Xerox WorkCenter 3215 Printer – Introduction

Xerox WorkCenter 3215 Printer

Xerox is a one of the leading brand in the printing equipment which operates in 168 countries around the globe. Further, it manufactures world class printers. Furthermore, the new Xerox WorkCentre multifunction printers one of the latest entries in the small-workgroup monochrome side. Moreover, Xerox WorkCenter 3215 monochrome printer is one of the multifunction printers from Xerox which has improved quality and best features.

This printer is well featured and capable to provide a speed of 27ppm. Further, it also comes with networking connectivity feature to ease your printing. With its duplex printing feature, you can easy print both side of a paper. Moreover, with this multifunction monochrome printer you can conveniently print, copy, scan, fax, and email your documents. Further, by connecting to a wireless enabled via standard Wi-Fi you can easily perform the printing operations remotely.

The 600MHz processor and 256MB of standard memory powers this printer to handle workload easily and provide high printing quality. The printing speed of the machine is effective and you can get the First-page out in 8.5 seconds which is very good. I addition, it provides you standard USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PostScript, and PCL. Help you printing with your Mobile devices by using the Xerox PrintBack, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. So, the Xerox WorkCentre 3215 is a wise investment for small offices or workgroups looking a multifunction monochrome printer.

Features of Xerox WorkCenter 3215 Printer

  • Superb printing quality and high quality image printing.
  • Multifunction printer can perform scan, print, copy, fax, and email jobs easily.
  • Easy-to-handle and simple design.
  • Fast printing and flexible paper handling capability.
  • Enable users to print wirelessly.
  • Both wired and wireless connections available.
  • Cloud printing and mobile printing.


Xerox WorkCenter 3215 Printer FAQs

Get the all top FAQs here also, you can contact Xerox Printer Support for further support.

How do I setup a wireless network using Easy Wireless Setting Application?

You can conveniently set up the Wireless Network using the Easy Wireless Setting Application by following the below steps:

  • When you install the printer driver on your system then along with the driver the Xerox Easy Wireless Setup program also automatically gets installed on PC to configure wireless settings. Moreover, by using this setup you can easily install printer. So, now first open the program by just clicking on it.
  • Further, click Start > Programs or All Programs > Xerox Printers (for Windows 7). Now select your printer then choose Xerox Easy Wireless Setup.
  • Now connect your printer and PC using the USB cable.

NOTE: When you install the printer on PC, then it needs to be temporarily connected via the USB cable. Please make sure that your printer is currently not connected to the network with an Ethernet cable, if so then first unplug the cable.

  • After this now click on ‘Next’.
  • Further, after you connect the printer and your computer properly with the USB cable, then the application will start searching for WLAN data.
  • Once it completes the search then the ‘Select Wireless Network’ wizard should appear. Now there should be a list of available networks, choose your network from the list.
  • Further, choose ‘Advanced Setting’ for selecting advance options for Wireless Network Settings.
  • Now click on ‘Next’. After this the ‘Wireless Network Security’ window will appear on screen.
  • In this window fill your Network Password then click on ‘Next’.
  • Finally, when you successfully complete all the setups then click Finish.


How do I print a configuration report using the control panel on my Xerox WorkCenter 3215 printer?

You can print a configuration report using the control panel of your Xerox printer as below.

With the Configuration Report for your printer you find details regarding your printer’s default settings, network settings including IP address, installed options, and font settings. So, this report provides you information regarding various settings and configurations of your printer. Also, you can use this report to get details about network configuration settings, view page counts and system settings.

Below are steps for printing a configuration report:

  • First from the Control Panel of your printer press on the ‘Status button’.
  • Further, now Press on the Up/Down buttons to navigate to the Information Pages, after this press OK.
  • Now again by pressing the Up/Down button navigate to the display Configuration Page and press OK.
  • Finally, for printing Press OK. You can get the information regarding the IPv4 and IPv6 address under the TCP/IP in the Network Setup section of the Configuration Report.


How to resolve Curled or Wavy output issue in my Xerox WorkCenter 3215 printer?

There could many possible reasons for this annoying issue. Moreover, some possible solutions are below try these:

Make sure the paper you are trying to load is not curled, damp, wrinkled, or torn.

  • First: Please ensure that you load the paper correctly in the printer. Ensure one of the following:

Make sure you correctly load paper in the ADF.

Ensure that you properly load paper in Feed Slot.

Make sure you load paper in Tray properly. Also, ensure that the paper you load is not curly and should plain.

  • Second: Make sure the paper you try to load matches with the specifications of the machine. Before you try to load the paper ensure that paper should be within the specifications.

Note: For getting information regarding paper specifications and environmental specifications see the guide from Xerox.

  • Third: Ensure that the paper matches with the environmental specifications. Choose paper that is suitable for the current environment condition.
  • Fourth: Try to Fan, Turn Over and Reload the paper if necessary.
  • Fifth: Choose paper type settings to thin.

If the problem persists then contact Xerox Printer Support.