Kodak ESP 5250 Printer – Install and Setup

Kodak ESP 5250 Printer

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Kodak ESP 5250 Printer Description

Well, Kodak ESP 5250 all-in-one inkjet printer provides you high-quality text comparatively to inkjet printers. Also, it is fast for photo printing and equipped with Wi-Fi feature. Moreover, using this easy-to-use and compact printer you can also reduce your printing costs. Further, with its built-in Wi-Fi you can also print your originals wirelessly from smartphones or tablets. With Kodak ESP 5250 inkjet printer all you get is a lab quality printouts and elegant texts. This multifunction printer can perform print, scan, and copy jobs quickly and conveniently.

Though, it lacks an Ethernet connection to print from your mobile devices however, it has an effective Wi-Fi for wireless printing from your mobile devices. The Kodak ESP 5250 printer delivers best printing tools for home users. Also, Kodak designed this printer primarily designed it as a home MFP. So, this versatile printer is capable to fulfil your printing needs easily for home use.

Moreover, it is capable to print your documents directly from a memory card also it has 2.4-inch LCD screen which you can use to preview photos before printing. You get low cost printing, and it provides fast photo printing speed, high-quality text printing. Setting up of the printer is easy and also you can conveniently setup the wireless connection. Further, it comes with a full set of software drivers available for Windows 7, XP, and for Mac OSX.

Features of Kodak ESP 5250 Printer

  • With its intelligent paper sensor, the appear settings automatically adjusts according to the type of the paper.
  • Further, as an option it has capability to print color photos with 9600 dpi resolution.
  • It provides you a printing speed of 30ppm (black) and 29ppm (color).
  • Copy documents in color only with a touch without any computer system.
  • Using the built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily and securely print and scan your originals.
  • Further, delivers lab-quality printing in least cost and effort.
  • Moreover, it also enables you to preview your photos using its 2.4 inch. color LCD screen before you print your photos.
  • Print, view, and transfer photos by using memory cards whether MS, SD/SDHC, or MMC.
  • Also, scan multiple photos at the same time and the rest will handle the software of the printer, so, it automatically creates separate files for each scanned photo.
  • With the built-in software, it enhances facial features and reduces the appearance of blemishes.


Kodak ESP 5250 Printer FAQs

How to install/replace printhead in my Kodak ESP 5250 printer?

The below are the steps to replace the printhead in your Kodak ESP 5250 all-in-one inkjet printer:

First: Before you start you should check that your printer is ON.

Second: Further, now from control panel of the printer press Home.

Third: After this further choose Maintenance and press OK.

Fourth: Now from there choose ‘Install Ink Cartridges’ further press OK.

Note: If you are not able to find the ‘Install Ink Cartridges’ option then first upgrade the firmware.

Fifth: Now, Lift the access door of the printer then further and wait until the carriage moves to the access position.

Sixth: After completing the above step now carefully remove the black and all other color ink cartridges also put them at a safe place.

Seventh: Now after this just gently remove the printhead from carriage.

Eighth: Take the carton of the new printhead and remove the printhead from the carton gently. Also, remove all the orange caps.

Ninth: Further, gently place new printhead into carriage. Also, until you hear a sound gently push against target label on the new printhead.

Tenth: Now take the ink cartridges back and carefully insert them back into the printhead, also firmly press down. Press the printhead until you listen cartridge click sound.

Eleventh: Finally, Close access door. Further, follow all the instructions on printer’s LCD to calibrate the printer


How to install my Kodak ESP 5250 printer software on my Mac OSX 10.5.x?

You can easily install the printer software on your Mac OS 10.5.x by following the below options:

  • Install the software using the CD that come with your Kodak ESP 5250 printer.
  • Install the Kodak printer software from the official Web site of Kodak.

1). installing from the CD:

  • You can install the software from the CD that you got with your Kodak printer.
  • For this just insert CD into your Mac computer.
  • After this now double-click on the Kodak AiO Printer icon that appear on your desktop. The Now the Kodak AiO Printer installer window will appear.
  • Further, double-click on ‘Install SoftwareName.mpkg’.
  • If you find a message saying “This package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed. Are you sure you want to continue?” then click on Continue to install the software.
  • Further, when the installation window of AiO Printer Software appears then click Continue.
  • Now if you see a window titled ‘Important Information’ then click Continue.
  • At this point a License Agreement window will appear click on Agree to accept the terms.
  • After this from the Select a Destination window choose the Macintosh icon, further click on Continue.
  • After that now from the AiO Printer Software installer window, now click on Install.
  • When the Authenticate window appear click on OK.
  • In the printer software installation window, now click on the Continue Installation.
    At this time now the printer software should start installing on your Mac system also an installation bar will appear showing the installation progress of the printer software.
  • After completing the steps thoroughly now the installation will finish and display a message saying “Click Restart to finish installing the software” fort this click on Restart to complete the installation and rebooting your Mac system.

2). Install the software from official site:

  • First visit the official site then after you reach the site choose the printer software according to your system and model of the printer.
  • After you choose correct software then follow the instructions to download the software.
  • Once you download it then install it by following the instructions above.