The touchscreen is an amazing gadget that you can use to browse various features of your device with a finger tap or swipe. It relates the position and motion of your finger to certain software instructions. And in case, the underlying software and the touch is not in sync, it becomes almost impossible to use your device. If this the problem with your TomTom GPS unit, then there are some steps that you can try to fix this problem.

Prepare your device

  • First of all, you need to experiment with your TomTom GPS device to examine how far it is out of the calibration. For this, you can use your finger by putting it on the left or right position to ascertain how far to the right or left your finger should be, for the correct function to be chosen. Also, repeat the same process for up-and-down orientation. Note all of these things in detail as they will be helpful later.
  • Now turn off your device and remove SD if it has. Restart your device by pressing the power button and as soon as you hear the TomTom drumbeat, hit and hold the power button. That will bring a dark screen with white text.
  • Find a line that says “Touchscreen Calibration Data.” In this line, you’ll find four numbers with spaces. The numbers vary by GPS models; however, they should appear something like “110 920 115 865.” All the numbers represent different aspects of your screen i.e. minimum and maximum values for a left-right section of the screen, as well as, the up-down positions. Note down these numbers
  • Using Notepad, create a text file on your PC and name it “cal.txt,” (do not include quotes in the name), in case you have a company’s GPS software on your TomTom device with version 8.051 or above. If your device is using a previous version, then name it “calib.txt,” instead (without quotes again).
  • Now enter those four numbers (the original calibration data) on this new Notepad document. In case you have the latest TomTom device, then alter the order of the numbers. Put higher numbers before the lower numbers in every pair. So, now the order will be high-low-high-low. In case of an older software, you need to alter the first pair only. So, that time the order will become high-low-low-high. Finally, save this file.
  • After this, you need to hook up your device to your PC and power on the GPS. Shut off the TomTom HOME in case it opens up. You have to copy “calib.txt” or “cal.txt” to your device or its SD card using the Windows Explorer.
  • Disconnect the device from the computer, and then, test it. It should now work fine and behave as before. Finally, you can calibrate the screen.


How do you recalibrate screen on TomTom GPS device?

Calibrate your TomTom GPS

  • Connect your TomTom GPS device to your computer again using a USB cable. Also, close TomTom HOME if it starts. Now run Windows Explorer, then click on the icon of your TomTom GPS device or its SD card. Open the”calib.txt” or “cal.txt” file.
  • Make a slight change in the numbers. For instance, in case the screen is skewed to the right, then decreasing numbers in the first pair by 10 or 15 will adjust the alignment to the left. After necessary adjustments, now save this file and disconnect the TomTom device from your PC. Restart the device and the touch screen will now be near to the original alignment.
  • Re-connect the device to your computer system and repeat the above step to adjust the calibration numbers again. Simply increase or decrease the numbers in the first pair slightly to bring the calibration right or left, and the numbers in the second pair to bring it up or down. After the alterations, save the file and test the device.
  • Keep repeating this process until you reach the original calibration. Note down the revised data on your computer for later reference as you can compare the new calibration with the original calibration.


  • It doesn’t matter what arrangement you set for the calibration numbers for a particular model, the first pair numbers always represent left-right, and similarly, the second pair numbers always represent up-down. You need to decrease the numbers in every pair by the same amount. With lower numbers calibration goes down or left, and with higher numbers, it moves up or right.
  • You should work with small amounts and check the shifts in calibration. After some attempts, you will understand how the calibration numbers work on screen.


  • It may not always fix the screen problem and sometimes make it worse. Try this at your own risk. As an option, you can buy a new GPS or send it for service.
  • Keep a copy of the original calibration data before trying this process, if something goes wrong, you can restore to the previous position.

If despite several attempts, you are still not able to calibrate the screen, then you need the experts’ help to get rid of this issue. Contact our skilled tomtom customer service experts to resolve this problem and other TomTom GPS issues.