Finding your mobile phone signal drop to zero bars is quite frustrating. Moreover, it may be possible that your wireless service provider either not aware of the issues or it’s not able to solve the problem unless built a new cell tower. However, in case you are at a “dead zone” where building structures block reception, then by contacting Sprint you can report the problem to the company. Reporting the issues to the company may enable you to receive a free femtocell device that works as a miniature cell tower and rectify the problem.

How do I report a dead zone to Sprint?

Follow below steps to report the problem to Sprint:

  • Firstly, note down the complete address of the region where you are experiencing the gap in service. In order to help you in this regard, Sprint’s Customer Care division will need an address, not an intersection or ZIP code will work alone.
  • You need to contact Sprint’s customer service division by dialing the helpline number 1-888-211-4727. Just dial this number to connect to Sprint’s customer care service and talk to a representative.
  • Once you successfully get connected to the customer care service, then provide the representative with the Sprint wireless number and the complete address of the location where you’re experiencing the issue. Once you provide the information then the rep can determine whether it’s the outage or other problems impacting the signal, and then let you know whether you qualify for a femtocell access point or any other assistance.