Lexmark CS510DE Printer – Introduction

Lexmark CS510DE Printer

Lexmark CS510DE Printer Description

The Lexmark CS510DE printer is an apt solution for your printing needs as it serves you printing quality more than expected. Further, it’s a wise investment for small business workgroup wanting a solid monochrome work group laser also with color printing needs. Moreover, this Lexmark CS510DE color laser printer has full potential to handle workload for small to medium size business groups easily. It’s 800MHz dual core processor and 512MB standard memory makes it a fast and good printing machine.

Moreover, the Lexmark CS510DE printer is energy efficient thus it saves energy by consuming less power. Further, with its auto-duplexer it helps you printing two side of a page conveniently. Also, there is a paper tray at the bottom for feeding paper with a capacity of 250 paper sheets. The Lexmark’s color replacement and pantone calibration technology powers it to produce consistent brand image with precise color filling.

Further, it easily provides high resolution images with stunning quality and contrast. Also, the Lexmark’s Unison Toner make sure to provide you consistent quality and crisp graphics. High speed printing of up to 32 pages B&W and color prints. Further, it takes as little as 10 seconds for producing a color printout.

Features of Lexmark CS510DE Printer

  • It’s an easy to use and simple printer that you can easily operate without any trouble.
  • Further, this color laser printer is equipped with advance features for delivering high quality printing output and conveniently and quickly.
  • Fast and high quality graphics and image printing.
  • Energy efficient printer.
  • Duplex printing.
  • High resolution of up to true 1200×1200 dpi.
  • Color replacement and Pantone calibration technology to provide brand names with matching colors.
  • Ethernet connection and network protocol support.
  • Comes with drivers compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix systems.


Lexmark CS510DE Printer FAQs

Here on this page you can easily resolve your related to your Lexmark CS510DE printer. Moreover, if you can’t find the problem you are looking for then you can seek help of Lexmark Printer Support for this you can visit here.

How to clear the horizontal banding issue on printed page when printing with my Lexmark CS510DE printer?

Though, this issue related to the printing quality may occur due to many reasons. However, below are some solutions you can try. Moreover, if you want more help then go to Lexmark Printer Support page.

Now you may try to troubleshoot the issue by following the suggestions below:

  • So, first tap on the Status/Supplies icon in the control panel of your printer. Further, check for the status of the supply of imaging unit or developers. If you find it empty or low, then replace the unit with a new one then try printing.
  • In case you find sufficient supplies and nothing is empty or low then go to the next step.
  • Further, from the printer’s home screen in the display, now press on the menu icon then choose Settings > Print Settings > Quality Menu > Color Adjust.

Note: Remember that you can perform the Color Adjust settings in the embedded web server at the or control panel.

  • Now after this you try printing a test page to check the printing quality.
  • If you find the defect persist and the horizontal banding continuously occur. Then first remove the Black and Color imaging kit. After this reseat the kits. Now also, ensure that the developer units are seated properly.
  • After performing the above again test the printing by printing a test page and check whether the issue still appear.
  • If you don’t find any issue then no need to go further, and if the issue persists then get a help from the Lexmark Printer Technical Support.


Why am I not able to open the Lexmark Print Management (LPM) page?

When you are unable to load the LPM page in the browser then you may find a “This application can only be run using Microsoft Internet explorer” error message appears in the browser. Moreover, this error appears every time when you try to open the LPM web page. Further, there could be few possible reasons to this issue however, the major reason of this issue is updating IE or reset of IE browser. Further, below are the ways of resolving this issue:

Note: Mostly this problem arises after updating your Internet Explorer Brower to any IE version or when you reset the IE settings. Also, the Lexmark Management Console (LMC) and the other functions work fine.

  • Moreover, you can easily fix this issue by just adding the LPM web address to the compatibility list of your internet explorer browser. Add the LPM address as follows:
  • First launch your internet explorer web browser.
  • Now after this enter the LPM web address then after this click on the Add button to save the address.
  • Once you save it to the compatibility list of IE then open the LPM page. Now after you open the page it should now load normally in your IE browser. However, in case the issue persist then seek help from Lexmark Printer Support.