Lexmark CS310N Printer – Introduction

Lexmark CS310N Printer

Lexmark CS310N Printer Description

The Lexmark CS310N printer is a proficient example of its kind in the laser printer market. Further, this small and quiet color laser printer is equipped with solid features that provide best quality printing quickly and easily. Also, this has catchy look because of its excellent design and shape. Moreover, this Lexmark CS310N printer come with an 800 MHz dual-core processor also a standard memory of 256MB. Moreover, this stunning printer delivers you printing up to 25 ppm in B&W also 1 color page in 11 seconds.

Further, using the Lexmark CS310N printer provides you professional quality printing at home. Further, its simple but elegant 2.4inch. color LCD display come with vast menus and full of countless functions to empower you printing without using a PC. Well, with this well-designed printing machine all you can do is save time and money with your printing jobs. The Color Replacement by Lexmark and PANTONE calibration technology powers it to produce consistent images with matching vivid colors.

It provides you stunning images and crisp graphics. With the Lexmark’s Unison Toner, it is capable to retain the consistent quality.

Features of Lexmark CS310N printer

  • It’s a small and quiet printer with stunning printing quality.
  • Come with an 800 MHz dual core processor and 250MB memory.
  • Capable to handle various papers because of its flexible paper handling characteristic.
  • Provides professional color printing with easy configurations.
  • Extended functionalities and innovative design.
  • Superb technology for color matching and calibration.
  • Print high resolution graphics also produces consistent quality.
  • Fast printing output and superb printing quality.
  • Easy to use and reliable performance.
  • Lexmark CS310N Printer FAQs
  • Read the FAQs to resolve your issues and in case you are unable to find correct solution then click.


How to update my Lexmark CS310N printer firmware using the firmware update utility?

Before you start updating your firmware software for your printer please ensure the following things: First: You should make sure that printer is ON and ready for use. Also, ensure that it should not display any error messages on display. However, if you find any error message then clear the error that it shows first then go further.

Further, check for any option cards if installed on the printer. Also, chock for the available update. So, ensure whether there is an updated firmware version for the option card then use it instead.

Now begin by running the Firmware Update Utility then click on Continue.

When the License Agreement window appear then accept the license terms by clicking Agree.

Now the Utility software will display your printer in list. Further, select your printer you want to update then click on Continue.

Once you click on continue that update will start and a display bar showing progress of download will appear on your PC also, the printer panel will display “Updating Firmware”.

Note: while updating the firmware please do not turn the printer off.

After the successful update, you can find a message saying “Firmware Update Summary” then the printer will turn off and then turn on again automatically.

Finally, click on “Close”.


How to install and create WSD print object?

  1. This is a method with windows 7 you can get more info on support link above.
  2. First click on the Start now go to Device and Printers.
  3. Now from there choose Add a printer. Further, choose Add a network > wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  4. Now, click on Next wait and observe the search to find all WSD-compliant printers which windows try to find. If you find your printer listed, then choose your printer and go to step 5.
  • If you don’t find your printer then choose “The printer that I want isn’t listed, click Next.
  • Now choose Add a printer using a TCP/IP address, click Next.
  • Click the down-arrow to browse menu choices.
  • Choose Web Services Device from the menu options.
  • Enter printer’s IP address or hostname in the appropriate field. Further, click on Next.
  • Now you will see ‘Contacting Printer…’ appear.
  • Finally, if all goes successfully then you should see a message “You’ve successfully added… <Hostname> in the dialog.
  • Finally, click Next.
  1. Fill all preferences accordingly then click Next.
  2. Now print a test page before clicking on Finish then click Finish.