RICOH SP 3610SF Printer – Introduction

RICOH SP 3610SF Printer

RICOH SP 3610SF Printer Description

With RICOH SP 3610SF printer, users get everything that they need for cost-effective B&W copying, printing, scanning and faxing. Also, it’s an affordable printer that comes with utmost features for providing you best printing experience. Moreover, buying this multifunction All-in-one printer is a sensible long-term investment. Further, with the latest Ricoh controller it offers high speed and outstanding performance, thus optimize your office productivity. In addition, this compact printer is easy to maintain and Eco friendly.

Moreover, the RICOH SP 3610SF gives you fast productivity with a speed of 30ppm also, in just 6.5 seconds your first print is ready. On the other hand, print quality it offers is amazing as it is capable to provide you high resolution printing up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. In addition, wireless connectivity via standard and Wi-Fi connectivity powers you to print remotely and from your mobile devices.

The Ricoh SP 3610SF easily fits on any office desktop. Further, with its 4-line LCD panel it’s delight to use this printer. Furthermore, due to its low-cost printing and energy efficient character the SP 3600SF is an attractive printing machine for all small- to medium-sized offices.

The PxP toner with the printer has ability to fuse at a temperature lower than normal which help cutting energy costs. Also, using the ‘toner save’ feature users can easily adjust the Toner consumption. In addition, with the separate toner and PCDU reduce further costs. Moreover, its ECO modes reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. So, this printer enhance productivity with less environmental effect.

Features of RICOH SP 3610SF Printer

  • Cost effective and Eco friendly.
  • Acquire less space thus fits easily.
  • High resolution printing.
  • Easy-to-use and easy maintenance.
  • Lesser environmental effect.


RICOH SP 3610SF Printer FAQs

Here you can find important FAQs. If you come across with any issues in your Ricoh SP 3610SF printer, then find solutions here. In addition, to get advance help and technical assistance then visit here.

How to print a configuration page with my Ricoh SP 3610SF printer from using its control panel?

Note: You can print a configuration page on a Letter or A4 size paper. Also, in case you don’t load the Letter or A4 paper in the paper tray, then the priority for printing a configuration page given to the paper first fed from the tray.

  • Further, you can use the down arrow [] or up arrow [] keys on the control panel of the printer for navigating to the menus and options.
  • Now first press the Menu button on your printer’s control panel.
  • After this now choose ‘Printer Features’ then press OK key.
  • Further, choose List/Test Print, and press OK key.
  • Choose Config. Page, then press OK to get the printout.
  • Finally, press Print and it will the print the page.
  • Press Menu key.


How to check Toner level in my Ricoh SP 3610SF printer from Web Image Monitor?


  • Please remember when you enter the IPv4 address then do not put zeroes before a segment of the address. Suppose if the address is “”, then instead of entering ‘003’ and ‘030’ enter ‘3’ and ‘30’ so it will look “”.
  • Recommended Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Safari 3.0, or higher versions of these browsers.
  • Recommend Screen reader JAWS 7.0 or later for Web Image Monitor.
  1. Now first open your internet browser.
  2. Further, type “http://(device’s IP address or host name)/” in the URL bar.
    Now you can see the Web Image Monitor page. Further, if you are using the registered device with the DNS or WINS server, then enter the host name.
    While setting the SSL, enter https://(host name or IP address of the device)/.
  3. After this finally you can find the toner information on top.