Samsung Xpress C460W Printer – Install and Setup

Samsung Xpress C460W Printer

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Samsung Xpress C460W Printer Description

With this Samsung Xpress C460W 3-in-one printer you can easily print wirelessly and share effortlessly. Also, with its Wi-Fi Direct features, advanced NFC technology, and powerful compatibility it’s not only but convenient to do your printing jobs. Just simply tap on your mobile device to get the print in high quality and crisp texts. Create digital documents easily with Easy Document Creator in multiple formats. Also, you can share the documents easily using e-mail, fax, or any other popular social network. By using the Google Cloud Print feature conveniently print from Google Cloud. The google cloud feature you can use on your Smartphone, Tablets, PC, etc.

Moreover, this Samsung Xpress C460W printer is versatile and streamlines the workflow. Also, it ensures efficient print work and delivers best quality printing. Further, it’s versatile functionality offers you hassle free print, copy, and scan jobs. Furthermore, with its innovative feature like scan to email, N-up copy, ID copy ensure all necessary functionalities for your printing ease.   Also, its innovative Easy Eco Driver software helps you reducing power consumption reasonably. Further, while dealing with images then users get options to remove images, convert from bitmap to sketch, also to remove text to save toner. With only one push of Eco Button can save power, paper, and toner.

User can print multiple pages on a single sheet, skip blank pages or change color to grayscale. Quick and secure wireless connection to connect to your device for printing from mobile devices. Overall, this printer is well designed to provide you high quality printouts with vibrant colors and astonishing image quality. Further, its impressive printing technology brings you sharp images and amazing graphics just on tap.

Features of Samsung Xpress C460W Printer

  • Exploit the NFC technology of the machine to enjoy hassle-free printing.
  • It’s a fast and easy to use colour laser printer, multifunctional to perform various printing jobs.
    With mobile printing, you print faster and easier than ever with vibrant colors.
  • Compact and delicate design with ultimate features.
  • Innovative Easy Eco Driver Software feature that saves your energy consumption level.
  • Easy printing solutions with cloud printing and mobile printing features.
  • Easy-to-use and innovative design.
  • Brilliant color quality and impressive printing quality.


Samsung Xpress C460W Printer FAQs

How to decrease or increase the size of a copied image in my Samsung Xpress C460W printer?

With this printer, you can easily reduce or enlarge the size of a copied image. Further, you can change the size of the image from 25% to 400% from the Scanner glass or Document feeder.

For this just follow steps below:

First: Please ensure that the LED of Scan to button is not lit.

Second: Now, choose Copy on the control panel of your printer.

Third: After choosing the copy from control panel now choose Menu > Copy Feature > Reduce/Enlarge.   on control panel.

Fourth: Now choose the option that you want then after choosing the option press OK.

Fifth: Finally, press Stop/Clear button to get back to ready mode.


How to revert from grayscale mode to color mode in my Samsung Xpress C460W printer?

With this printer, you can switch to grayscale mode from color mode also if you want to revert the grayscale mode to color mode then it’s easy. For this just read the steps and follow to do so:

First: Now before you start switch on your system and then open the control panel. Windows users can open the control panel directly from the desktop if its appears.

Second: Now after opening the control panel further click on Device and Printers. It may vary according to your OS.

Third: Further, choose your printer then right-click your mouse on it.

Fourth: Now you can see a menu appear choose Properties option from the menu.

Fifth: When you see the property menu then click Graphics.

Sixth: Finally, you can now adjust the settings for color mode here just select color mode to change it from grayscale.


How to setup my Samsung Xpress C460W printer wirelessly in my Mac?

First: Connect the one end of USB cable to your PC and the other end to your Samsung Xpress C460W printer.

Second: Once after you make the connection properly now run Wireless Setting app to launch the wireless setup.

Note: If you don’t have the Easy Wireless Settings app then first download it from Samsung Download Center and after this follow the further steps.

Third: After you launch the Wireless Setting app then you will find the main installation screen now click Next to start the setup.

Fourth: Ensure the printer is ON. Choose the wireless setup method. For this choose “Using a USB cable” then click on Next.

Fifth: If you haven’t connected your printer to your Mac computer then connect it. After this now click Next.

Sixth: Now the Installation Wizard will look for any connected devices also try to gain wireless information.

Seventh: If you see a Printer Not Found dialog window then ensure that your USB is properly connected. If necessary, replace the USB cable. After this click Next on the Printers Not Found dialog window. Further, when you find a list of wireless networks then choose your network and further click Next.

Note: Scroll up and down to find your network if you are unable to find it. Also, if you find that despite good signal strength you are still unable to see your network, then click on Advanced Settings. Further, in this enter the information of your network manually.

Eighth: Now provide your Security Key (like WEP/WPA/WPA2) in the box then click Next. If you don’t know your network key, then contact your network provider.

Ninth: After you complete all the steps above now the printer will try to connect your chosen wireless network.

Tenth: Further, now you should see a prompt saying connection complete after this click Next.

Eleventh: Now you should get a confirmation message for wireless connection. Click Next. Finally, your wireless setup is complete now you can enjoy wireless printing.