if required.
  • For Memory device, click Settings to explore additional options


What is the procedure to scan with the Epson Scan icon?

 The procedure to scan with the Epson Scan Icon is as Follows:

Windows 8.x

  • If you are a Windows 8. x user then jump into Apps Screen and then select Epson Scan  under Epson Software Tab

Windows Start

  • Windows start>> All Programs and select EPSON Software and then Epson Scan


  • Tap Scan Icon on Scan Window. In  the next moment, you will see File Save Window
  • Then choose destination Folder to save scanned images
  • Click Edit to rename Scanned image
  • You have the freedom to select a name from given options.    There are options available in Image Format Type to change the format of the file. To have a look at additional settings, Click on Option buttons to use settings.
  • Click OK
  • Choose from Available options on screen
  • Use save File option for one side Printout
  • Then use Add page option for more than one page and modify settings if required.
  • Use Edit page option  in case you need to reorder or delete scanned  pages
  • Then Click on OK to finish the Process.


How to get printer drivers for your Epson WF-6530 printer and get rid of Scan Problems.

Sometimes your Scanning Software may not be able to operate appropriately. At that time you can use one of the below given solutions to correct the problem

  • Ensure the PC or your Desktop has enough memory left. If there is not enough memory left, then free the memory by deleting unnecessary files and  documents
  • Sometimes it may happen that your scanning Software may not be able to respond properly. At that time you should ensure your device is operating in Power-savi8ng mode i.e. Standby or Power Saver Mode and then restart your Scanning Software.
  • Ensure you reinstall scanning software at the time of upgrading Product.
  • Moreover, delete the outdated Printer drivers and visit Epson website to get Fresh and latest version of Drivers for your Product Epson WF-6530 printer


Procedure to download Drivers for Epson Printer WF-6530 

You can download drivers for your Printer from CD or just visit to for the latest software and Drivers.  The procedure to download Drivers for Epson Printer WF-6530 is as follows:


  • Search the name of your Product under Tab and not forget to mention Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6530 printer
  • Then Click Search
  • A new page will open your screen, just click on OS from drop down menu
  • You can either download utilities and drivers one by one or in Combo. Just click Recommended For You.
  • For downloading Drivers, Firmware and Utilities and Tools one by one, then click on the Tabs related to them.

From CD

The procedure to download drivers for Printer from CD is as follows:

  • Select the category  under the related Tab, you will see a list of Printers or just scanning series
  • Then Select a series and then choose  your Product
  • Now click on your Model and specify OS  from the Drop down list
  • Then, click Drivers & Downloads to download drivers for your Printer.


How to use the Google Cloud Print to Print from Android or Apple Phone to your Epson Pro WF-6530?

Nowadays almost every student, Businessperson, employee, Politician and Servicemen etc. has a smartphone in his/her Pocket. And, all of them require to scan and Print documents. How convenient it would have been if they could scan and Print documents directly from a Smartphone.

Those who are still dreaming of this Facility shall open their eyes and see the Google Cloud Print. They can call it the true solution to their dream.

With the help of Google Account, they can very easily print from their Apple or Android Smartphone to their Epson Pro WF-6530. They can also print from their Chrome Books or Chrome browser without any need to install additional cables or drivers. You have to just seen, your computer and Printer are on same Network Properly.

Then follow the below given Procedure:

  • First of all Connect your Smartphone device to the same network
  • Then  Print  a  Network status sheet
  • Now look for Printer IP address on this status sheet.
  • Now enter or type IP address into the same search bar of web browser.
  • Select “Google Cloud Print Services”
  • In case this option is not available then Turn your Printer OFF and then ON.
  • If the problem sustains, then select Firmware Update
  • Then follows instructions to update printer.
  • Now click on Register
  • Select Agree to Usage Advisory
  • Then click on Next
  • Click on OK and then  Enter sign in page  Google Accounts
  • Now furnish your details and  click Sign in
  • After the completion of the above steps, then click on Finish printer registration. It will complete Google Cloud Print setup
  • Attempt to print test page
  • Congrats the process is successful, you can access your Printer directly from your Smartphone.


Epson Pro WF-6530

How to connect your smartphone with Epson Pro WF 6530

Epson iPrint smartphone Application is available for both Apple and Android Phones. It is capable to Print Webpages, images, PDF and Microsoft Office documents. Over Wireless connection.

It enables you to scan files on Mobile and then transfer it as email or just upload it on online services like Dropbox, Evernote and Box etc.

The Procedure to install setup of Epson iPrint smartphone App on Printer is as follows:

  •  Just start your computer and ensure  your mobile is enough compatible  to install Epson iprint
  • Visit and then download Epson iPrint mobile app from Apple Play store and for Android from Google Play store.
  •   Connect your smartphone and Printer with one Network.
  • Now start printing from your phone to Epson Pro WF-6530.

 For Android users:

  • Open files which you need to scan or Print
  •  Go to Menu on phone
  • Select Print  option
  • And then Epson WF-6530 printer
  • Now select a size for paper and the number of copies to be printed.
  •   Tap Print to Print files you want.

For the iPhone users:

  1. Open files you need to Print
  2. Then Press share button on phone
  3. Swipe screen and then tap on Print option
  4. Select your Printer but don’t forget to mention the number of copies
  5. Now Tap on Print

I am not able to print files with Wireless connection. What could be the reason behind it? And how could I correct it?

The issue about which you are facing is faced by many other Epson Printers as well.  We have got FAQ’s from several other users who complaint about the same thing.

It can have many reasons. It may be either caused by printer or by a computer on Wireless Network.

To fix this problem, try one of the following solutions

  1. First of all check whether you are able to print a nozzle check pattern straight from Control Panel without involving your PC in it.
  2. If you are able to Print, then Procced to next step.
  3. In case, it fails then check error messages on Printer LCD. Clear messages and try again to Print nozzle check pattern from Control Panel
  4. Then delete pending Print Jobs from Printer Queue and attempt printing again.
  5. If you are able to print, then your issue has been fixed and you need to do further any thing
  6. If not, then check Wi-Fi  icon  on  Control Panel
  7. In case it shows Wi-Fi icon, then initialize your Router with the given instructions.
  8. Restart your PC. If it displays icon after restart then your issue is solved.
  9. Then initialize your Wi-Fi router and restart computer.
  10. Unplug power cord from outlet, wait and then plug it back.
  • Now try to print. It may ask you to reestablish your connection for other devices connected to this network
  1. It should solve your issue


 How to reinstall Epson Pro WF 6530 Product Software

  1. If your Software installer sets up wireless connection automatically then it is OK. If not then you have to enter your SSID card password. For 5 GHz wireless routers, you will require to operate it in dual band mode.
  2. Reset network settings on Control panel. Choose setup
  3. Now select System Administration>> Restore Default Settings>> then Network settings>> Yes
  4. Now turn off your Product and disconnect all interface cables
  5. Windows 8.x users should navigate to the Application screen and choose Control Panel. Select Firewall in control panel
  6. On the other hand  for other versions,  start your PC>> Control  panel>> System and security>>Windows firewall
  7. Disable Firewalls. This step is compulsory to complete Wi-Fi setup
  8. But don’t forget to enable it again after installing your software
  9. Windows 8.x need to select uninstall/ change option in Control Panel.  Click yes in User Account Control window and select your Product. Now click on OK and then yes to confirm uninstallation.


How to uninstall Epson Event Manager using given instructions?

 The procedure to uninstall Epson Event Manager is as follows:

  1. If you are using Windows 8.x, then choose your Product and simply click on Uninstall/Change.
  2. If you are Windows vista or 7 user, then go to the control panel utility of product and choose Programs and Features. Then select Epson Event Manager and click on Uninstall/Change.
  3. On the other hand Windows XP users should open Windows Control Panel Utility and double click on Remove Programs, choose Epson Event Manager and then click on Change/ Remove
  • Now unplug your power cord  and  plug  it back after some time
  1. You may require to re-establish connection for other devices on the same network.
  2. Now download a fresh combo package of Utilities and Drivers for your Epson product. Note its name and save it to a known location to retrieve it easily later on
  3. Open the file and select wireless connection for it and then click on Next.
  4. Follow instructions to complete installation.
  5. Complete Wi-Fi setup and enable your firewall.
  6. This should reinstall your Epson Event Manager.