Lexmark CS410DN Printer – Install and Setup

Lexmark CS410DN Printer

Lexmark CS410DN Printer Description

The Lexmark CS410DN network-ready color laser printer provides you stunning printing quality along with impressive features. Further, this compact and quiet printing machine delivers you super fast printing speed and reliable printing quality. Though, Lexmark used to be a big manufacturer of inkjet printers and it came up with dominated inkjet printers. However, now the organization seems to concentrate on the lasers also. Therefore, we are getting many excelling printing machines like Lexmark CS410DN printer from Lexmark.

Moreover, Lexmark CS410DN color laser printer comes with a 2-sided printing standard (duplex printing), 800 MHz dual core processor, and a standard memory of 256 MB (upgradeable). Further, all these superb components are wisely integrated with the printer to provide you fast printing speed of up to 30ppm black and color and high quality images. With its 256 MB upgradeable memory, you can easily and quickly print complex documents such as graphics and images. You can easily print wirelessly from your smartphones and tablets.

Also, with its color replacement and Pantone calibration technology it serves professional color matching to develop a consistent image. Thus, it delivers you consistent image and graphics with precisely matching colors. Also, it ensures consistent printing quality. Overall with this smart printer you get high resolution image and crisp graphics.

Features of Lexmark CS410DN Printer

  1. High resolution images and crisp graphics with up to 1200x1200dpi.
  2. Further, with Lexmark’s Unison Toner, you get consistent printing quality every time you do the printing.
  3. Lexmark’s Pantone and color replacement feature ensures to deliver you steady image quality by precise color matching.
  4. Wireless printing from your smartphones and tablets.
  5. Fast printing speed with up to 30ppm B&W and 1 paper per 10 seconds color.
  6. Delivers high speed and reliable performance effortlessly.
  7. Easy maintenance and flexible paper handling.
  8. Stunning graphics and catchy print quality.
  9. Well-designed printer with superb tools.
  10. Lexmark CS410DN Printer FAQs
  11. If you come across any issue with you Lexmark CS410DN printer, then you can get advance help and support.


Lexmark CS410DN – FAQ’s

How do I set up printing from Mac OS Sierra through Windows OS print server?

The below is the procedure of how you can do this:

First: The procedure begins with enabling the LPD printing service on your Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Now, ensure that the Lexmark UPD driver Ver 2.11 is installed on your windows Server 2008 R2 also ensure that the print queue is shared.
  • Further, now launch the Server Manager on Windows.
  • Now, look for and click ‘Print and Document Services’ under Roles.
  • After choosing the Print and Document Services Role now click on ‘Add Role Services’ from there.
  • Further, now click in the ‘LPD Service’ check box then click ‘Next’.
  • Now, just click on Install for confirming the installation then Close it.
  • After you do this now it will install the LPD service on your Windows.

Second: After you complete the above steps successfully now follow the below steps for configuring your MAC system:

Note: Also, before you go ahead remember to have a Mac OS Sierra 10.12 Operating System, PS driver, LPD protocol.

  • Now, first download and install a PS driver on your Mac according to your system, e.g. X950. Visit official Lexmark website for downloading the driver.
  • After installation of the driver, now open “System Preferences” then click “Printers & Scanners”.
    Further, when the “Printers & Scanners” dialog appear then click the “+” button for adding a printer.

Now switch to “IP” tab and then do the following: 

  • First enter “<IP_address_of_windows_machine” in the URL field.
  • Further, choose LPD protocol in the Protocol field.
  • Now, enter the name of windows shared print queue in Queue.
  • Further, give a name to the queue name created on your Mac machine.
  • Now choose “Lexmark PS driver” that already installed.
  • Finally, click the Add button that will add the print queue to your Mac machine.


How to resolve marks on the back side of the page when printed with my Lexmark CS410DN printer?

There could be some physical issues with your which may occur due to the contamination inside the fuser. Moreover, these are some steps below you can take for determining what could be the issues that are causing the spots or streaks on back of the printed pages.

First: Troubleshoot the issue:

  • Before you begin you should check that the paper you are using for the printing is correct, i.e. printer supports the paper also it meets all the requirements.
  • Further, ensure that the paper you load in the printer matches with the paper type setting on your printer also, in the printer driver.
  • Now after this start an automatic Fuser Cleaning process following the further steps below. The toner streaking should disappear over time.

Second: Cleaning the Fuser:

  • First you need to boot your printer to its Configuration Menu. For this do the following:
  • Now Turn off your printer.
  • Then, press and hold the 2 and 6 buttons. After this Turn ON your printer. Don’t leave the buttons.
  • After the printer turns on then release the buttons just after 10 seconds.
  • Now you should scroll to “Fuser Cleaning Process”.
  • Choose “Print Cleaning Pages”.
  • Now choose the “Start Cleaning Process” option then after this your printer will help cleaning the fuser by running the papers back through.
  • Now finally restart your printer once more now you needn’t to hold down any buttons.

Note:  If despite following the above steps thoroughly you still come across this issue then you may seek advance help from Lexmark Printer Support.