EPSON WorkForce WF 7110 – Introduction


Description of the Epson WorkForce WF 7110 Printer

Facing some issues with your Epson WF 7110 Printer? Here you can get the solution to your issues. So, read the FAQs to find your issue. Further, if you are not getting the desired help or looking for further assistance regarding your printer then click here to visit our site.

Epson WorkForce WF 7110 is a well-designed and superfine quality printer. Further, it’s an innovative gadget that offers superior productivity. Also, it’s fast printer with a speed of 10ppm (color) – 18ppm (monochrome). With its flexible paper handling capability, it’s much easy to manage printing jobs in small offices.

Moreover, Epson Workforce WF 7110 is a reliable and one of the best printing solution for all printing needs. With its advanced Precision Core printing technology enables it to perform beyond Laser. Further, this integrated printer provides you fast, superfine quality color prints with laser-sharp texts. Also, with this printer you can reduce your printing cost up to 40% in comparison to laser printers. The Epson WorkForce WF 7110 enable you to print your documents from your mobile phone or tablet through wireless connection.

Smartphone Setup for your Epson WF 7110 Printer

iPrint App for Smartphones

With this mobile application now printing your documents is beyond setting up your printer with wired connection. So, with help of iPrint app you can easily print your documents wirelessly from your smartphone including Android and Apple devices.

Further, you can use this app for printing your documents such as PDF files, photos, Microsoft Office documents, web pages or any other documents wirelessly. Also, with the help of iPrint app you can scan files on your smartphone. Further, you are able to send it via an email or upload to any online services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Evernote. You can follow the steps under to download and setup this app for printing from your smartphone:

  1. First Turn On your computer system and printer then check the compatibility of your mobile phone with iPrint at
  2. Now further, when its compatible with your device just download the Epson iPrint application from Google Play (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS).
  3. After downloading the app just make sure that both your mobile phone and printer are connected to the same wireless network.
  4. Now you are ready to use your printer and for printing your documents from your mobile phone.

Print or scan documents on your Android or Apple smartphone:

For Android phone users:

  1. First of all, find and open the file that you desire to scan or print.
  2. Now find out and click the Menu option located on the upper-right corner of your phone’s screen.
  3. After this you can see many options choose Print option.
  4. Further, you see a list of all available printers for printing your documents, so select your Epson WF 7110 printer from this list.
  5. Now adjust quantity of the copies and size of the paper as per requirement.
  6. Finally, to print your file just tap on the Print option.


For Apple phone users:

  1. First, you have find and open the file which you like to print.
  2. Now, find and tap on the Share button on your Apple device. You can find the button on the left of your device’s screen.
  3. Further, browse the options in the share menu then find and tap on Print option.
  4. After you find a list of available printers select your Epson WF 7110 for printing your file.
  5. Provide the details regarding number of copies to print use (+) and (-) signs for this.
  6. At last just tap on Print option for printing your file.


How to select or change the Wireless Network Settings of my Epson WF 7110 printer from its Control Panel?

It’s very easy to select or change the wireless network settings of your Epson WF 7110 printer via its control panel.

Before you begin you first need to install all necessary driver software of your Epson printer from driver CD or the official site of Epson. So, first install the driver software for wireless connection then move further. You can get the Epson driver installer instructions via the wireless network setup.

  1. First, Turn On your Epson WF 7110 printer then press the home button on the printer when required.
  2. Now further, press wireless icon.
  3. After this, select Wi-Fi Setup further select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard from options.

Note: In case you would wish to disable the wireless network and would like to enable a wired (Ethernet) network. So, then you can select Disable Wi-Fi from the list of options. After this just go through all the instructions for altering the network into wired connection in this guide.

  1. Now, you can either select your wireless network from the options available or just enter it manually.

Note: If you opt to set select wireless network manually then you can tap on the Other Networks option. Now after this choose the Network (SSID) option. Finally, with the help of printer’s display keypad just enter the name of your wireless network.

  1. Further, now provide the password for your network using the keypad when asked for it.
  2. Furthermore, press the return button on the printer after providing the password. Now tap on Proceed.
  3. Now to save the new wireless network settings just confirm it. So, tap on the OK to save.

Note: In case you desire to modify any setting on this stage you can press back button for this then adjust the settings again.

  1. Print the report on network setups by just pressing the buttons.
  2. Finally, when you complete all the steps above just press the home button. When you successfully complete the process the light on upper-right corner of your printer’s screen illuminates.



How to Scan a file with my Epson WF 7110 Printer’s Control Panel?

With this printer users can scan a file on memory device or on their computer using the control panel of the printer. So, by using the following method you can scan your file using printer’s control panel:

  1. First, put your document on the scanner glass of the printer. Also, for scanning a 2-sided document load it into the ADF.
  2. Press the Home button when needed.
  3. Now tap on Scan button.
  4. When you find a list of options just choose any option from the “Scan to” options.
  5. Further, tap on Preset button for saving the settings.
  6. Do one of the below:
  • When you are scanning it to your computer then select computer, choose the computer, adjust document format also if necessary 2-sided setting.
  • For scanning to any memory device just click Settings for opening up the additional scanning options.


How do I scan my document using the Scan icon of my Epson WF 7110 printer?

To do this just take the following steps:

For Windows 8.x: Open the Apps screen then select EPSON Scan that you can find under EPSON or EPSON Software tab.

For Windows 7/Vista: Start >> All Programs/Programs >> EPSON/EPSON Software >> EPSON SCAN.

OS X: How to choose Scan File settings on Mac?

  1. First, click the Scan option on Epson Scan window. Then, you can see File Save Settings window will appear.
  2. Now choose a folder where you want to save the scanned file.
  3. Further, tap on Edit option and change the name of the scanned file. For this you can opt a name from the list of available options.
  4. For changing the format of your file, you can select an option from Image Format Type menu. Also, for browsing the additional settings, you can press the Options button.
  5. Further, tap on OK option.
  6. Finally make a choice from the options below:
  • Save a File: If you are scanning one page only then opt for this option.
  • Add a Page: For scanning more than one pages just select this option.
  • Edit a Page: For modifying an aspect of the page or to edit it, choose this option. After this finish it by clicking on OK.


How to resolve scanning issue?

If you have trouble operating the scanning software. So, you can try any solution from the following solutions:

First: First thing you should ensure that there must be enough space on your system memory. Also, ensure all system requirements for the OS you are operating.

Second: If your system is not properly responding then please check whether it’s running in power-saving mode such as standby or sleep mode. If it is so then disable the power saver mode and try again scanning your document.

Third: With upgradation of your system you should also ensure reinstallation of the scanning software.


How to Use Google Cloud Print?

You can use your Google Account to print your documents easily from your Apple or Android Smartphone. Also, it’s possible to print your documents from Chromebooks and Chrome browser and no additional cables or drivers are required.

Note: Please ensure that your computer and the Epson WF-7110 printer have same network connection.

Now follow the steps below:

  1. Before you start please connect your Smartphone or computer and your Epson WF 7110 printer to the same network.
  2. After this command the printer to print the status sheet of the network.
  3. Find out the IP address of your Epson WF 7110 printer on the status sheet of the network.
  4. Now just type this IP address into URL bar of your internet browser.
  5. Further, opt for the Google Cloud Print Services.

Note: In case you don’t see the Google Cloud Print Services option then restart your printer. If it’s still unavailable, then opt for the Firmware Update then follow the instructions to update.

  1. Now, click on Register.
  2. Further, click Agree option on the Usage Advisory page then click on Next.
  3. Further, click on OK to open the sign-in page of Google accounts.
  4. Now enter your user name and password in the sign-in page then click on the Sign in button to sign in to your account. If not have an account, then create your account by clicking on the Sign-up button.
  5. Further, click on Finish printer registration for completing the Google Cloud Print setup.
  6. Finally, your printer is linked to your Google Account.