Methods To Recover Deleted Yahoo! Account

Is there any method or way to recover Yahoo! mail account deleted more than 90 days ago? Yes, there is a way you can recover your account, but the possibility is not 100%. You may be or may not be able to get your account back.

Recover Deleted Yahoo! Account

Yahoo! will never ever recover these two types of accounts listed below

  1. Account unused from last one year
  2. User who has violated terms of service

If your account does not fulfill the above two conditions, there are chances you may get your deleted account back


Follow These Steps to Recover Deleted Yahoo! Account:

  1. Visit Sign-in Helper
  2. Enter Yahoo! Id and click continue
  3. Answer security questions on your screen
  4. If your identity is clear, a success message “you’re now signed in” will display on your screen.
  5. This is the indication your account has been reactivated
  6. Now you can use your account
  7. If you are sensing a security threat, you can also change your password



  • Your emails, contacts and other data will not be recovered.
  • The emails send to you by senders after your account was deleted will also not be returned to your account.