Samsung Xpress C1860FW Printer – Introduction

Samsung Xpress C1860FW Printer

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Samsung Xpress C1860FW Printer Description

After the eminent Samsung company started manufacturing color laser printer and entered with the all-in-one series since then it took a Since it entered it, Samsung has taken a substantial share of these printer market. Moreover, with the its Xpress range of printers it has come up with superb quality and innovative design printers. So, it has many enhanced features like NFC connection which enable easy mobile print. Moreover, the Samsung Xpress C1860FW printer is relatively high quality and high speed printer best for small businesses and workgroups.

It provides a 50-sheet ADF, also it’s single-sided device. Before the scanner, is a simple control panel with an easy-to-use touchscreen. So, users can easily handle most of the printers’ functions with this display.

Further, it provides a USB socket below control panel to print documents or perform document scanning. Also, provide a paper tray 250-sheet capacity at the bottom. In addition, it has a multi-purpose feed. Moreover, the Samsung C1860FW provides you USB and a gigabit Ethernet connection to get wirelessly for printing your documents. Print documents wirelessly from your mobile devices. You just need to download the Samsung’s mobile print app, then you can get ready to print from your mobile devices.

Overall this multipurpose All-in-one printer is capable to perform all the printing jobs easily you require. So, you can print, scan, copy, or fax with this printer. Also, using the cloud printing services you can also print from cloud services. So, it’s provide you ease of printing.

Features of Samsung Xpress C1860FW Printer

  • Print documents wirelessly. Also, using the printing app of Samsung you can print your documents from your smartphones and tablets.
  • Google cloud print help you print documents remotely from anywhere.
  • Easy to setup google account and easy registrations.
  • Professional color output and high quality printout and scans.
  • High level printing performance.
  • Navigate to features of the printer by using its touchscreen display.


How to fax from windows PC with my Samsung Xpress C1860FW printer?

  1. First you should open the document that you want to fax to a recipient. Here, we have taken an example of Microsoft Word file.
  2. Now, in the word click on File which you can find on the menu bar in word.
  3. After clicking the file now choose Print from the File menu. After this you see the print window. It may appear different in varied versions of windows.
  4. Further, click on your printer to choose it. Now you can see a list of printers.
  5. Now form this list choose Samsung Network PC Fax (if necessary then you may scroll up or down to find it).
  6. Further, after doing this now click Print.
  7. At this point the Fax Options screen will appear. Now it is the last screen you will see before sending your fax.
  8. After you see the screen then enter the phone number of the recipient to send the document.
  9. Also, adjust fax Quality, type of the fax whether it has only text, only photos, or contains both.
  10. Decide a Cover Page. Choose Notify me on delivery.
    (if you want to know when your fax has been received)
  11. After this Press Preview to see the look of your document.
  12. Finally after adjusting everything now click Send to send the fax.


How to Uninstall or remove my Samsung Xpress C1860FW printer from MAC OS 10.8?

If you find any issue with your printer in Mac OS 10.8 and want to reinstall it to clear the issue, then you need to first uninstall the printer from you Mac.SO, if you come into this circumstance and want to uninstall the printer for reinstalling it you can do it by just following the below steps:

  1. First, click on the Apple icon which you can find on top left of the screen of your Mac. Further click ‘System Preferences.’
  2. Now, click on ‘Print and Scan.’
  3. Next choose your printer name to uninstall it then click Minus (-). You can find the minus on bottom of the list.
  4. After you do this you should get a confirmation message. Click on ‘Delete Printer’ to conform the removal.
  5. Now you it’s uninstalled you can reinstall the printer.