Kodak ESP C315 Printer – Introduction

Kodak ESP C315 Printer

One of the eminent printer manufacturer, Kodak design best printers for home and office users. Moreover, if you have in trouble with your Kodak ESP C315 printer due to some issues in the printer then you can resolve your issues here. Anyways, you can also seek advance help at.

Kodak ESP C315 Printer Description

The Kodak ESP C315 printer is an All-in-one multifunction inkjet printer which offers catchy print quality and good printing with images. Also, it’s a good printer for home print jobs and light printing workloads. For moderate use this printer delivers solid prints, good and satisfying graphics, and images. Moreover, it’s an affordable printer that delivers you low cost printing with reasonable quality.

Further, it provides prints with healthy resolution and at 1200x1200dpi resolution for Black and White printouts and 9600×9600 dpi resolution for color printouts. Also, it can easily handle borderless printing job, duplex printing, print directly from USB devices like camera. Further, it helps you make your printing convenient with its wireless printing feature. So, with wireless printing it allows you to conveniently print from your smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, you can also use Google Cloud service for print, and Kodak Email Print Service or Kodak Pic Flick App for printing from emails and your smartphone, tablets, or PC without any connection. Also, if its suits then you can use Ethernet connection to do your printing job. Overall, this Kodak ESP C315 multifunction inkjet color printer provides all the reasonable tools for light printing jobs easily and conveniently.

Features of Kodak ESP C315 Printer?

  • Easy to use and convenient in operating, so easily you can perform your printing job.
  • Easy and quick settings with its simple color display and control panel.
  • Wireless connectivity for printing wirelessly from your smartphones and tablets.
  • Print, copy and scan originals with this all-in-one color inkjet printer conveniently.
  • Support Ethernet connection and help you printing from Google cloud and from your mobile devices and tablets using its printing app.
  • Energy efficient thus, reduces your power consumption.
  • Healthy resolution pictures and graphics.
  • Good for light printing jobs.


How to setup cloud printing on my Kodak ESP C315 printer?

Before you start setting up the cloud printing on your Kodak ESP C315 printer please ensure the following things: 

Printer with an Ethernet or wireless connection.

Either a PC with internet connection or Chromebook with an Internet connection also a USB flash drive.

Create a Google account, if necessary.

1. Now first steps begin with the network connection. So, ensure that your printer and computer are connected to the same network.

2. Now download the latest of printer driver for your printer from the official Kodak site then install it on your PC. Follow all the instructions on the screen along with accepting the prompt for upgrading firmware.

3. Ensure you have installed latest firmware for your printer on your PC.

4. After this choose any method accordingly:

  • First open Home Center Software now click on Cloud Printing Setup.
  • Choose Cloud Printing Setup according to your system as given below.

For Windows XP: Click Start > All Programs > Kodak, further choose KODAK AiO Printer Tools from there. Finally click on the Cloud Printing Setup.

For Windows Vista or 7: Click Start > All Programs > KODAK AiO Home Center > Tools. Now after this choose Click Cloud Printing Setup from there.

For Mac OS: Choose KODAK AiO Home Center > Tools. Further, click on ‘Cloud Printing Setup’.

5. After completing the steps above now click ‘Start Now’ in the Google Cloud Setup Wizard, further follow all on-screen instructions.

6. Now if you see the “Thanks, you’re ready to go!” prompt then close the window.

7. After this now click on ‘Claim Address’ further, click ‘Accept’.

8. Now get ready for the printing fist ensure that you load a letter or A4 size paper in the printer. Now the page will be sent to you for indicating successful setup, also the page will contain the email address for your printer.

Note: The process may take some time.

9. Finally, now you printer is ready for cloud printing.


How to use Google cloud print to share my Kodak ESP C315 printer to others?

You can easily share your printer to other google users using the google cloud. For this just use the simple methods below:

  • First connect to www.google.com/cloudprint. After visiting the page login to your account by just entering the log in id, if it prompts to.
  • Now navigate the left panel to find and choose your printer.
  • Choose your printer from the list.
  • After choosing your printer now click ‘Share’.
  • Further, now enter the Google account of the user you want to share the printer in the appropriate box, further click Share.
  • Now inform the user to log in his/her Google Cloud Print using by using his/her her Google account. Also, him/her to accept the invitation for the Cloud printing sharing by just clicking on ‘Accept’.
  • Now the other google users can use share your printer using Google Cloud.